20 Best Shows and Movies on Netflix With Love Making Scenes

Updated October 27, 2019
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Sex is something that can be fun to watch, but for filmmakers, it is not always easy to pull off. If every aspect of an intimate scene in a movie is not executed properly, it may even come off as funny or too graphic. There is no perfect way of doing it and filmmakers experiment with new ways to portray sex all the time. Some of them end up overdoing it at times, while others may even underplay the whole thing. .Only a few are able to hit a sweet spot that goes well with the storyline of the film or show and manage to portray the chemistry between the characters perfectly.

Sex, a lot of times, is even used for promotional purposes in films and a lot of TV shows. They are just used for luring the audience. Whether that’s right or wrong, I will leave that up to your judgment. But for the purposes of this article, we are not going to make any judgments. I know if you are reading this, you are definitely looking for movies and tv shows on Netflix with sex scenes.

The good news is that there are several films and series with really graphic and realistic sex scenes that are available on Netflix. Stay for the storyline or just skip ahead to the scenes, that is totally up to you. Just make sure that you only watch these at the comfort of your home and not in public or you might end up making a complete fool out yourself. With that said, here’s the list of best sex scenes on Netflix. Some of these intimate films and shows will turn you on, while others might even touch your heart.

20. Palm Trees in the Snow (2015)

‘Palm Trees in the Snow’ is a Spanish historical film that takes you through a secretive interracial relationship between Killian and Bisila during a time when such relationships were considered to be a taboo. The film mainly focuses on the journey of Killian through his learnings and loses from the African province around him and also from his secret connection with a black woman. Tune into this story of prejudices that starts with an intense sex scene. Watch it here.

19. Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ follows the journey of a French teen named Adele who forms a deep physical and mental connection with another girl named Lea who she meets at a Lesbian Bar. No doubt this movie is actually a great film and offers a lot more than sex scenes. The sex scenes in this film are by far more graphic, intense and natural than most other films. The two take their sexual experiences to a whole new level and learn what it is like to have a connection that is not just physical but involves the heart and soul as well. Watch this one with an intention to appreciate the overall movie and not just the intimates scenes because the more you connect with the characters throughout the film, the more enjoyable and realistic these scenes will be for you. Watch it sans-serif;” here

18. Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)

‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ revolves around the friendship of two boys, Tenoch and Julio who have the kind of bond only childhood friends can share. The two meet a gorgeous woman named Luisa and convince her to go on a trip with them to a place that does not even exist. The trio goes on a journey of a lifetime and along the way, they learn a lot more about friendship, love, and sex as bond among the three starts to build up. ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ is another Spanish movie that offers a lot more than just sex scenes. The natural intimacy between the characters just adds more value to the overall viewing experience. Watch it here.

17. Sex Education (2019)

Sex can be cringy a lot of times when it is portrayed on the screen but ‘Sex Education‘ manages to make it fun and educational. It revolves around the life of a socially awkward teenager named Otis who starts a sex therapy clinic in an abandoned washroom of his school to help those who are in need. The show has everything from blowjob tutorials on bananas to public pool boners to a scandalous relationship of a cougar with her plumber. But the scene that gets everyone off-guard is the one between a black gay character named Eric and the high school principal’s son Adam. This one is not all that graphic but if you have been following the show, you’ll know that this one was the least expected. Watch it here.

16. Bodyguard (2018)

‘Bodyguard’ features an attractive looking retired who has to protect a hot politician who is described as a self-centered sociopath by her colleagues. The show also focuses on some other points like terrorism, politics, and women empowerment, but more than everything is else it is about two very horny people who just can’t get enough of each other. Some sexual tension build up starts off from the first episode itself and the best follows in the second one. And as for the two of them, they start questioning their professional and personal beliefs because of their objectionable relationship. Critics are saying that the sex scenes ruined this one but then if it wasn’t for the sex, this show would have never even made it to this list. Watch it here.

15. Elite (2018)

‘Elite’ is a coming-of-age show about the life of some teenagers in a High School. This TV show starts off early when it comes to sex and right from the first episode it features two pairings where one couple tries the school shower and another one invites a third person to join them for a threesome. The show is mostly about crime and drama where the crime is linked with the clash between the rich and the poor of the school and the drama has a lot to do with straight and gay relationships, STDs, teen pregnancies and teenagers being extremely horny. This show is more or less like ‘Sex Education’ with a slightly more dull undertone to it and less entertaining. But overall with a decent plot that can even be educational at times, the show does rise above its sex scenes. Watch it here.

 14. Jessica Jones (2015)

Marvel has always teased us subtly with several superhero relationships like Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, Jane Foster and Asgardian Thor, and also The Hulk and Black Widow, but all of these were always awkward and incomplete in one way or the other. So undeniably, the relationship between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage is officially Marvel’s first love relationship and once you see their bed-breaking action that soon turns into something deeper, you will agree with the fact that Marvel has never before taken relationships this far. Both the characters are hard and strong as hell on the outside but all soft and mushy on the inside which makes them connect to a whole new level once they start sleeping with each other. Jessica Jones is initially portrayed as a dark, bitchy and self-centered character but after she starts opening up to Luke Cage, you get to see a side of her that’s completely the opposite of what she carries around. Watch it here.

13. Sense8 (2015)

Eight strangers are connected to each during the aftermath of violent visions. They are now able to feel each other’s presence all around them even though they are all in very different parts of the world. With their actions that are an outcome of these connections, the eight strangers try to unravel the mystery behind this strange connection. Meanwhile, an organization tries to hunt them down with the intention of killing every last one of them. This fast-paced thriller has a lot of sex scenes but the one that completely stands out is the last scene which is an orgy and brings an end to the show. But this is no ordinary orgy and to make sense out of it you’ll have to watch the entire two seasons of this. The orgy puts an end to the series in a very significant way and might just need an explainer of its own. Watch it here.

12. She’s Gotta Have It (2017-2019)

Created by the acclaimed director Spike Lee, ‘She’s Gotta Have It‘ is a series based on his film of the same name. The show centers around a young African-American girl called Nola Darling. She lives in Brooklyn and is an artist by profession. Nola is fiercely independent and is someone who always wants to stay true to her own wants and desires more than anything else. We follow her as she balances her work, her love life, and her friendships. Someone who is against getting attached to any one person or place, Nola simultaneously dates three different men and her adventures while managing these relationships become a major part of the storyline of the series. Lee did not only create this show, but has also directed all the episodes as well. It must be said that ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ is one of the most socio-culturally important shows about African-Americans alongside ‘Atlanta‘ and ‘Dear White People‘. The characters are well-written and the performances have also done justice to Lee’s vision. Sex scenes in this series are aplenty, with both heterosexual and homosexual sex scenes being depicted in quite an explicit manner.

11. House Of Cards (2013-2019)

House Of Cards‘ does not boast of as many sex scenes as the other titles on this list, but the ones that are there are really effective and serve as major turning points in the plot. Frank Underwood is the central character of the series who starts off as the Majority Whip for the ruling Democratic Party and then rises to the most powerful position on Earth via his mental acumen, strong will, charisma, and deceit. Along with him is his equally ambitious wife Claire, who becomes more and more of an important character as the story progresses. Because power is the name of the game in this world, sex here is an ultimate tool. It signifies trust, intimacy, and honesty in this otherwise two-faced crowd. Frank uses sex to gain the confidence of a journalist, only to use her to make his way to the top smoother. Details about his own sexuality are always kept under the shadows and are only hinted at until the later parts of the series. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are magnanimous in their characters, and it can well be said that this series is probably one of the best-cast Netflix originals shows of all time.

10. Duck Butter (2018)

This 2018 movie starts off with a rather interesting premise. The story revolves around two women- Naima and Sergio, who have met after both of them have been betrayed in their romantic relationships multiple times. Devasted and not willing to go through the same drill again, they decide to do something to spice up their lives. They plan to spend 24 hours together, and in that period of time, they will have sex every single hour. The plan does start off well, but soon enough the duo realizes that things are not going to be as smooth as they might look like at the outset. The film is bold in its depiction of lesbian sex and the female body, and can be said to be an important addition to the canon of LGBT films to have released in 2018. The performances too are spectacular, but the film could have been much better if the characters were more well-fleshed out.

9. Gypsy (2017)

The whole concept of ‘Gypsy’ revolves around the promiscuous relationships of a Therapist (Naomi Watts) with her patients as she lives a life that has no boundaries between her profession and her personal fantasies. So for obvious reasons, this one has a lot of illicit and intimate scenes throughout. The show did not really live up to its expectations, but it did get a lot of hype for its sex scenes and one of them is totally off the hook. The first time Jean and Sidney get together, their chemistry is beyond an “Oh my!”. But all these unethical sexual acts later have some very destructive consequences for the Therapist. This may not be Oscar nominee Naomi Watts’s best work but it sure is worth watching if you want to watch a 40 something woman get into trouble for indulging in something that’s forbidden. Watch it here.

8. Orange is the New Black (2013)

Orange is the New Black‘ is a show about the life of a woman named Piper locked up in a women’s prison where she encounters her old lesbian lover Alex. The show has a lot of nudity and intimate scenes throughout but one that really stands out is when Alex and Piper have angry sex all over the library of the prison. In an interview, the actresses who played out the roles of Alex and Piper confessed that the whole scene got so intense that one of them actually ended up getting a cut on her face while filming it. If that doesn’t tell you how steamy this one is, then we don’t know what will. A real-life prison may not be nearly as good as this one and sex in the library could surely land you in some serious trouble, but that’s what we like, don’t we? We like watching things we cannot do in real life. Watch it here.

7. Versailles (2015)

More often than not, Versailles has crossed a line between actual porn and a TV show. It had almost reached a point where it became porn with a storyline. But instead of making this historical Franco-Canadian series more popular, the graphic sex scenes in this one led to its downfall. One episode of the second season sent its viewers into shock where they exposed a full-frontal nude orgy. People started sharing their mixed opinions about the show on Twitter, most of which were negative. This lead to an overall decline in its viewers and final the show had to be stopped by the BBC. Watch it here.

6. Black Mirror (2016)

Black Mirror‘ is an anthology that has a very diverse set of stories in each episode. Some episodes are found to disturbingly good and interesting while some have been forgotten already because of a lack of proper execution. There is just one episode that is not all that disturbing and has a positive ending to it. This one is about how the lives of two women change when they meet each other in the party town of San Junipero. The purity of the scene where two women make love to each other is incredible and the chemistry between them feels surreal. This is one episode anyone would fall in love with. Watch it here.

5. The Tudors (2007)

Henry Cavil from the  ‘Superman’ movies plays the role of Charles Brandon who has to escort Margaret to marry the King of Portugal, but instead, he sleeps with her. The whole series revolves around the life of the king and how he goes on to reprimand the Roman Catholic Church. What makes this even raunchier is the fact that the two have sex on a rocking boat while there’s a heavy storm outside. Put that on your list of fantasies. Watch it here.

4. The Nymphomaniac Series (2014)

‘Nymphomaniac’ mostly revolves around the flashbacks of a woman who recites the erotic stories of her past to a man who saves her from getting beaten. It’s hard to judge which scene from the two volumes of Nymphomaniac was the best and which one was the worst. Both the films are full of graphic sex scenes that can light the world on fire and features pretty much anything that you can do in bed apart from sleeping. So let’s just say that if you somehow manage to watch the last few scenes with someone around you then you surely deserve to be awarded. Watch it here.

3. Love (2015)

It is still a mystery to me how a movie like ‘Love’ was able to get through the porn censors of Netflix. Maybe it’s because of how beautifully it captures sex. Directed by Gasper Noe, this controversial sex drama that revolves around the life young lost American man who lives in Paris and gets into a deep sexual and emotional relationship with a local girl named Electra. But being completely unaware of the long term consequences of their actions, the two recklessly invite their young neighbor to share the bed with them. Out of all the extremely graphic scenes in the show, the best one would be when they invite their neighbor for a threesome. But even if you remove each and every adult scene out of this film, you’ll still be left with a pretty good plot about the complications of relationships. Make no mistake, this film is almost a porn with a really good storyline. Oh and for the record, this one came out in 3D when it was initially released, so you imagine the hype it must have created. Watch it here.

2. White Girl (2016)

Set up in New York City, ‘White Girl’ is about out a girl named Leah who falls in love with a drug addict she just met. She spends an entire night partying, going wild on the streets of New York and doing every possible thing that’s wrong looking for pleasures to fulfill her lust. She does find happiness but also finds an equal amount of sorrow along the way. Many of the characters in the film are stereotypes and the film tries hard to touch the topic of women’s safety by introducing aspects of the male gaze and sexual assault to it. The film overall fails to send out a particular message and becomes just another drama with lots of sex. The best scene would probably be the one where she sleeps with the drug addict. It is the only scene where you can see some real connection between the characters and not just bland dull sex. A simple warning though, the film has numerous depictions of sexual assault that can be disturbing for most people. Watch it here.

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1. Below Her Mouth (2017)

The story of this film is not really original and is centred around the lives of two women who get into an unexpected passionate relationship that changes their lives entirely. Quite a cliched plot really but the charisma of the two leads will actually engross you into the story and the unsimulated sex scenes will almost make you forget about the plot. There are even some masturbation scenes that are probably the hottest out there and no other movie on Netflix may even come close to those. Watch it here.

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