10 Upcoming Hallmark Holiday Movies We Are Excited About

Updated November 9, 2018
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With the holiday season just around the corner, Hallmark Channel is gearing up to release the much-anticipated Christmas television movies, which have already begun airing on the channel from the month of November. The channel’s programming is primarily targeted at families, which has garnered a following in suburban and rural areas for steering away from political themes and debating shows disparaging people’s religious sentiments. The channel’s focus on a more traditional family values has made it very popular among the American audiences.

With that being said, you might be wondering what’s the next Christmas line up, Hallmark channel has in store for us? Well we have an answer to that question. These are the following Christmas television movies, which has already been released in the month of November and will continue realeasing throughout December. We hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating Christmas this year and enjoys viewing the following movies on the Hallmark channel.

10. Road to Christmas (2018)

Chad Michael Murray, Jessy Schram, Maggie Baker, Teryl Rothery, Julia Wise, Rebecca Staab, Lois Baker, Matreya Scarrwener, Stacy Collins, Cardi Wong, Derek Wise, Lia Frankland, Rebekah Asselstine, Mat Lo, Jeff Gonek Jordan Ninkovich, Alisson Amigo ,Jim Calabrigo and Mackenzie Payton are all starring in the upcoming Hallmark channel movie titled ‘Road to Christmas,’ which is directed by Allan Horn; scheduled to release on the 8th of Nov. The movie is produced by Produced by Greg Malcolm, Joyce Sawa and Vicki Sotheran along with Zac Hug handling the screenplay, which will centre on the story of Los Angeles television producer Maggie Baker, who falls in love with Danny wise (former producer of his mother’s popular annual Christmas special Julia Wise Lifestyle) and pursues to reunite Danny and his two brothers with Julia, but things go awry and she realizes; it is love that makes the merriest of all Christmas.

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9. It’s Christmas Eve (2018)

Tyler Hynes, Christian Convery, LeAnn Rimes, Gwynyth Walsh, Giles Panton,Lara Gilchrist, Ellie Harvie, Dolores Drake, Eden Summer Gilmore, Josh Bogert, Beckham Skodje, Alison Araya, Patrick Rinehart, Edwin Perez, Antonio Cayonne, Ronald Patrick Thompson, Laurie Murdoch, Deborah Finkel and Geraldine Chiu are all starring in the upcoming Christmas movie titled ‘It’s Christmas Eve,’ scheduled to release on the 10th of November on Hallmark Channel.

The movie is produced by Daniel Boddicker, Stephanie Germain, Denielle Jackson, Harvey Kahn, Allen Lewis, LeAnn Rimes, Michael Shepard and Bianca Versteegaa, along with Tibor Takács directing the movie. Mark Amato and Tracy Andreen are handling the screenplay; which will centre on the story of Interim school superintendent Eve Morgan, who must come to terms with her musical past, when she is tasked with shutting down a school’s failing music program.

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8. Christmas in Love (2018)

Carolina Bartcz, Telysa Chandler, Telysa Chandler, Brooke D’Orsay, Mary-Margaret Humes, Daniel Lissing, Chris Renaud and Jamie Spilchuk are all starring in the upcoming movie titled ‘Christmas in Love,’ which will be aired on the 11th of November. Don McBrearty is directing the movie from a story and screenplay by Stephen A. Stewart and Bob Sáenz handling the additional screenplay. The movie is Produced by David Anselmo, Brad Krevoy, Linda L. Miller, James Moorhouse, Jimmy Townsend and Steve N. White, which is scheduled to release on the 11th of November.

The plot of the movie centres on the Ellie Hartman (D’Orsay) is an aspiring crafter working in her small town’s bakery making famous Christmas Kringles. When the new, big-city CEO Nick Carlingson (Lissing) visits the bakery, filled with modernization ideas destined to lay off many employees. Ellie tries to persuade Nick that it’s the people who make a business thrive; not machines.

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7. Christmas Everlasting (2018)

‘Christmas Everlasting’ is an upcoming movie of Hallmark, which will be released on the 24th of November. The movie has an all star cast comprising of Tatyana Ali, Lucy Toomey, Jaida-Iman Benjamin, Jaida-ImanBenjamin, Maeve Asher, Aleq Bey, Brianna Butler, Leonard R. Butler, Zoë Calloway, Greyson Chadwick, Kelly Collins Lintz, José Alfredo Fernandez, Brittany Guess, Dennis Haysbert, Byron Johnson, Selah Kimbro Jones, Patti LaBelle and Aven Lotz. Ron Oliver is Directing the movie with Team Two Entertainment Production. Beth Miller and Dustin Rikert serving as the Producers. Marcy Holland has written the screenplay, which will centre on the story of Lucy Toomey, who is about to be made partner at New York’s Top Corporate law firm after slaving for years. However, when her older sister passes away, she regrets not taking her call and returns home to handle the estate and discover the new meaning of life.

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6. Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (2018)

David Boston, Debra Lord Cooke, Owen Dammacco, Colin Ferguson, Courtney Gonzalez, Laura Leighton, Gary Lindemann, Michelle Patnode, Bill Salvatore, Paul Tawczynski, Katie Vandrilla, Alicia Witt are all staring in the upcoming Hallmark movie titled ‘Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane’ scheduled to release on the 24th of November.

Maggie Greenwald is directing the movie along with Synthetic Cinema International producing it and Hallmark distributing it worldwide. The plot of the movie revolves around the protagonist named Emma, who returns to Oliver’s Well for Christmas holidays. However, she discovers a surprise in her mother’s antique desk and discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

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5. Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe (2018)

Lacey Chabert, Brendan Penny, Sherry Miller, Art Hindle, Genevieve Kang, Ali Hassan, Robinne Fanfair and Catherine Thomasare starring in the upcoming Hallnark movie titled ‘Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe.’ Hideaway pictures is producing the movie, which is scheduled to release on the 22nd of November. Don McBrearty will be directing the upcoming movie, along with Nina Weinman handling the script; which centres on the story of Darcy, a career oriented woman who hasn’t found love. However, Darcy’s life turns upside down when she returns home to care for her sick mother.

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4. Christmas Made to Order (2018)

Jonathan Bennett, Scott Christopher, John Forker, Chelsea Gilson, Alexa PenaVega, Grey Vega and Jacob Young are all starring in the upcoming Hallmark movie titled ‘Christmas Made to Order.’ The movie is scheduled to release on the 23rd of December. Sam Irvin has directed the movie, which centres on the story of the protagonist Steven recruiting holiday coordinator Gretchen to bring Christmas joy to his family, with Neither of them expecting the Christmas spirit to bring them closer to each other.

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3. Christmas Bells are Ringing (2018)

Rebecca Staab, Hamza Fouad, Josh Kelly, Roz Murray and Emilie Ullerup are starring in the upcoming Hallmark movie titled ‘Christmas Bells are Ringing,’ with the release date scheduled for the 23rd of December. Pat Williams has directed the upcoming movie with Nicole Baxter handling the script, which centres on the story of a photographer named Samantha, who returns Cape Cod to celebrate Christmas and her father’s wedding. She falls in love and finds new meaning in her photography, whilst being anxious to revisit her past.

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2. When Calls the Heart: The Great Christmas Blessing (2018)

‘When Calls the Heart: The Great Christmas Blessing’ is the fourth part, spinning off of ‘When Calls the Heart’ film scheduled to release on the 25th of December,with Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, Jack Wagner, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith and Paul Greene starring in the movie. According to CountryLiving, this is the fourth film since the first ‘When Calls the Heart’ movie which aired back in 2015. The plot of the upcoming Christmas Drama will centre on the story of the Hope Valley community coming together to rescue a group of stranded orphans, stuck in frontier town over the holidays.

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1. Midnight Kiss (2018)

Jason Cermak, Ava Grace Cooper, Pauline Egan, Adelaide Kane, Carlos PenaVega and Adrian Petriw are starring in the upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie titled ‘Midnight kiss.’ J.B. Sugar is directing the movie, which is scheduled to release on the 29th of December. The plot of the movie centres on the story of Mia’s (party planners) last-minute attempt to pull off an event with the help of her brother’s friend named David Campos. However, Mia falls in love with David, which was something that she didn’t plan at all.

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