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Everything We Know About Matrix 4

Updated May 12, 2019
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Since the execs at WB managed to single-handedly ruin the ongoing course of the DCEU, given what they did with ‘Justice League’ in 2017, I can imagine them having a hard time picking straws from either older properties when they used to be the singular voice in the game, or acquiring new properties and investing in them. As the DCEU continues to pick up after ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Shazam’, WB thankfully is focusing towards reviving older properties, principal (and commendable) among them being ‘The Matrix’ trilogy of films, the rumour of a sequel to which a fourth part has long been doing the rounds on the internet. However, following some concrete confirmations from the Wachowskis, the writers and the director of the latest ‘John Wick’ film, Chad Stehalski, we know that the project is surely in the works, albeit in early stages of script development right now. You can check back later on the same write-up which we will continue updating as soon as new information surfaces.

I wouldn’t be too wrong in stating that ‘The Matrix’ is a revolution disguised as a film. It is a monumental film in my opinion: since its release close to two decades ago, action and science fiction movies have never been the same. When I consider action movies and sci-fi movies today, and of the yesteryears, I always tend to see them in a pre-matrix phase and a post-matrix phase, which, I believe is a testament to the impact the film has had on modern sci-fi and action films; an ingenious, clever idea rendered on screen by the Wachowskis, resulting in a film that made many viewers grow wary of the very reality they found themselves in.

It is true, once ‘The Matrix’ was made, there was no going back, it changed things. Not only did the film break somewhat new ground in its story, it also revolutionized the way science fiction and action movies came to be conceived thereafter. The success of ‘The Matrix’ as a movie also lies in how it masterfully dabbles between themes including existentialism, religion and gender, all the while wearing the guise of an action and sci-fi flick. Neo’s ability to manipulate the simulated reality to perform seemingly impossible feats and the use of “bullet time”, an action technique that is nothing short of iconic now, adds to the film’s ingenuity. The genre may be overstuffed now, but when it came out first, it’s safe to say the audience hadn’t seen anything like it.

Matrix 4 Premise

‘The Matrix’ follows Thomas Anderson or Neo (Keanu Reeves) as he discovers that the seemingly normal world he lived in is actually a shared simulation of human minds, and that the “real” world was a technological ruin ravaged by war between humans and sentient beings. Aided by Morpheus, human who initially escaped the Matrix and is now leading the revolution against it, and his crew of rebels, Neo sets on a path to fulfill his destiny as “The One”, with his understanding of the Matrix allowing him to bend the laws of Physics in the simulated world. He and the other rebels, including Trinity, Neo’s love interest, fellow crew member and part of the resistance, are relentlessly pursued by the ruthless Agent Smith and his team of other sentient agents whose job is to keep humans from escaping The Matrix. What starts from Neo coming to realize his destiny and fulfilling it escalates to a full blown war between the humans and machines for the fate of Zion.

Matrix 4 Crew: Who is behind It?

There are a lot of interconnected variables right now on who is going to be involved with this much anticipated sequel, but primary among them, most definitely, are the Wachowskis. It is their involvement, even in a writing/producing capacity that is absolutely essential and instrumental in deciding the course that this franchise would take. Even Keanu Reeves, who played the role of Neo in the original trilogy is keen to return for a fourth part, but only subject to the Wachowskis returning to direct. ‘The Matrix’ series de facto transformed his status in Hollywood into A-list action star, so much so that his name is almost synonymous with the high concept franchise. His involvement would mean nothing but greater, better things for the franchise.

To add to that, the most recent development that sent the internet into a frenzy was by Chad Stehalski, director of ‘John Wick: Parabellum’ hitting theatres next week. Stehalsi, who has also worked as stunt coordinator in a number of Wachowski films, primarily ‘The Matrix’, stated that the Wachowskis were attached to the project, albeit not in a directorial capacity. He, however, later moved to clarify that he was talking in a hypothetical sense, and denied any confirmations on the same.

Among the numerous people reported to have been approached for the project, Zak Penn is the only individual who seems to have been confirmed as being involved with the project as a writer, albeit that too, unofficially. This surfaced when rumours of WB planning to reboot the franchise with the Wachowski’s blessings were aloof on the internet, and Penn took to his twitter handle to clarify that the script in development would be a completely new one, albeit set in and expanding the universe built by the Wachowskis in the original trilogy, and not a reboot or a direct sequel.

Warner Bros. is also reportedly setting up a ‘writer’s room’, of which Zak Penn is already a part, something that has now become a commonality for films with a shared universe. Penn’s earlier credits include full or partial story credits on ‘X2’, X-Men: The Last Stand’, early drafts of ‘Hulk’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’, and even ‘The Avengers’. For me, his most credible work would be writing the screen adaptation of ‘Ready Player One’ for Steven Spielberg and WB.

Matrix 4 Theories: What is it about?

Well, even the script is in the ideation stage right now, so most of it as of now is hearsay. With Zak Penn explicitly clarifying that the film will have a completely new story based in the same universe that the Wachowskis established in their trilogy, what will actually happen in the story is anybody’s guess. Some interviews and public statements indicated that Warner Bros. was even interested in going the spin-off prequel way, working on a script that would have Morpheus at its centre, and would explore his journey from being trapped inside the Matrix to escaping from it and leading the revolution against it, a brief history of Zion, his discovery of ‘The One’ and more.

All details about what the movie could be about are being kept under wraps until a final name attached to a working script is announced, and we are sure to have more clarity regarding this if Penn is signed in the writer’s capacity. To sum it up, what we do know currently is that it is NOT a direct sequel or reboot, that it is part of a larger shared universe, and that it COULD be a prequel exploring Morpheus’ history and origins.

Matrix 4 Cast: Who is in it?

Interestingly enough, both Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving have expressed significant interest in returning for a sequel only if the Wachowskis are involved in a significant capacity in the new project. While their return to the principal cast is still shrouded in mystery, there is an increased possibility that this may happen only for a cameo of sorts, given that WB are now interested in going in a very different direction. The most probable among those possible storylines has also seen some development. Numerous sources have stated that WB were eyeing Michael B. Jordan, their current ‘Creed’ favourite and fresh from the success of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’, for the role of young Morpheus in the new film(s). His addition to the cast, if at all, can really up the film’s fate increasingly in its favour, given his recent string of excellent performances, all of them wildly successful at the box office too.

Matrix 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

It is very clear that the next Matrix film is happening in all probability, and the producers, WB might even have given a greenlight to the writing department for a draft, but it will be quite some time until we hear any official news or confirmation on this, leave alone a first look, trailer or release date. However, given the current progress and considering completely optimistic timelines, if the draft of the film is ready by the end of this year, the film might go on floors any time as soon as the second half of next year, aiming for at least a 2022 release. Given the abundant swell of technology we have right now, recreating the iconic “bullet time” and physically impossible sequences might not be too much of a task right now. All that matters is getting a working script in place that doesn’t rip off the originals, neither disrespects the source material in any sense. Fans of the franchise deserve at least that much.

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