No Game No Life Season 2: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

No Game No Life is a light novel series which is based on two siblings named Sora and Shiro who get summoned into the Disboard world. This series is mostly praised for its animation, game strategies, and character development. The fans are anticipating the second season after the positive response received for its first season. Season 2 of “No Game No Life” might be void due to allegations that author Yuu Kamiya committed plagiarism. Meanwhile, the forthcoming “No Game No Life: Zero” film is grounded in the original manga and light novels.

No Game No Life Plot:

The show follows around a boy named Sora and his younger stepsister Shiro. They are said to be two Hikikomori who are an undefeatable group of gamers. They are one of the top playing duos in online games, and they go by username called “The Blank”. One day, they get a weird mail which challenges them for chess by Tet, the god of games and they win that game too. The mysterious god demands them to Disboard; it is a real world where they don’t have to fight wars with weapons, but with their gaming skills. In simple language, they are offered to live in a world where all the conflicts are dealt with games. But they are sent to a reality which is called as Disboard. Now they have to keep up with their reputation as the undefeated online gamers. The citizens of the Disboard aren’t allowed to harm each other, but they have to resolve their disputes by gambling in online games. Every game has its own rules and regulations. Players can also cheat in the games through secret methods. The siblings visit Elkia which is a world colonized by humans. They meet Duchess Stephanie Dola and befriend her and make her their assistant. They make a plan to become the next rulers by participating in the game. Luckily, they win this time again. After winning the crown, they plan to summon Disboard’s representatives.  The duo has won five of sixteen volumes now, so they decide to win the remaining sixteen ruling species to remove the god of games.

In the second season, Sora and Shiro plan about how to defeat Werebeasts. They go on a beach vacation in Eastern Union. Plum also visits them on the beach. He is the last male Dhampir which is a hybrid of vampires and succubi remaining on Disboard. The Sirens come to know the weakness of the Team Blank that they suck at dating sim games. Team Blank has to make Laira fall in love with them in the game to awaken the Siren. Plum helps them by making love potions, but they don’t get any success. Team Blank tries to convince Azriel to Join Elkia by participating and winning in the game. They use Plum’s magic while flying to avoid getting captured. They have to win this romance game in order to save the Dhampir and the Sirens from mutual destruction.

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No Game No Life Characters:

Sora and Shiro: Sora is an 18-year-old male character. She is also the main protagonist of this series. Shiro is Sora’s younger 11-year-old step sister. They don’t have any emotional ties with society. They are the undefeatable gamers, and their username is Blank. They get panic attacks if they get separated from each other.

Stephanie Dola: She is the granddaughter of the King of Elkia. She becomes Sora and Shiro’s assistant.

Jibril: She is six thousand years old. She becomes Sora and Shiro’s slave after losing the game with them.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date:

The Season 2 of No Game No Life is highly awaited season, and now the anime studios have already started working. There is still no update for the release date, but we hope they drop the release date soon.

“No Game No Life” season 1 completes with Shiro and Sora facing a god in the climax episode, which was a large cliff-hanger for the show. However, there are still no details when the second season of “No Game No Life” will be out, or whether it was previously underway. Regrettably, there are plagiarism claims against the artist of the series, Kamiya. This supposedly might cause the termination of “No Game No Life” season 2.

Conferring to Anime Amino, someone trapped Kamiya drawing his work and exposed him on social media. Characters counting Stephanie Dora, Izuna, and Jibril seemed to have been traced to be built on other anime character poses. “However, Kamiya did not appear to trace them straight, but had implemented similar poses and particulars from other artworks,” the report said. Kamiya has already issued an apology to the artists that he created his work on, publicly and on their websites. Kamiya also paid the artists for the effort that he used for his own artwork.

Meanwhile, “No Game, No Life” was commissioned for a film spin-off that is titled “Zero,” which is actually based on the chief manga and light novels. According to Inquistr, the film follows the character Riku in shouldering the responsibility to end the Great War by imparting peace in Disboard. Riku is accompanied by Shuvi in the battle to give birth to a world that will be succeeded by Tet, Shiro, and Sora. The official website of the permit is already running a teaser for “No Game, No Life: Zero.”

The “Zero” cast comprises Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Sora, Ai Kayano as Shiro, Yoko Hikasa as Stephanie Dora, Yuka Iguchi as Clammy Zell, Mamiko Noto as Feel Nilvalen, Yukari Tamura as Jibril, Miyuki Sawashiro as Izuna Hatsuse, and Rie Kugimiya as Teto.

The film premiered in Japan and was dated on July 15, 2017. It was first screened in 61 theatres before growing to 178. It then had a 4DX announcement in 48 theatres across Japan starting on September 9, 2017. The film was also released on home video in Japan on February 23, 2018.

On June 12, 2017, Sentai Filmworks proclaimed that they had licensed the film. Azoland Pictures started distributing the film melodramatically in the United States also, and it premiered with an English dub at the Los Angeles Anime Film Festival on September 15, 2016, and with English subtitles on September 16, 2017. It was then released nationwide on October 5, 2017, with (English subbed) and on October 8, 2017 (dubbed). Sentai will announce the film on home video on August 28, 2018. Madman Entertainment also licensed the film for release in Australia and as well as in New Zealand, screened it with English captions at the Madman Anime Festival in Melbourne on November 5, 2017. MVM has also licensed the film in the United Kingdom and was ready to release it in 2018.

No Game No Life English Dubbing:

The English translation of the series of No Game No Life is released by Yen Express. English Translation mostly leads to a loss of meaning, so people prefer to watch episodes with the original audio subbed in a language of their choice. The English dubbed in not praised that much but if you want to watch it dubbed as opposed to the default Japanese audio, then check it out on Crunchyroll.

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