10 Best Older Woman Younger Man Relationship Movies

Older woman-younger man relationship movies are rarity everywhere. One wonders why? Much more common is way too old men-younger women romance movies. In any case, today we decided to dig out movies where women romances younger men (or at least are pursued by them). Such relationships typically give rise to fascinating scenarios. And that’s why these movies are so interesting to watch. With that said, here is the list of 10 best movies with older woman-younger man relationships.


10. What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1986)

Also known as “Exploits of A Young Don Juan”, this movie is a French-Italian coproduction that relates the sexual awakening of a 16-year-old teenager and his various adventures within it. After being unsuccessful in this category, Roger finds plenty of women with whom to find pleasure with after World War I breaks out and men are suddenly nowhere in sight. However his erotic experiences have consequences when not only the maid, but other women he has slept with become pregnant from these exploits. Opposite to the tragedies of “Malèna” and platonic interactions of Renato, this movie is a light, fresh and at times comedic well-shot picture onto a young teenager’s exhilarating hormones.


9. All Things Fair (1995)

Back in the era of WWII, however this time much more in the north of the continent. It is the last film by Bo Widerberg and is set in the south of Sweden, where a story of controversial love and sexual desires takes place. Stig is a 15 year old student exploring his sexuality when he deeply falls under the charm of his teacher’s attractive maturity. She, more than twice her age, enjoys his youth as an alleviation of her alcoholic husband and they soon start a sexual relationship. However things aren’t easy for this unusual relationship and one way or another it will find its end.


8. A Short Film About Love (1988)

‘A Short Film About Love’ is a film that has grown on me tremendously with time. The way Kieslowski manages to portray the sheer tenderness of love here is simply beyond words. The film explores the relationship between a teenage boy and an older promiscuous woman whom he spies on from his window. She does not believe in love and is way beyond the naivety of a teenager who thinks he’s in love but is only infatuated with her. She dismisses his feelings but later begins to see his love. The ‘Dekalog’ version of the film has a slightly better ending, in my opinion with the boy realizing that it was not love and just a mere sexual fantasy. This was far more powerful and tragic than the more fairy tail-ish ending of the movie. However, it remains one of the greatest romantic films ever made.


7. Notes on a Scandal (2006)

Disturbing little film about a school teacher who falls for one of her teenage students. Soon, they both start having a passionate affair. But things get complex when an older teacher, who also romantic designs on her, and viciously exposes her for having an affair after blackmailing her for a time. Blanchett is superb as the vulnerable teacher, knowing what she is doing is wrong, but then is stunned at the level of treachery the older woman, brilliantly played by Judi Dench who lashes out at her. It is a sensual film but it is also downright frightening at times.


6. Malena (2000)

This Italian drama about a 12-year-old boy getting infatuated by the beauty of sensual woman named Malena. Amidst the war climate, he discovers himself and at the same time helplessly sees the world around Malena crumbling apart due the small-mindedness of the people of the town. Crtics thrashed the film when it released, but since then it has garnered a cult following — deservedly so. It may not the most subtle film, but it certainly is a beautiful and sad take on one-sided love.

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