Orange is the New Black Season 7: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

Orange is the New Black‘ is an American comedydrama web series that airs on Netflix. Often annotated as OITNB, this show first premiered on July 11, 2013. It has been created by Jenji Kohan and is based on the memoir by  Piper Kerman, titled, ‘Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison’. It came out in 2010 and told a tale of Piper’s experiences at Federal Correctional Institute Danbury, which is a minimum security federal prison.

‘Orange is the New Black’ emerged as a popular favorite in recent times owing to its realistic and durable portrayal of a strong woman in a prison. Being associated with movements like feminism and quaker, the show has gone from strength to strength and is a leading show on TV now. Taylor Schilling and Uzo Aduba, along with the series, have emerged as the biggest victors at award shows, earning more than a hundred awards in total.

The show holds the distinction of being the only one to have won an Emmy in both best comedy series and drama categories. It also enjoys the position of being one of the most watched shows on Netflix. It really seems redundant to point out exactly how strong the fan base of this series is. Critics have lauded the show across the seasons, with some of them mentioning how the flashback structure of the show is interesting, not to mention the host of fascinating characters. They have also praised the show for its sharp black humor and presence of dramatic heft.

Orange is the New Black Cast: Who is in it?

The main members of the cast of ‘Orange is the New Black’ includes Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, Natasha Lyonne as Nicky Nichols, Uzo Aduba as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, Danielle Brooks as Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson, Jackie Cruz as Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales, Laura Gómez as Blanca Flores, Selenis Leyva as Gloria Mendoza. Season 6 also saw many new members added to the cast. Frieda (Dale Soules), Suzanne (Uzo Aduba), Cindy (Adrienne C Moore), Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Red (Kate Mulgrew), Piper (Taylor Schilling), Alex (Laura Prepon), Nicky, Gloria (Selenis Leyva) and Blanca (Laura Gomez). There are several other recurring and guest stars who have made the show so memorable over the seasons.

In the upcoming season, we will see most of the cast members return. Initially, there was some doubt about Schilling returning to play Piper since we last saw her getting an early release from the prison. However, the show’s executive producers allayed all fears and told The Hollywood Reporter that Piper would definitely be a part of the upcoming season as she is the grounding force of the show.

Orange is the New Black Plot: What is it about?

The main plot of ‘Orange is the New Black’ follows Piper Chapman, who is convicted of a decades-old crime of having transported money related to drugs to her ex-girlfriend. When the normally law-abiding woman is sentenced to a year and a half behind bars, she begins to realize how life changing prison can really be. The indictment disrupts Piper’s upper-middle-class life, and once she is in prison, she is reunited with her ex. However, since it was her ex who had testified against her in the first place, the two are forced to re-examine their relationship.

Over the episodes, we often see flashbacks, where we are given the character stories of the guards or the inmates, and we know where they came from and what their motivations are. Inmates are frequently shown to struggle within the prison system as well. Over the seasons, there have been various incidents at the prison including an uprising against the guards. SWAT had to be called in due to the riot and the show also explores the consequences of this act of blatant defiance.

‘Orange is the New Black’ seeks to explore several pertinent issues like how the safety, well being, and health of the prisoners are affected due to different forms of corruption, budget cuts, privatization of prisons, guard brutality, overcrowding, and racial biases. The show also calls into question the ability of the correctional officers and the prison administration to have a basic ability and to fulfill their ethical obligations and fundamental responsibilities as correctional institutions where one would expect rehabilitation and reform to take place.

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The discerning viewer will realize that Piper serves as sort of a Trojan horse in the show and by putting her in prison, the show gets to explore and represent various women who would normally never have been portrayed in mainstream media. The Huffington Post praised the show saying, ” ‘Orange’ features the usual array of fights, thefts, betrayals, mess-hall showdowns, odd couples, comedic complications and dangerous crises you’d expect from any prison drama, and like “Oz” before it, “Orange” treats matters of race with astonishing frankness. Several characters also have fluid sexuality that is barely remarked upon… There’s something refreshing about a show that delves headfirst into matters that other dramas reserve for Special Episodes or porn-tastic sidebars. Ultimately, it’s easy to envision an “Orange” in which Chapman’s story is just one of many jockeying for space and attention. Given its setting, perhaps it’s unsurprising that the rest of the ensemble basically steals “Orange” out from under the new girl.”

In the upcoming season, we are likely to see Piper trying to readjust to life on the outside while trying to maintain the marriage to Alex, who still has some years left to serve in prison. The show makers addressed the issue of Piper’s, saying to The Hollywood Reporter“Of course the thought of releasing Piper has come up in previous seasons because the real Piper’s sentence was 15 months and we want to make sure that we can fully tell the story of what it’s like for Piper on the outside. We just want to make sure we didn’t do it too soon in her complete arc as a series, but it seemed like the time was right. It felt like we had sort of seen her full time in accordance to what the real story was for the real Piper.” Since this is likely to be the final season, we hope to see the stories wrapped up for the other characters as well.

Orange is the New Black Season 7 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 6 arrived on Netflix on July 27, 2018. It came to nobody’s surprise when Netflix, a couple of years back, renewed the show till seventh season. After all, it has been one of the top most performing shows for the steaming giant. The good news for fans of the show is that after less than a year of wait, Orange is the New Black Season 7 is finally premiering on July 26, 2019.

Orange is the New Black Season 7 Trailer:

You can check out the trailer for ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 7 below, to get an idea about what to expect with this season.

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