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Outrageous Acts of Science Season 11: Premiere Date, Cast, Hosts, Trailer, News

November 14, 2018
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Anything that qualifies as unscripted TV – be it reality TV, or even docuseries – are stigmatized as a watered down version of their subject topics, because they need to cater to a mass appeal. For the most part, this myth rings true for many shows, which are casualized to meet the requirements of our ever-shortening attention spans. The reasons are fairly understandable: after all, all cable networks are commercial organizations in the end, and the need to hit more views comes before the need to retain a level of academic complexity necessary to portray things like scientific topics.

There are a few select shows, however, that manage to hit just the right note between integrity to their scientific backgrounds while also being fairly entertaining digests on their own. We are talking, of course, about the area of pop science. Discovery’s subordinate Science channel is geared exclusively towards these shows on pop science, and on their current slate in fall 2018, the tenth season of Outrageous Acts of Science has once again managed to capture the attention of an ever-intrigued audience.

Outrageous Acts of Science Season 11 Cast: Who’s in it?

Outrageous Acts of Science does not have an ensemble cast per se – its very category as a docuseries contradicts the idea of an ensemble cast. But this does not mean the hosts do not have screen presence. The mainstay narrators have always been Tim Dabado and Gareth Cornick, and they are to certainly retain their role for the eleventh season. As of the tenth season in November 2018, the show has featured several established scientists and scholars from various fields as hosts. Needless to say, they all have the command and charisma needed to be in a commentator role, and many of them are also famous internet personalities. The hosts do not overwhelm the show, however, but act as commentators with minimal intrusion throughout the episodes.

The current roster of expert includes stalwart figures such as physicist Helen Arney, nuclear chemist Alistair Linsell, mathematician Matt Parker, biologist Chris Krishna-Pillay, engineer Tom Wrigglesworth, and chemist Raychelle Burks. All or many of them may also return as commentators on the next season as well. Popular fan demand for the last two years has been for the famous YouTubers like Veritasium’s Derek Muller or VSauce’s Michael Stevens, given how close to vlogging the sectioned nature of the show is. However, all of these are only speculations so far, because there has not been any official announcement on a cast for the potential eleventh season.

Outrageous Acts of Science Season 11 Plot: What is it about?

The show hearkens to a very recent vlogging trend – that of backyard scientists conducting independent experiments. Each episode on the show is a collage of many clips about scientific stunts, experiments, natural phenomena that range from intriguing to being outright bizarre. Over these, the show then becomes informative by revealing simplified explanations and perspectives from field experts on these clips, complete with visualised and animated illustrations to clarify things.

Outrageous Acts of Science Season 11 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Ever since it premiered in the main discovery channel as You Have Been Warned, the offbeat nature and thrilling stunts demonstrated on the show immediately amassed a huge fanbase, and this audience pool is ever since only growing. The show has not seen a decline in popularity since 2012, and its six-year run was always accentuated by positive reception. The latest and tenth season is no exception. It is therefore natural to expect another 17-episode season before autumn 2019, following the show’s annual schedule. That said, since the tenth season had premiered only recently (November 2018), we will have to wait for quite a while before the renewal status is confirmed. The air date for Season 11 is still TBD.

Outrageous Acts of Science Season 11 Trailer

No trailer or teaser for Outrageous Acts of Science Season 11 has been released yet. Watch a sneak peek from one of its previous seasons below.