Peaky Blinders Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

The crime drama, Peaky Blinders, written by Steven Knight, can be regarded as one of the best television shows that depicts the brutal, lively and thriving life of a British gangster post-WWI. With the series’ first season being aired on the television on BBC Two on 13 September 2013, the series quickly gained popularity among the various audiences. Directed by Otto Bathurst, the series carried on to receive many accolades, such as best director(fiction) in the BAFTA Television Crafts awards and the Biarritz Best Male Actor award, that went to Cillian Murphy, its enigmatic and charming star.

The show has been praised for its dominating stylish cinematography and the smooth and ever beautiful performances by the actors. The show has been praised by multiple sources, some in particular being, the Guardian that spoke of the series as a “riveting, fast-paced tale of post-first world war Birmingham gangsters”. The very first season revolves around the protagonist and the charm of the show, Thomas Shelby, the Birmingham gangster that returned from the War after being decorated with awards for Bravery. The character of Thomas has been beautifully portrayed by Cillian Murphy.

Peaky Blinders Season 5: When will it premiere?

The fifth season was ordered by the BBC Two team along with the fourth season and is planned to be aired in 2019. According to various reports and estimations including the ones of the actors in the Drama, we can be sure that in the fifth season the audiences can expect that the Shelbys will continue their “respectable work” in the dark. There has been no official announcement over the release date of the show, but it is expected that spring 2019 might be the time we get to see our gangsters in action again.

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Peaky Blinders Season 5: Who’s in it?

According to Paul Anderson, there is a constant fear that Arthur Shelby may be removed from the Drama itself, owing to the reckless and disturbed nature of the character. Not just this, we can also expect the Shelby Brothers to become more active in their endeavours as the family gain Political powers in the fourth season with Tommy becoming a labour member of the Parliament for Birmingham South. Putting it in the words of Paul Anderson,” ‘So we’ll all have more cover, we’ll have more opportunity, and more protection. And by protection, I mean by society and the police and so on. We’ll be able to get away with things under the guise of, “we’re politicians, we’re respectable”. But we’ll be able to manipulate things more. Arthur will be even more Arthur. So, it will be a lot of fun.”

Tom Hardy is probably not going to return and that has made the atmosphere around the fanbase pretty gloomy. The much loved British actor has been an integral member of the show and surely his presence and color will be missed.

Peaky Blinders Season 5: What’s it about?

Season four left us hanging with a great number of possibilities. One of them which seems certain to come true is the aggrandization of the Shelby clan’s power with Tommy now assuming official power. As for that ‘direction’, all we know if that they’re hoping that the show will eventually end with the advent of World War Two. Rumors are that the next series will involve Shelby Company Ltd tending to their new business ventures in America.

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Peaky Blinders Season 5: Trailer

There has been no official trailer released by BBC yet. But here’s the one for the previous season. Enjoy and keep visiting for updates regarding your favorite show!

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