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When Will Press Your Luck Return on ABC?

Updated January 19, 2020
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‘Press Your Luck’, a CBS original show, was created by Bill Carruthers and Jan McCormack. It debuted on the channel on September 19, 1983, concluding with its third season on September 26, 1986. Peter Tomarken was the show’s host, and Rod Roddy was credited as the primary announcer. Owing to the immense popularity of the game show, ABC picked up the series for a reboot, which aired on the platform in June 2019.

‘Press Your Luck’, the rebooted version, is produced by Fremantle. Each episode features a trio of participants who attempt to correctly answer trivia questions in order to earn spins and make huge amounts of cash on the Big Board. Meanwhile, they also need to avoid the Whammy who could take away their loot and return their cash balance to zero!

Season 1 has already received rave reviews from viewers. Now the question is, will we be seeing a new season soon? Here’s all we know about ‘Press Your Luck’ season 2.

Who is the host of Press Your Luck?

The revival of ‘Press Your Luck’ is hosted by none other than the charismatic Elizabeth Banks. The multiple award winner and Emmy nominee actress is best known for her roles in ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Pitch Perfect‘ film series, the NBC show, ’30 Rock’, ‘Scrubs’, ‘Modern Family‘, and the Netflix miniseries, ‘Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’ and ‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’.

Karey Burke, president of ABC Entertainment, expressed how Elizabeth Banks is the perfect front-woman for ‘Press Your Luck’. She is not only a famous star but is also smart, strong and funny. She is the perfect package for a fast-paced show, which requires just the exact combo of enthusiasm and presence of mind.

Banks is expected to resume her hosting duties in season 2 as well.

What is Press Your Luck about?

‘Press Your Luck’ is an engaging game competition that involves a combination of wits, strategy, and high stakes. In the original version, contestants would need to collect spins by giving correct answers to trivia questions. The accumulated spins were then used on an 18-space game board that would allow them to win cash and prizes.

The one who could gather the maximum cash was allowed to keep the money after being announced as the winner for the day. The main highlight of the show was its “Whammy”, a red-colored, animated cartoon creature with a high-pitched, raspy voice. If any contestant’s spin landed on the Whammy’s space, his score would automatically become zero again.

Well, the rebooted version also follows a similar premise. Even here, participants are required to answer questions and collect spins, which they can apply to earn huge fortunes on the Big Board. Each episode begins with four questions being thrown at the contestants. If the candidates answer questions without choices, they earn three spins. And if they choose the option of multiple choices, they get one spin.

In round one, contestants can win up to $5,000 and in round 2, they can earn up to $10,000, in addition to a few extra spins. The ultimate winner is declared as the champion and gets to keep his/her winnings and also avails the option to play the bonus spins where he/she can win up to 1 million dollars. The bonus round comprises a series of spins and six stages, with each stage multiplying the risks as well as rewards. While round 1 has a maximum value of $10,000, round 2 has $15,000. It culminates in $100,000 in the final round.

Of course, the stars of the show, i.e. the Whammies, are present here as well. If a contestant hits them, his/her score immediately gets reset to zero. Participants are given the option to stop after any round because earning four Whammies means goodbye from the game. Yes, the format is pretty close to that of the original version. There are certain minimal changes, such as in the looks of the board, the Whammies, the music, and sound.

When season 2 happens, we expect the creators to stick to the same lively format as it is one of the sole reasons, the original show had enjoyed such a long run over the years.

Press Your Luck Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Press Your Luck’ season 1 released on June 12, 2019, on ABC. After airing for eight episodes, it ended on August 7, 2019.

Now, will there be a ‘Press Your Luck’ season 2? Well, here’s some good news. On November 20, 2019, ABC renewed the show for another season — to join its schedule of summertime game shows for 2020. The producers have also confirmed that ‘Press Your Luck’ season 2 will premiere in June 2020.

Press Your Luck Trailer:

ABC has not released an official trailer for ‘Press Your Luck’ season 2. However, you can head to their official site if you wish to check out all the previous episodes from its first season.

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