Project Blue Book Season 1: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News

Project Blue Book is a science fiction and historical period drama series. Fans of sci-fi series are in for a treat with the series. The Project Blue Book T.V. series is based on the real investigation that was piloted by the United States Air Force for a period of 17 years from 1952 to 1969. Paul Buccieri who is the president of A+E studios announced that History Network ordered a 10 episode series of original script of the drama ‘Blue Book’ from A+E Studios on 25th May 2017. Project Blue Book series becomes the fourth original script to join ‘History’ and the third scripted television series from A+E studios in association with Compari Entertainment which is a part of ImageMovers. Not to mention, A+E Studios holds the right for the series worldwide. The whole production work has been done in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Project Blue Book is directed by Robert Stromberg (two episodes till now). Brad Van Arragon produces the Project Blue Book series with Sean Jablonski, Jackie Levine, Jack Rapke and Robert Zemeckis (Academy and Golden Globe Award Winner) as executive producers. The trio of Thania St. John, Harley Payton and David O’Leary are the co-executive producers of Project Blue Book series.

Project Blue Book Season 1 Cast: Who’s in it?

The casting list of the Project Blue Book series goes on and on, but some of the cast members will leave you with a feeling of nostalgia. They include Aidan Gillen (from Game of Thrones and Captain America) as Dr Allen Hynek, Michael Malarkey as Caption Michael Quinn, Ksenia Solo as Susie Miller, Michael Harney as General Hugh Valentine, Laura Mennell as Mimi Hynek and other numerous characters.

Project Blue Book Season 1 Plot: What is it about?

Project Blue Book is inspired by the real events of the American History that was shut down in silence and no one never really talked about them. The series features Dr J. Allen Hynek who is a genius college professor, astrophysicist who eventually becomes a ufologist too. The United States Air Force hires him to take part in a secret operation that has thousands of cases researched, but a majority of them are not solved yet. As he gets close to the truth, the US government tries to keep him away from getting to the truth out and pressurizes him to not reveal the truth of the existence of extra-terrestrial life outside our planet. Project Blue Book will draw one research file and topic from the actual pile of researches in each episode. Each episode will deal with the theories behind historical events, truths and lies, secrets, and mysteries related to UFOs of the most controversial and mysterious era in the history of United States. The series is based on the era between the 1950s and 1960s. The series follows several UFO encounters, conspiracies and numerous events that need an explanation but were swept under the rug to avoid an upheaval from the crowds.

Project Blue Book Season 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The air date for Project Blue Book has been announced to be January 8, 2019. The broadcast channel History Network confirmed the news. Having been filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Project Blue is co-produced A&E Studios.

Project Blue Book Season 1 Trailer

This year at San Diego Comic-Con event, History showcased a sneak peek of the Project Blue Book series by launching its trailer. Check out the trailer below. It is sure to catch your attention.

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