20 Best Adult Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

January 15, 2019
14 min read

Does Amazon Prime have porn? Well, the answer is an obvious no. While there are certainly many R-rated and even NC-17 rated movies on Amazon Prime, you won’t find films that are classified porn, because frankly, the MPAA hasn’t created a category for a film to be labelled as one. But yes, Amazon does have several great adult movies i.e. R-rated and NC-17 rated films.

The question isn’t what are adult movies? The question is what isn’t! As the filmmakers are making a welcome choice of picking bold subject matters, and the use of graphics and verbal violence is increasing in the films, it has become necessary to keep some stuff out of the reach of the children. And while children might have to wait a couple more years to be eligible to watch these films in order to better grasp their subject matters, there is no such restriction on us adults. Here’s the list of top adult movies on Amazon Prime. Be warned that several of the films on the list consist of graphic nudity.

20. The Maid (2014)

Jack had a troubled childhood. His parents had separated, which made him live in the US and his father in England. Finding himself distant from the love of his father, he decides to rekindle their relationship. For his upcoming birthday, he travels to England to be with his father and reconnect with him. However, his father doesn’t seem interested in reciprocating his attempts. Distraught by his father’s reaction, Jack finds himself connecting with the maid who works there. Even though Maria is considerably older than Jack, the two of them form a bond owing to the troubled childhood that they had. Their friendship soon takes the form of an intimate relationship, but how will it end for the both of them?

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19. Uranya (2006)

In 1969 Greece, a young boy named Achileas tried to sneak into the cinema to watch an actress. However, he broke his leg in the process and was taken to the city for treatment. There, for the first time, he saw a television. But rather than watching a film on it, he saw a program about the Apollo mission that carried three men to the moon for the first time. Achileas decides to collect money, along with his friends and buy a television set so that they can see the Apollo launch. But, turns out his friends have other places where they want to spend that money.

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18. Good Dick (2008)

A man works at a video store where he watches a woman who is a regular customer. Fixated on her, the man decides to woo her but the woman doesn’t respond to his attempts. He decides to take more intense measures to gain her attention, to which he succeeds after a while, and an affair begins between the two of them. However, the affair is short-lived because the woman seems haunted by something terrible that happened to her in her past.

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17. The Neon Demon (2016)

Fashion is one of the most cut-throat industries. It is all about looks and beauty and youth. This becomes the subject matter for ‘The Neon Demon’. The film starts with Jesse, a 16-year-old girl who dreams of becoming a successful model. When she moves to Los Angeles, her spirits are lifted by her agent who tells her that she is perfect for modelling. Despite her confidence, she feels intimidated by other models who are jealous of her fresh face. Soon, Jesse learns to survive in the industry and becomes successful. But she has to pay the cost of success with her innocence.

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16. Come Undone (2010)

When one thinks about it, they realise that Anna didn’t really have any reason to cheat on her husband. She had a good life, a proper career and a loving husband who was eager to start a family with her. But, owing to her own transgressions, Anna fell in love with Domenico. He was a headwaiter at a restaurant. The secrecy of their relationship must have been the thrill for Anna, but soon, she started to have stronger feelings for Domenico and wanted their secret affair to turn into something more. Domenico, however, stated finding Anna too clingy and didn’t want to see their relationship going any further. What now?

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15. How to Draw a Perfect Circle (2009)

Guilherme and his sister Sofia never had anyone but themselves. Growing up together, finding intimacy and understanding nowhere else but with each other, their relationship begins to be enveloped in sexual tension. When Sofia tries to see other boys, Guilherme finds it difficult to come to terms with the fact that his sister can find love somewhere else. He runs away from the house, but it seems like, no matter where he goes he will have to come back to Sofia. Contouring a circle that takes him all way to his absent father and back to his sister, Guilherme realises that his place is with Sofia and hers with him. With his return, their love finds intimacy and Guilherme’s obsession to keep Sofia to himself increases.

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14. Come Down Molly (2015)

“With great power comes great responsibility.” But, this is just for Spiderman, because he did have great powers. For us, normal human beings, there is only responsibility, without any power! Molly is finding it hard to keep up with her increasing responsibilities. She, recently, became a mother and due to the lack of support from her husband, who just seems more distant to her, she decides to take some time off. When a group of old high school friends invite her on a weekend trip, she agrees. There she lets go of her shell and indulges in all sorts of enjoyments. But, in the end, she has to decide for herself. Is this the person she wants to change into?

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13. Angelica (2015)

Set in Victorian London, this film tells the story of Constance. She falls in love with Dr Joseph Barton and after some time they get married. Their relationship grows more passionate with time and Constance meets a sexual awakening in her married life. But, their pleasures come to an end when Constance gives birth to their daughter, Angelica. The mother and daughter had almost died in childbirth. Due to these complications, the doctors advised the couple to abstain. While it seems easy to do in the beginning, as time passes the husband and wife find themselves frustrated. To add to their problems, there is a malevolent presence in their house.

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12. Nights in White Satin (1987)

Lisa’s life changes when her friend is killed in a drive-in shooting. Depressed by her loss, she loses track of her life and soon, finds her home in the streets of Los Angeles. One day, a photographer who had been working on his new show about homeless people passes her by. When he sees Lisa, he finds her different than others and invites her to be his assistant at his studio. A love affair starts between the two of them.

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11. The Love Inside (2015)

Vaughn is engaged and wants his friends to meet his fiancée before they get married. He arranges for a weekend stay at a rural cabin and invites his friends over. Wondering when his best friend will show up, Vaughn looks forward to revisiting old days and freshening the memories of past. However, his past comes in front of him in an unexpected form when his best friend turns up with Vaughn’s ex-girlfriend. Reminded of the time he spent with his old flame, he wonders if they still have feelings for each other. Thinking about such things is never a good idea because it only further complicates things.

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10. Never Forever (2007)

Sophie and her husband Andrew had been trying to have a baby for quite some time. When, time and again, their attempts fail, Andrew becomes depressed about his sterility. Sophie tries to make him feel better by consulting with different doctors about what can be done for them. But, no solution comes to light. Andrew even tries to commit suicide. One day, at the clinic, Sophie sees Jihah Kim, a man who had come to the clinic to become a donor but was rejected because of his illegal immigration to the States. Because the doctors won’t help her, Sophie decides to ask Jihah to help her in having a baby and pays him a hefty amount for his efforts.

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9. A Minute’s Silence (2016)

Stella Petersen was an English teacher at a school in a small town. Her tragic, untimely death shakes everyone to the core. As the school observes a minute’s silence for their teacher, one student, in particular, looks back at his time with the teacher. For Christian, Stella hadn’t just been a teacher. During the summer, they had been involved with each other. The age difference is considerably low between them, they had found common grounds that attracted them to each other. But the romantic summer that they spent together came to an end with Stella’s death.

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8. In Secret (2013)

This film is based on the novel named ‘Therese Raquin’ written by Emile Zola and stars Elizabeth Olsen in the titular role. Therese had been left by her father to live with her aunt. Believing that her father will come back to take her away from the domineering, though well-meaning aunt and her ailing son, she spends her days waiting for him. Soon, she realises that he will not be coming back and that she is stuck with the mother and son. Therese is married to her aunt’s son and they move to Paris. It is there that she meets Laurent, an old friend of her husband. Laurent and Therese fall in love with each other and their affair begins a chain of events with tragic consequences.

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7. American Honey (2016)

Star is a teenager who needs an excuse to run away from her present miserable life. She faces sexual assault at the hand of the man whose children she cares for. When she meets Jake, he invites her to leave everything behind and join his crew of selling magazine subscriptions to people, going from door to door. At first hesitant, Star decides that her present life holds no promise for her and runs away with Jake and his crew. As she assimilates with their lifestyle, she discovers the meaning of life and love. A different presentation in coming-of-age drama, ‘American Honey’ shows the difference between expectations and reality.

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6. Felix and Meira (2014)

Meira lives in Montreal with her husband and her daughter. Her society is Orthodox Jewish which places a lot of constraints and expectations on her. Meira is already dissatisfied with her married life and doesn’t want to have more children, considering that women in her community have a bunch of children. Her husband rebukes her for not having the understanding of the rules set for the community. After all this frustration that she receives from her husband, it becomes quite obvious why she finds herself attracted to another man. Felix had been mourning the death of his father when he met Meira. Seeing that he wasn’t someone who was married and had children, she realised that he didn’t submit to the standards of the society. Soon, they begin an affair.

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5. Natasha (2015)

This film is based on a collection of short stories called ‘Natasha and Other Stories’ written by David Bezmozgis who also directed the film. It shows the struggle of Mark Berman in trying to stay away from Natasha. Mark was an ideal boy, focused on his work and though always shied away from taking any significant responsibilities. His uncle marries a woman from Moscow, who arrives with her 14-year-old daughter. Mark’s parents, in order to change his slack behaviour, make him take care of her, considering that she is new in town and doesn’t know anyone. As Mark spends more time with Natasha, he comes to know about her past that just seems too scandalous for a teenager. Even though Mark is hesitant at first, a romance soon develops between the two of them.

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4. The Wonderpill (2015)

This film is another instance of careful what you wish for. Athena suffers from painful headaches which justifies why her sex drive is on an all-time low. However, this doesn’t sit well with her boyfriend who wants to get things back to normal. He tricks Athena into taking a pill that will cure her migraines. The placebo effect sets well with Athena and she is cured, but the pill wasn’t really for the headaches. It was for enhancing her libido. While initially, her boyfriend enjoys her new state, he soon becomes frustrated when there seems to be no end for her drives.

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3. XXY (2007)

Alex Kraken faces a difficult life being an intersex person. She has the genitals of both male and female and in order to conform to the idea of gender held by the society, she takes medication to repress her male features in order to appear more female to other people. Worried that she will, and is being bullied at school, her parents decide to move to a small town in Uruguay to live in isolation. After some time, Alex’s mother invites her friends to their place, with whom she wants to discuss a proper and final solution to Alex’s problem. However, Alex is not the only one struggling to understand her sexuality. Alvaro, the son of her mother’s friends, is confused with his encounters with Alex.

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2. Irreversible (2002)

Starring Monica Bellucci, this film tells the story of a woman who is brutally raped and beaten to coma. Seeing her in the miserable state, her ex, and current boyfriend decide to find out the man who did this to her. In contrast to its name, ‘Irreversible’ follows a reverse chronological order. Like Chris Nolan’s ‘Memento’, this film starts with what should have been the last scene of the film. One scene after another, it takes us back to the start. The film received a lot of controversy for the violence and the graphic scenes depicted in it. However, there is much more to it that appears. Through its storytelling style of starting from the reaction before it talks about action, it gives us a different angle from which to view vengeance.

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1. The Handmaiden (2016)

A conman decides to marry a Japanese heiress in order to gain her inheritance. He formulates an elaborate plan wherein he plants a con artist as a handmaiden to the heiress. The plan is for the handmaiden to slowly and cleverly push the heiress towards marrying the conman. After the wedding, the conman plans to prove the handmaiden as mentally ill which will result in her being sent to an asylum leaving the inheritance all to himself. What he doesn’t consider is the past of the heiress which is darker than what he had planned for her.

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