15 Sexiest Movies on Hulu Right Now

January 1, 2019
15 min read

While there are certainly many R-rated and even NC-17 rated movies on Hulu, you won’t find films that are classified porn, because frankly, the MPAA hasn’t created a category for a film to be labelled as one. But let’s be honest with ourselves. Most of these porn movies are grotesque and are seemingly impractical at the outset. And if you are really in the mood to get horny, a sexy film is a better choice than an outright porn. The most important thing that porn movies often ignore but has been picked up really well by erotic filmmakers is essentially the imagination. While porn leaves nothing to your imagination, there’s still a lot of scope in an erotic R-rated or TV-MA movie.

Sexiness is, by definition, a very abstract word, which is sometimes perceived as nudity, naked women mostly, and sometimes, it is perceived as acts of sex and vigour. While both of these definitions are true, these are not the only factors that define sexiness. Having said that, let’s also be clear that just because these movies on this list have sexual content and sometimes graphic nudity doesn’t necessarily mean they are not good. In fact, most of the below listed Hulu movies are more than watchable. Now that we have made everything clear, let’s have a look at the list of sexiest movies on Hulu right now. And please keep in mind that many of these have been rated R or TV-MA according to the MPAA guidelines.

15. Original Sin (2001)

Perhaps one of the few handfuls of movies where Angelina Jolie did a substantial show of skin, ‘Original Sin’ never got famous for its storyline, but only for its hot sex scenes and nudity. The movie follows the story of Julia, an American girl who along with Walter a.k.a. Billy, her lover, marries and plans to con Luis, a Cuban. All goes according to plan except when Luis falls for Julia, they get married and it leads to inhibitions of both Luis and Julia to let go of each other. While the story has been termed as utterly illogical and laughable by many critics, ‘Original Sin’ has some scenes of crude sex and nudity which would get you going.

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14. The Duchess of Langeais (2007)

If you love plot-driven movies then there isn’t much in here or rather the plot isn’t what makes the film worth watching. It is rather the encounters between two characters who are kind of happy keeping their feelings kind of bottle up. These characters are the French general Armand de Montriveau and the socialite Antoinette le Langeais. Antoinette is currently a nun. Armand one day decides to talk to Antoinette whom he believes to be the woman he was deeply in love with many years ago. After he gets in contact with her the viewers are shown the past life of these two individuals. Antoinette was once fascinated by the French soldier even though she was married. The feelings were much in tandem with Armand who wanted Antoinette to be his lover. They had various encounters in which they grew closer but things became much more complicated. Did it become too much for them to handle?

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13. An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)

Richard Gere is a great actor. He has done lost of films and has proved himself to be a versatile actor. In this movie, we encounter a young Richard who gives a nice and believable performance. Zack Mayo played by Gere has been a loner for most of his life. When he was a young boy his mother killed herself. This made him live with his father who never wanted to have the role of a father. This makes Zack much more lonely and makes him quite independent. After completing college, Zack told his father that he has enlisted in the navy and wants to become a Jet pilot. The training is hard and the Seargent is unbearable though he ends up teaching Zack a lot. Zack ends up finding solace in a girl named Paula who is a Puget Debs, meaning she is looking to score a relationship with an officer to move on from her boring life.

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12. Secretary (2002)

Look, I will admit I have never looked at Maggie Gyllenhaal in a such a way as this movie made me do. I mean, she is a good actress and has given some great performances but when I watched this movie, I was like damn! She is hot. How could I have missed that angle? Anyways, let’s move on from my pervy life and talk about the plot. Maggie plays the role of Lee Holloway a girl who was admitted to a mental hospital for self-mutilation. She is out now and does secretarial training to find a job. She does manage to get a nice job but her boss, Edward played by James Spader, is kinda different. He has a submissive sexual fetish. Lee wanting some excitement in her life does what her boss tells her to do and is now into a love triangle including her boyfriend and her boss.

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11. Bad Education (2004)

I know I have put this movie on this list considering it’s adult rating but I guess there wasn’t much need for that. The plot of the movie is really nice though it can feel confusing at first. There are sex scenes in the movie but I don’t think it should have received an NC-17 rating. Anyways, let’s jump into the plot. The movie is focused on two characters Ignacio Rodriguez and Enrique Goded. They went to the same Christian school. Years later Ignacio has become a struggling actor working under the stage name Angel Andrade while Enrique has become a successful filmmaker. Ignacio has brought with him a manuscript Dollsript which is loosely based on his life. He has come at the house of Enrique, a man he has not seen in years since he was expelled from school. Ignacio hopes that Enrique will turn the manuscript into a film script and casting him as one of the leads. But will everything go as planned?

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10. Lucky Bastard (2014)

This is an erotic take on the found footage horror genre. Well, the movie is kinda trash if you look at it in a serious way. Personally, I thought the movie is great if you just want to watch a movie with a certain structure and filled with sex scenes which is what the movie is made for. If you want serious plots and world-class performances, then maybe skip onto the next one. Anyway, the plot of ‘Lucky Bastard’ is simple. Mike is the owner of a porn website named Lucky Bastard. His concept is that a lucky fan is chosen randomly and he gets to have sex with the sexy pornstar named Ashley Saint (this is the one part of the movie that I want to be real). Ashley doesn’t like the idea as she thinks that this is unprofessional and might be dangerous and given how the film ended she was a freaking Sherlock Holmes at deduction. After some persuasion and cash, she agrees and they invite a fan named Dave. But things go wrong on the set and Dave goes on a killing spree.

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9. Bad Lieutenant (1992)

Well, if you like movies which are based on dark subjects then ‘Bad Lieutenant’ might be a good watch. the performance of Harvey Harvey Keitel as a corrupted cop is awesome and quite believable. The main protagonist of the movie is Lieutenant portrayed by Harvey. He is the lowest of the scumbags. Rather than upholding the law, he is the one that breaks it to fulfill his own vices. He is a hardcore drug addict and indulges in having sex with prostitutes. LT also does drugs with them. He doesn’t care much about the cases he is assigned to and would rather care about betting on baseball. Having lost on bets multiple times he owns a big debt to his bookies and many other dangerous people. LT uses his position to take money from other drug dealers and thieves. Then he is assigned to a case where a nun was brutally raped. Upon meeting the nun he learns that the nun has forgiven her assailants. This encounter makes LT reconsider his life choices and ask for forgiveness.

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8. Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

This is probably one of the best-rated (by rated I mean critics and viewer’s rating and not age rating) movies on this list and for very good reasons. The movie has a wonderful plot and some of the best performances. It is a movie that will take you to your youth when you felt the same things as the characters in the movie felt. Adele is the protagonist of the movie. She is in those periods of her youth where she has just started to understand her sexuality and as lots more to discover. She has sexual encounters with men but is deeply unsatisfied. When her advances on another girl are rejected she feels lost. Then Adele meets a strange blue-haired older girl named Emma. Emma is not accepted by Adele’s friends and when Adele becomes Emma’s friends her former friends start boycotting her. With Emma, Adele finds something she had yearned for as their relationship transcends friendship and enters into the arduous regions. But life is cruel and might test their love in ways that they don’t know.

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7. Thanks for Sharing (2012)

‘Thanks for Sharing’ has some really good actors. Mark Ruffalo plays the role of a sex addict, Adam. Adam had realized that he was addicted to sex some time back and decided to go to therapy and has tried to maintain his sobriety. He hasn’t had any relapse for around five years, thanks to his sponsor Mike played by Tim Robbins. Recently, Adam has been meeting with a woman named Phoebe and thinks that she will be perfect for him to be with. But he struggles with it since he hasn’t been with anyone for five long years. Another problem is that Phoebe doesn’t date people who have addiction problems. Then there’s Neil who is a new person to Adam’s group. He looks up to Adam and wants to make him his mentor. But Neil is still quite immature and keeps on harassing women everywhere which might be problematic for Adam. Mike is also going through some issues in regards to his son who has become a drug addict and has recently returned home. The film shows the stories of these individual characters how they help themselves and struggle to be sober and move on with their lives in a better way.

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6. Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

This is a nice little coming of age story. The movie is really great and its themes and concepts are so engaging. The movie also has some great characters in it whom you can feel for. Tenoch Iturbide and Julio Zapata are close friends and the protagonists of the movie. They are feeling bored and lonely since their girlfriends have left them for the vacation before they start their year in college. Tenoch and Julio get the chance to go to a big wedding where they meet the beautiful Luisa Cortés who is the wife of Tenoch’s cousin. To impress her the duo invites her on a journey to a beach which they are going to visit. The beach doesn’t really exist. But when Luisa hears about her husband’s infidelity she takes the boys up on their offer. The boys panic but are able to find a beach which has the same name which they had proposed. The journey takes place and changes them in a way they had never thought of.

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5. Lust, Caution (2007)

Ang Lee is a wonderful director. We all have come to know and accept this fact. He shines as a director in this movie as well. The movie is set during the World War II era in the late 30s and the early 40s. Kuang Yu Min is a revolutionary leader who runs a drama group to strike patriotism in the hearts of his Chinese brethren. Wong Chia Chi is a shy Chinese teen girl who has no real aim in life. She then finds that she likes drama and wants to be a part of the troupe that is led by Kuang. But it turns out that Kuang is more than just a dramatist. He has devised a plot to assassinate Mr. Yee who is a puppet to the Japanese. The plot needs extensive help from the drama group. Wong is given one of the main roles. She has to play the role of Mrs. Mak and befriend Mr. Yee. Wong does her role perfectly befriending Yee’s wife and her friends and later getting close to Yee. But after a period of success, the plan fails and Wongs moves back to Hong Kong. It is 1942 now and Kuang has reappeared in Wong’s life and wants her to resume her role in assassinating Mr. Yee. will she succeed this time?

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4. Secret Things (2002)

The main protagonists of the movie are Sandrine and Nathalie. Nathalie is quick-witted and works as a stripper while Sandrine is naive and works as a barmaid. After an unfortunate event, Sandrine ends up being jobless as well as homeless. She is invited by Nathalie to stay with her. Nathalie opens up Sandrine’s sexuality and both derive pleasure in sex. They understand that sex can be used in their advantage. The girls manipulate the right people and end up finding suitable jobs in a bank. There they find easy targets and after various manipulations, they slowly climb up the corporate ladder. But they might have met their rival in Christophe who is the son of the bank executive. Christophe himself is a master of manipulation and can see right through the girls.

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3. Eyes Wide Shut (2002)

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman star in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, an erotic thriller directed by Stanley Kubrick. Alice played by Nicole is the wife of William Harford played by Cruise. Alice admits to William that she has had sexual fantasies about other men. This enrages William who decides to spend the entire night hooking up. But well it isn’t easy and William has very little success in achieving his dream. His friend Nick tells him of strange parties where men dress up in costumes and the girls attending the party are quite beautiful and young. William finds himself a good enough costume and heads to the party. He is recognized by someone who asks him to leave as it is dangerous to be there. Well, William should have heard his wellwisher as it turns out that the warning was quite well placed.

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2. Heartbreakers (2001)

Well, this was the movie I was talking about before. Here we see Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love-Hewitt manage the part of breaking up relationships or rather marriages. They do it for their own fun and financial gain. Sigourney plays the role of Maxine Conners who is a con artist and along with her hot daughter, Page dupes rich men by taking their money. Their preferred method is Sigourney making the man fall in love with her and marries him. Then Page comes in and seduces the man with her hot body making him cheat on his wife. Well, before you know there’s a divorce case and a hefty sum is paid to Maxine. The plan was going well but Page falls in love with a guy. Now, Maxine needs to get Page out of the relationship if she needs her partner in crime.

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1. Vanilla Sky (2001)

It’s time for Tom Cruise to take the show now. He plays the rich playboy David Ames Jr. in the movie ‘Vanilla Sky’. Gorgeous actresses Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz also star in this movie. The movie at first feels like a romantic comedy of sorts with Ames enjoying his life but then everything changes and before you know it there’s a twist. I liked the plot and the characters. David Ames Jr. has inherited 51% of his father’s company. The rest of his shareholders want him gone due to his irresponsibility and yes David is irresponsible. He had no regards for the company and more than that he has no regards for his relationships. He uses a girl, Julie played by Diaz for sex, seeing her as a ‘friends with benefits’ but not understanding her angle. Then he starts romancing with his friend’s girlfriend, Sofia played by Cruz. Julie is suicidal and after luring David into a car she drives it off a bridge. She dies but David survives. After a slow recovery, he starts living his life again but now he is confused between reality and dream considering the happenings.

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