Where Was Renovation Island Filmed?

June 7, 2020
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HGTV specializes in home renovation shows. Home renovation/improvement series prove to be some of the most easy-going and cozy series that one can view. They prove to be extremely homely (literally), thanks to their “improvement” or disaster-to-beautiful format. However, what if an entire island got such a treatment? That is the basic premise of ‘Renovation Island,’ a show which was previously titled ‘Island of Bryan.’

Unlike most HGTV shows, ‘Renovation Island’ focuses on just one property. The show revolves around the home renovation couple Bryan and Sarah Baeumler. The two of them are depicted to have undertaken a financially risky project, albeit one with promising rewards if successful. Their venture proves to provide one of the most exotic settings and premises for an HGTV show. Viewers might find similarities between ‘Renovation Island’ and other HGTV shows like ‘Caribbean Life,’ or ‘Beachfront Bargain Hunt.’ However, the Bauemlers’ show has enough uniqueness going for it.

Renovation Island Filming Locations

‘Renovation Island’ sees Sarah and Bryan Baeumler permanently shift to an island with hopes of renovating a property for a business venture. Hence, the island’s location is central to the HGTV show. Without it, there would be no ‘Renovation Island.’ Hence, several viewers would have wondered where the picturesque island depicted on the show is.

San Andros, Bahamas

‘Renovation Island’ is entirely set and filmed in The Bahamas. To be more specific, the show is set on the San Andros Island. It is here that the Baeumlers pin their hopes of converting an old, run-down resort to an attractive holiday destination. Their story is as fascinating as the actual island.

In 2017, Sarah and Bryan took a family vacation to The Bahamas. On this trip, the family spent a day at San Andros and absolutely fell in love with the place. They loved San Andros so much that they decided to shift to the island with their eyes set on an island resort that had been abandoned. This resort is Emerald Palms.

The couple is depicted to be working hard to flip the property around. Moreover, they do so sustainably. Their venture is partnered with Reef Rescue Network: a bid to restore the coral reefs of The Bahamas.

The Emerald Palms property sprawls over 10 acres. However, converting it is no cakewalk. There are rusted generators, termites, hurricanes, unforgivingly hot tropical weather, and budgetary constraints. Yet, the couple aims to turn it into a holiday paradise with 18 rooms, 22 seaside villas, and amenities like a bar, clubhouse, spa, and pool. Have a look at some photos:

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