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Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

December 5, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue is an American animal rescue reality tv show. The first season debuted on 3rd March 2018 on Nat Geo WILD Channel. This show centres around rescuing animals where the rescuers have to find a new home for these sensitive animals. The show also follows Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region who are said to be the biggest non-profit animal shelter in Southern Colorado. Every year, more than forty thousand animals are rescued and rehabilitated at this animal centre. From medical emergencies to thrilling rescues, these rescuers are helping every animal to live a sustainable life. The team works to save animals from 5,400 square miles of rugged lands on Pikes Peak region. The show also portrays the determination of veterinarians and officers, features heartwarming adoption stories of animals, stories of wildlife and nature and much more. The team also helps abused and homeless animals by healing them emotionally as well as physically. They also provide a foster family to these animals to complete their homes. The staff never fails to provide better facilities for animals.

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue Season 2 Cast: Who is in it?

The main team in the previous season included Avery Borden, Katie Waters, Ryan McFadden, and Joe Stafford. As messiahs of animals, they should return in the next season as well to carry on with the commendable work they have been doing.

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

The team rescues animals and provides them with shelter and warmth for fast recovery in a sanctuary. They also provide perfect families who adopt them after their rehabilitation. This team has been operating for many years and has rescued thousands of dogs and cats. From feral to aggressive, the team treats every animal equally and provides them with the best families. The team saved an endangered duck and also rescued a cat who was difficult to catch, but the cat seems turns out to be very wild for a new foster home. The team takes a dog with a tumour to the hospital, and the doctors perform surgery. They rescue a dog fallen out of the window and also try to save a small kitten who is battling for her life with a horrifying infection. The team gets emotional while rescuing a dog and finds a kitten with multiple eye injuries — veterinarians and Police officers battle for the life of a dog crash victim. Small puppies have a reunion with their mother after a long time, but their mother doesn’t know about their life is at risk.

In one of the episode, peacocks try to ruin a farmer’s crops. The team also finds two neglected horses and helps them to get a new home. While operating an animal, veterinarians have to deal with some tough situations when neuter clinic loses power. Dr Patti performs eye surgery. In the last episode, a stranded dog is rescued by officers and they also rush a stray dog to the hospital that is pricked with porcupine quills.

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Nat Geo Wild has not announced the official air date for Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue season 2. The show is yet to be scheduled. Shows such as these with a focus on the environment strike a connection with the audience and almost always end up becoming mainstays for any channel. The same will be expected from Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue and Nat Geo Wild. Until there is a confirmation, stay tuned for updates.

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue Season 2 Trailer:

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue Season 2 is not announced yet. You can enjoy the trailer for season 1 and watch amazing adventures of the rescue team below.

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