13 Best Romantic Movies of 2015

2015 was easily one of the best years for cinema in recent times. We got to see many women-centric films and at the same time, we also had great films from every genre release that year. Romance is easily one of the most popular genres. Despite that we hardly get to see really good romantic films very often. But 2015 was an anomaly in that regard. This list of top 13 romantic movies of 2015 proves exactly that.


13. The Age of Adaline

The film is the story of a young woman, born at the turn of the 20th century, who stops aging after an accident. After spending many solitary years, she meets a man who complicates the eternal life she has settled into. A film that seems cheesy from outside but actually is a good one time watch.


12. Love

Gasper Noe’s erotic 3D venture follows the lives of three eligible bachelors with a perennial penchant for adventures. ‘Love’ is one of those sex movies that might be labeled as taking advantage of creative liberty. But on close observation, you might notice why Noe chose to make the film with graphic sex scenes. The titillating drama opens up with a racy and sensual threesome amongst a pair of experienced ex-lovers, Murphy and Electra, and a fledgling novice exchange student from Denmark, Omi. The film ruffled feathers when it was premiered at Cannes.


11. Paper Towns

‘Paper Towns’ starts with a lot of promise. It even has some Perks vibe going on in the first few minutes. But soon you realize that it is a different film altogether. It is more of an adventure tale. Though, the treatment of the story is pretty much same as any other coming of age film. In the end, the film has some genuinely great moments even if it may not meet up to the class of ‘The Perks of Being Wall Flower’.


10. The DUFF

Bella Thorne’s emergence as a global superstar at the tender age of 20 finds its partial explanation with this film. Confident and assured performances fuel a thought-provoking and tenable movie that hints towards our innately judgemental prejudices. A group of three girls, two wholeheartedly attractive, and the third one a ‘DUFF’, try to outlive high-school. Her lovable neighbor is another cog in the story. She soon realizes that everyone in the school wants to get to the other two through her, which results in her unfriending them. She strikes a deal with the neighbor, for mutual benefits, and it soon sparks a passionate love affair. ‘The DUFF’s strength takes form with a formidable cast that exceeds expectations, and good, mature writing, that appeals to the heart.


9. The Danish Girl

Lili is a character we profoundly empathy with as we are invited in accompanying the process of enlightenment she goes through, and therefore fully understand the inner and outer difficulties that she must face, that come along with the change occurring within her. Inspired by the real Danish painter of the early 20th century, the character shows the intensity of what it is to be one of the first transsexuals to undergo sex reassignment surgery. A truly humane film that has love at its center.


8. The Diary of a Teenage Girl

This film might be the most obscure on the list. I myself stumbled upon this eviscerating drama due to pure luck, googling ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Kid’. In the vociferous and boisterous ’70s, a teenage girl embarks on a sexual odyssey of her own. Her first stepping stone is her own mother’s boyfriend. Featuring names like Kristen Wiig (‘Bridesmaids’) and Alexander Skarsgard (‘Big Little Lies’), the moving and provocative drama is shouldered extremely capably by newcomer Bel Powley. Special praise is reserved for the costume designing team that perfectly embodies the effervescent spirit of the ’70s. A rare filigree of a movie that’s a must watch!


7. Trainwreck

Amy Schumer is without doubt one of the foremost comedians amongst women today. Her unique way of incorporating funny anecdotes from her life and self-depreciation has been widely lauded. Schumer made her writing debut with this 2015 comedy film. The film follows a quotidian premise, following Schumer, who retains her real-life name on reel, who is afraid of commitments and relationships, until one day she accidentally stumbles upon her perfect match. She gradually falls in love with him but again circumstances repudiate her endeavors. The film is hilariously written and performed, with Schumer coming in for considerable praise for shouldering the film to an elite status, The film received overwhelming critical acclaim and was a huge commercial hit.

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