Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Sailor Moon Crystal, adapted by Shojo, is a manga series which is also called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn Kurisutaru) in Japan. This series is written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. Sailor Moon Crystal was first aired worldwide on 5th July 2014. This season of Sailor moon crystal is directed brilliantly by Chiaki Kon, and the series is watched and loved all over the world.

Sailor Moon Crystal Plot:

The series is based on a 14-year-old girl named Usagi Tsukino who studies in the middle school. One day she is saved by Luna, a magical talking black cat. She tells Usagi that she is Sailor of Moon. She is a guardian who is destined to fight some group of villains in the world of Dark Kingdom. Luna instructed the sailor moon to find other members of sailor guardians. There were two sailor guardians that Luna was looking for, namely, a legendary artefact known as the silver crystal and the princess of the ancestral kingdom of the moon. On their search for sailor guardians, Luna and Usagi came across the fellow guardians including Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter. They also happened to meet an inexplicable masked man known by the name Tuxedo Mask and Usagi is instantly fascinated by him.

A boy named Mamoru also gets involved. It is later revealed that he is a masked vigilante looking for the Legendary Silver Crystal. They also realize that in their past lives they had been lovers and were the members of the silver millennium, also called the ancient moon kingdom. They recalled that the moon kingdom was destroyed by the Dark kingdom in a war that they started against the silver millennium. They also unveiled that the Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon were Prince Endymion of Earth and Princess Serenity of the Moon. Luna discovers the wide range of powers that she has including the sole one to possess the power of making the silver crystal appear and to actually utilize its unlimited potential. Usagi discovers her pasts and learns how to use her powers. She also meets other Sailors and forms a new alliance. The team has a showdown with Queen Metaria and her minions. The powerful team of sailor guardians successfully defeat the Four kings of heaven as they eventually turned out to be Prince Endymion’s loyal knights in their past lives and then they killed their head, Queen Beryl. The Sailor guardians then move forward, and the responsibility of saving the world and preventing Metaria from spreading her evil dark force all over the world is now on the sailor guardians. In order to do their best to save the world, sailor guardians had to sacrifice their lives. But being the only one to have the power to use the silver crystal, she uses its potential to kill Metaria and bring her fellow sailor guardians back to life.

Once all the hustle to save the world from the dark kingdom is over, Sailor guardians return to earth and hopes for a normal and happy life ahead with each of them being safe, but meanwhile, a mysterious pink hair girl appears from the sky and starts declaring herself as Usagi. She tries to threaten and steal the Legendary Silver Crystal of the real Usagi. Sailor Moon also had a daughter who is also called as Little Usagi or Chibiusa. She comes from the future and wants to go back to her mother. When she becomes evil, she turns an adult for a short period, and when she becomes good, she turns into a kid again. This time the team has to fight with the evil group of Black Moon Clan who were the villains and had the intention to steal Silver crystal and Chibiusa. Little Usagi or Chibiusa is later revealed to be the daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask who appeared from the distant future and has been ruined by the Clan. Chibiusa is said to be looking for the silver crystal to save her mother from the misfortune that waits. Neo Queen Serenity has sealed them away from the Planet Nemesis to protect her people. Later, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are introduced to the Sailor Scouts. And this time the team has to fight with the Witches 5 who work for dark lord called Master Pharaoh 90. Sailor scouts have a hard time trusting Neptune and Uranus. But later on, they prove themselves to be trustworthy.

In the fourth season, the three cats named Luna, Diana and Artemis can transform into their human forms anytime they want. In this season, new characters are also introduced such as Outer Senshi. The Sailor Senshi become the new members of Sailor Scouts. The Sailor Senshi team include new characters like Sailor Ceres, Sailor Vesta, Sailor Pallas and Sailor Juno. Chibiusa gets the time key and tries to return to the future, but she gets attacked by Amazoness Quartet. Usagi and Chibiusa’s body gets swapped by a spell which is cast by the hench-villain which is called the Amazon Trio.

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Sailor Moon Crystal Characters:

Sailor Moon: Usagi Tsukino is the main protagonist of this series. She is a 14-year-old girl who transforms into a sailor named Sailor Moon. Her character is portrayed as an immature crybaby. She shows resentment towards fighting evil and wishes to be a normal girl. She uses power to protect those she loves and cares about. Usagi and Chiba fall in love with each other.

Tuxedo Mask: Mamoru Chiba is older than Usagi Tsukino. He doesn’t have any memories of his past because he was in a car accident that killed his family. Whenever Usagi is in danger he can sense it with his psychic rapport powers. He disguises as Tuxedo Mask and fights with Sailor Soldiers whenever it is needed of him. Usagi and he come together to remember their past lives and eventually fall in love with each other again. They share a special bond.

Sailor Chibi Moon: She is also called as Chibiusa or Rini. She is the future daughter of Neo Queen Serenity.

Luna: She is a black magical cat. She is the advisor and servant of Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity respectively. She is in a relationship with Artemis.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 Release Date:

So far, there is no report regarding the fourth season’s release date. Some sources claim that the fourth season will be a feature film series containing two parts. There are also some alleged fan speculations that the fourth instalment, which will be in the format of a movie based on Sailor Moon Crystal, will release in 2019. No official air date for either of the two films in the two-part theatrical film has been confirmed. Do keep an eye out on us for the latest updates.

Sailor Moon Crystal English Dubbing:

Fortunately for the Western audience, there is an English dub available. You can watch all the episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal in English dub as well as with subtitles on Hulu. Enjoy the treat!

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