Sarah Bartell: Everything We Know

May 21, 2020
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Sarah Bartell

Discovery Channel’s survival reality series ‘Naked and Afraid’ has been touted as a cultural phenomenon because of its authentic and outrageous format. It’s spin-off, ‘Naked and Afraid XL,’ takes things to another level, as a group of people is tasked with surviving in extreme environmental conditions for 40 days instead of just 21 in the parent series, without any assistance from the production crew.

One of the survivalist veterans, Sarah Bartell, features in ‘Naked and Afraid XL’ season 6 which drops the contestants in the scorching Savannah of South Africa. In case you wish to know more about her personal life, keep scrolling!

Sarah Bartell: Where is She From?

Sarah originally hails from Portland, Oregon. She has been fascinated with wildlife from her early childhood days. While living with her family in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, Sarah experienced the hustle and bustle of open-air markets and street performances. She went as far as to pose with a real python in her hand. See for yourself!

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Hanging out with family for the holidays. Been reminiscing on old adventures. So here’s a throwback to me as a five-year-old kid in Indonesia. I lived in Jakarta back in the day; my favorite activity was going to the open-air markets with my family to gawk at all the unique wares and occasionally to watch street performers, including snake charmers, who would request payment for photo-ops featuring pythons and de-fanged cobras. Even at such a young age, I was fascinated with wildlife, including critters conventionally considered scary or “icky” by most – my own parents included. But passion prevailed! One of the snake charmers plopped his headwear on my noggin and handed me a python. This is, even to this day, my favorite photo from childhood. #snakecharmer #wildlife #nature #exoticanimals #burmesepython #python #indonesia #jakarta #travel #internationaltravel #travel #exploresingapore #exploreindonesia #happyholidays #snake

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She is currently pursuing an off-grid lifestyle in her homestead in Klickitat in Goldendale, Washington.

Sarah is in an open relationship with her partner Danny Graves, since 2014. The two first met in 2011 on a trip to Burning Man.

Sarah Bartell: Profession

Sarah is a taxidermist by profession. She is the founder of Wildheart Homestead that is dedicated to education, sustainability, and preservation of nature’s gifts. She also tends to rescue animals until they find a foster home.

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Neighbors had three bottle babies and couldn’t manage all of them themselves. This is Yakuza. She’s our newest homestead rescue. She’s an imperial trim yak and will provide fiber and dairy for us, and may be trained as a pack critter later on to carry gear for backpacking and hunting trips. It’s been a spring full of new life out here, from hatching chicks, to raising wolfdog puppies, to bottle feeding bummer goats, and now rescuing Yakuza! I’m glad that homesteading is my full-time occupation at the moment because managing all this in the midst of a packed festival season would have been virtually impossible. I guess that’s the silver lining in this pandemic: I get to spend more time with my animals, my land, and the people I share it with. #yak #yaksofinstagram #yakuza #exoticpets #exotic #offgridliving #offgridhomestead #offgrid #offgridlife #homestead #homesteading #homesteadersofinstagram #animalrescue #naturepunk #wild #mywildlife #adventuresinfarming #farming

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Apart from that, Sarah makes amazingly beautiful headdresses, ornaments, artistic decoration pieces mostly from fur, leather and bones. They are mostly made from road-kills she stumbles across or animals donated to her by others due to justifiable reasons.

Wildheart Custom Bomber Hat! Made from split suede moose leather and recycled otter fur. All sewing was done on an…

Posted by Sarah Bartell on Thursday, April 9, 2020

She ensures her fellow ‘Naked and Afraid’ members get great discounts on her products.

Available now! Custom art piece “The Mortician” made from roadkill coyote skull, recycled tanned fur, and recycled red elk leather. 1️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ shipped in the lower 48.

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Sarah usually eats items grown on her farm but also hunts squirrels on some days when the farm produce isn’t enough. Sometimes you can find her using handlining techniques to catch fishes from the nearby Columbia River Gorge.

Sarah is a proud mother of several dogs/wolfdogs, a flock of Ayam Cemani chickens, and quite a few sheep.

What a difference four years can make!

Posted by Sarah Bartell on Sunday, December 15, 2019

Here’s is the latest addition to her family. Meet Ayla, a 90% wolf who loves to cuddle up to her mother.

Check out the heart-warming story about how the Mumma’s boy, Ivar, took care of her mother, Sarah, when she returned from her wilderness trip to Africa.

Okay, so this is pretty special. I lost a lot of weight during my latest trip and while spending time with Ivar in the…

Posted by Sarah Bartell on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The least ferocious member of her family is her cat, Blackjack. Here’s a picture of Blackjack doing sun-salutations.

She often goes on road-trips and adventures with her partner and friends from neighboring towns.

Sarah is also a photographer and her favorite destinations for photography are abandoned houses, schools, and hospitals. Along with having an excellent eye for photography, Sarah also enjoys being the subject of the clicks.

Sarah Bartell: Naked and Afraid Journey

Welp. Now it feels real.

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Sarah has appeared on the fifth episode of ‘Naked and Afraid’ season 10. During her survival challenge in the Ecuadorian jungle, Sarah Bartell and her co-contestant David Shirley were joined by a third survivalist, a vegan yoga instructor named Makani Nalu. Although David tapped out after four days, Sarah continued with Makani until the extraction day, becoming the first woman duo to survive the challenge.

Survival check-in!

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In her journey, Sarah lost over 30 pounds and had to do most of the work because of Makani’s lack of effort. During her time on the show, Sarah used her tracking skills to trace an ocelot in the waterproof shelter she built to brace the tropical storms in the Amazonian jungle. She also suffered multiple insect bites, one of which got severely infected. It did take a toll on her mental health, but the wild child survived. Sarah was also a part of ‘Naked and Afraid: Just Kidding.’ In the special, she talked about the funny and exciting experiences on her 21-day challenge.

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