Sekirei Season 3: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Sekirei is a Japanese manga series produced by Seven Arcs. It is a comedy and ecchi anime series which centres on the character named Minato Sahashi whose life takes a turn when he meets a girl called Musubi.  The series is written by Takao Yoshioka and directed by Keizo Kusakawa. The background score is given by Hiroki Sano. Sekirei is one of the best T.V series produced by Seven Arcs. The second season could not able to do well in terms of business and satisfaction among fans. There is probably a chance for Sekirei season 3.

Sekirei Plot:

The story of Sekirei centres around the city of Tokyo which is now known as Shinto Teito (“New Eastern Imperial Capital”). Minato Sahashi is a 19-year-old struggling and intelligent student. He couldn’t bear the pressure and fails in his college entrance exams for the second time. People around him consider him as a worthless person. One day, his hopeless future is changed when a beautiful girl named Musubi appears in his life. She is a supernatural being who falls down from the sky. Minato realizes that she is an eccentric humanoid called Sekirei who has extraordinary abilities. She is an alien from an extraterrestrial world who are known for kissing humans who carry the Ashikabi gene under a contract. Musubi chooses Minato as her Ashikabi. This helps them to awaken their hidden powers and gives them strength to fight battles with other Sekirei. She kisses the baffled Minato and makes him her Sekirei. He gets dragged into a different world. After creating a bond, he gets into a fighting competition organized by Hiroto Minaka who is the founder as well as the chairman of the MBI Corporation. He is also referred to as the “Game Master”. The fighting association is called “Sekirei Plan”. Minato realizes that fighting a game with a girl is not at all easy. He gets involved in life-threatening battles where other Sekirei picks him to become their Ashikabi. Now he has to find a way out of this savage competition.

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In the second season, the second level of the fight begins where no one can leave. Minato Sahashi and his harem of Sekirei have to start preparing for new battles, but only a few groups will return to the Sekirei Plan. Instead of dying, many Sekirei would want their Ashikabi partners to rather sacrifice the prize. The game is continuing according to Minaka Hiroto’s plan. This time, Minato has gone through various threats due to many powerful Sekirei are participating in the fight. At the end of this season, the Sekirei Plan comes to an end due to the destruction of the MBI Tower. In season 2, after leaving the MBI tower, Minato Sahashi and his harem begin to live a new life. Matsu also finds out the real motive of MBI Corporation. She also gets to learn about the true connection of Ashikabis and Sekirei, but the data is incomplete so she starts investigating by her own. On the other hand, the villain of this story is ready to ravage the earth. Other Sekirei starts getting envious by the relationship of Minato and Musubi, but once he realizes the truth about Ashikabi and Sekirei, he breaks off the relation.

Sekirei Characters:

Minato Sahashi: Minato is one of the main characters in this series. The storyline revolves around this character. He is the main protagonist of the series. His fate changes after meeting Musubi and later he becomes her Ashikabi. He becomes manly and confident as the series progresses. There are several changes which are shown in this character.

Musubi: Musubi is one of the most beautiful girl characters in the series. She also plays an important role in the story. She is the main heroine of the show. She wears a short red skirt and traditional Mikos. Her behaviour is naive and quiet.

Kusano: She is nicknamed as Kuu-chan, Ku and Green Girl by everyone. She is the youngest Sekirei of Minato Sahashi.

Terminology of Sekirei

Ashikabi: This is considered as an army or a community to serve Sekirei. Ashikabi is normal humans who have some genes inside them which help Sekirei. The physical contact with Ashikabi can help in transformation for Sekirei, for example, a kiss can create wings to a Sekirei who don’t have wings. The physical appearance of these both groups is also different. The Ashikabi can appear in any age, gender or status but Sekirei has a pre-defined body structure. This series also reflects the bond that two different groups share in order to survive in a certain environment.

Sekirei: Sekirei are quite different from humans. Basically, they are the supernatural and super-powered creatures with a quite different genetic code. One of the main reasons for this little similarity is because of the spaceship which crashed on earth in 1999. The spaceship was crashed on an Island known as Kamikura. Island was founded by two intelligent students, and later they also discovered several forms of life forms.

Jinki: Jinki is also known as God Instrument. These creatures are also founded on the Sekirei spaceship. These creatures are also present to help Sekirei.

Sekirei Season 3 Release Date:

There probably will be a season 3, but air dates have not confirmed. Fans are still waiting for the third season since the second season ended on September 26, 2010 and there has been no news since. Keizou Kusakawa had stated in the interview that he would like to direct season 3 of Sekirei, so we can assume that there will be a season 3. He also displayed a willingness to compensate for the negative reviews received for the second season by treating the audience with a new season in the series. This is a good possibility that this new series can heal all the wounds given by the second season. He has a unique sense of direction. After seeing the first season of Sekirei, everybody can witness this. Stay tuned to this section to find out.

Sekirei English Dubbing:

You can watch all the licensed and High-Quality episodes of Sekirei dubbed in English on Funimation and Youtube.

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