25 Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now

January 9, 2019
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What are the best adult, vulgar, and borderline disturbingly hottest movies on Netflix right now? A question that we often get from our readers. But worry not! We have thoroughly scanned Netflix to put together the list of dirtiest and steamiest movies on Netflix, so dirty that you wouldn’t be able to identify them from outright porn. You can peruse them at your leisure in our article “Most Sexually Graphic Movies on Netflix“.

Now, let’s be clear on a few things. These movies are not porn. Not even close. Coming to the present list, yes, you are at the right place if you are looking forward to watching steamy Netflix movies which would give you ample hints of sexiness without taking away the meat. These movies are sexy neither because they have adult content or they have plenty of erotic scenes and nudity, but they can be termed as sexy due to the “intended” sultriness associated with them.

Having said that, let’s also be clear that just because these movies on this list have sexual content and sometimes graphic nudity doesn’t necessarily mean they are not good. In fact, most of the below listed sexy Netflix movies are more than watchable, they are one of the bests in their sub-genre and often stand out for their screenplays, performances and storyline. Now that we have made everything clear, let’s have a look at the list of sexiest movies on Netflix right now. And please keep in mind that many of these have been rated R or TV-MA according to the MPAA guidelines and more stress has been laid on the movie’s hotness meter while compiling this list.

25. Teenage Cocktail (2016)

Not a naked or a vulgar cocktail this one, but ‘Teenage Cocktail’ is one of those movies which have seemingly redefined sexiness in their own way. Annie and Jules are two friends who are shown to the audiences as budding lovers, only to bypass their parents and to make some money, although there isn’t any explicit sex that has been portrayed between the duo. Dissenting their parents’ orthodox and overbearing ways, Annie and Jules pose in front of online “customers” to make some extra money and also have fun in the due process. Things go out of control when one of their online stalkers meets them to go about his own way with the duo. Relatable characters, fads and some genuine performances make ‘Teenage Cocktail’ a likeable story, which rightly earned it a place on this list.

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24. AWOL (2016)

To begin with, this indie flick boasts of powerful performances, a close-knitted story and a few heartwarming moments that make it worthwhile. Joey is a small town girl who is between jobs and is pondering upon the idea of enlisting in the army because of coercion from her mother. She meets Rayna, a mother of two young daughters and the spouse of a trucker husband who is mostly away, thus giving the latter some space to explore her same-sex relationships. After their hookup, things change from what they were and Rayna’s transformation from a timid, almost single mother to what she becomes after she meets with Joey is what ‘AWOL’ is all about. ‘AWOL’ is both convincingly sexy and outright bold at the same time, with moderate sex and almost no unnecessary fillers.

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23. Amar (2017)

The intimacy and the implied sexiness of ‘Amar’, without any carnal extravagance, immediately makes the film one of the most genuine recreations of a heterosexual love story in recent times. Laura and Carlos are young lovers who have recently been into the cusp of adulthood. Their intensity of love for each other is on the rise with each passing day, but so are their insecurities. Whether they will be able to cope up with the societal pressure and the expectations towards each other or will they succumb in the process of finding true love is what ‘Amar’ is all about. Not only the director Esteban Crespo has managed to portray the emotions and the vehemence in their raw forms, but he also has created a beautiful love story many could be envious of.

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22. Dude (2018)

A chick flick at the outset, ‘Dude’ made it to this list because of two reasons – Lucy Hale and the stoner lingo that has been used throughout the movie. Although the movie is disappointing to start with, the group of teenagers partying together, smoking varieties of weed, passing lewd commentary and having the so-called “fun” can be termed borderline sexy. The simplistic storyline is rather bogged with unnecessary offshoots like dealing with drug addiction, friends who were once together but now separated, choices of sexual partners and most importantly, high school crises. Without Lucy Hale and a few raunchy sex scenes, there’s no reason why this movie should be on this list. Teenage high school dramas are perceived sexier than they are, I guess.

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21. Blush (2015)

An Israeli lesbian drama at the outset, ‘Blush’ boasts of several awards and accolades it had received upon its release, primarily for the performances and the screenplay. The story is very similar to ‘AWOL’ or ‘Teenage Cocktail’ for that matter, with the central character being Naama Barash, a teenager who has gotten herself into drinking, drugs and casual sex, given the turmoil around her and the infighting in her family, with her parents’ attention always towards her army-enlisted sister. She meets Dane at the high school and is immediately smitten, which gives her further impetus to explore her “limits” if you know what I mean. The perils of first love and the intense moments in the movie are cherishable gems, thus making it one of those intense, sexy, teenage dramas we’ve been longing for.

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20. The Laws of Thermodynamics (2018)

No – this isn’t only a science fiction film or a biopic of a child prodigy if you’re thinking along those lines. Manel is your crazy professor-scientist who lives in Barcelona and is obsessed about the three laws of thermodynamics. He believes that most of the people’s lives are governed by these three laws, directly or indirectly, whether they believe it or not. Out of the blue, he one day breaks up with Raquel, his long-term partner and falls for and forms a relationship with Elena, a sexy young supermodel whose career is on the rise. As they begin their passionate relationship, involving a lot of ravishment, vigour and heartbreak, Elena is both confused and frustrated with Manel’s compulsive behaviour and his attitude towards sexual relationships. A confusing yet passionate take on mingling up science and sex together.

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19. Suntan (2016)

The film follows Kostis, a middle-aged doctor, who falls for a young and beautiful tourist, Anna. Slowly, he gets obsessed with her and goes out of his way to conquer and impress her. Kostis starts spending nearly all of his time getting drunk, partying hard, and even making out with Anna. He is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his Anna. The film is a painful study of what it means to be no longer young and when one tries to be young despite knowing it is going to be futile. Ahh, the perils of ageing and the troubles one has to go through. While we root for Kostis all the while, the film’s relatable story is what makes us blown away.

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18. Cruel Intentions (1999)

The movie’s story is as obvious as its title, perhaps even more. ‘Cruel Intentions‘ is also one of the highest grossing movies on this list, having garnered worldwide revenues of over $70 million. As is evident from the title, the plot is based on the evil intentions of two wealthy spoilt teenagers – Kathryn and Sebastian. Both enter into a wager wherein, Sebastian boasts of his flirting skills to impress and have sex with Annette and should he fail, Kathryn would get his car. Should he succeed, Kathryn agrees to have an incestuous, sexual relationship with him. Although they initially start off with evils in their minds, Sebastian falls for Annette and things take a sharp turn. The story is not something unheard of and the performances were mostly lack-lustre, yet, ‘Cruel Intentions’ was touted as first-of-its-kind – a teenage sex drama which was “honestly corrupt” in all its intents.

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17. The Beauty Inside (2015)

Woo-jin is an unusual human being: he wakes up every day in a different body. One day he is an old woman, another day, a child. He does not know what tomorrow will be like but has figured out a system to continue living without anyone’s suspicion. However, one day he falls in love with Yi-soo. Now, he must decide if he could tell her the truth or not. ‘The Beauty Inside’ is a fascinating fantasy drama about fighting for one’s love and take risks despite all the obstacles one gets. Besides having an original and captivating story, this movie is beautifully executed. From the brilliant performances to the soulful soundtrack and a mesmerising setting, ‘The Beauty Inside’ is a romantic saga you should not miss.

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16. Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) (2015)

The story is about high school teenagers who start playing games to discover and push the limits of their sexuality. When the nature of their activities is revealed, each of them deals with the scandal in radically different ways. Faced with the implosion of their value systems, they move on by reassessing their priorities, finding love and their real desires. Primarily, the story is centred around Alex, a teenager who organizes these so-called sex parties at his house, owing to the absence of his parents. A movie replete with references to STDs, unwanted pregnancy and drug abuse, teenage dramas cannot get any sexier (and also borderline explicit). Watch it when you’re all alone!

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15. The Model (2016)

Paris, the hub of the world’s biggest fashion contests and beauty pageants, witnesses a young, aspiring Danish model Emma who is awaiting her next big breakthrough, undeterred by her competition. To further her dreams to pursue a career in the fashion industry, she meets Shane White, a mid-aged photographer and they become smitten with each other. What starts as a passionate affair eventually turns into an obsession, with Emma’s dreams crumbling under the weight of her own deep, dark desires. Though ‘The Model’ lacks a definitive story or character depth as a movie, what it doesn’t lack is the number of times Emma and Shane have sex, that too at different, innovative places.

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14. The Duchess (2008)

Perhaps ‘The Duchess’ was more into the news because of the steamy scenes between Ralph Fiennes and Keira Knightley than the story or the context themselves. The story follows a young girl Georgiana, who is married off to an older Duke of Devonshire Charles, with a condition that she’d bear a male heir for the duke. As the story progresses, Georgiana bears a female child and Charles expresses his displeasure at her and also cheats on her with her best friend, Lady Bess. Georgiana, as a revengeful gesture, has an affair with Charles Grey, the future Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Flabbergasted, Georgiana is raped by Charles after which she bears a male child. Harrowing, disturbing, yet sexy, ‘The Duchess’ is a complete package of lust, forbidden love and the social perils prevalent in 18th century England. If you’re a fan of historical dramas, this one might fit right in.

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3. Adore (2013)

Released as ‘Adoration’ in a few countries and regions, ‘Adore’ is the story of a pair of childhood friends and neighbours who fall for each other’s sons. As incestuous and disturbing it might sound, it is also equally fictitious and at times, laughable. Naomi Watts and Robin Wright play the two middle-aged mothers in the film. If it is any consolation, the movie did not do very well for the box office, although we see Watts and Wright in their primes. I don’t think I need to say more. Judge it for yourself.

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12. American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile (2006)

I need not even mention the sexiness that comes in the package called ‘American Pie‘. The sex comedy has spawned off many sequels and spin-offs over the years and seemingly has had a cult following (although I don’t know what kind of a cult that would be). ‘American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile’ is, like any other film of its franchise, mostly illogical and disjointed, with a lot of absurdity. Erik Stifler, the protagonist is on a lust spree when he is allowed a free pass by his girlfriend to join his gang of “Beta House” and run for the naked mile. With a lot of nudity and the so-called sexist references, ‘American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile’ more or less lives up to its name. A movie essentially for the “hornies”, if nothing else.

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11. Carol (2015)

This fiery lesbian romance drama features none other than Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara in leading roles. No wonder the movie raked in millions and has always been rated as one of the most performance-intensive lesbian movies to date. Set in the 1950’s, a young Therese is an aspiring photographer who works at a departmental store in Manhattan. She meets Carol, a now single mother who is going through a difficult divorce and there begins an intense and captivating drama, steamy forbidden sex scenes and a dash of guilt. ‘Carol’ was widely praised for the performances, direction and the screenplay, along with its visuals, and who are we kidding? It’s Cate Blanchett we’re talking about.

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10. Breathe (2014)

Charlie is a French teenager tortured by her solitude and self-doubt. But when she discovers a self-confident Sarah, the two become instantly inseparable. Charlie uses this friendship to feel alive and happy, consequently feeling invincible. However, when Sarah starts looking for a new friend, their friendship takes a dangerous turn. “Breathe” is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of so many traditional coming of age stories. The friendship between the two main characters is so earnest and complex that it completely alters what we are used to watching so far. Director Mélanie Laurent demonstrates and proves how talented she is, and that she has a brilliant future in cinema.

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9. Atonement (2007)

Briony (Saoirse Ronan) witnesses something she doesn’t understand and tells a lie that sends her sister’s boyfriend Robbie (James McAvoy) to prison (and eventually into the army). The film mainly follows how Briony’s claim ruins her relationship with her sister Cecilia (Keira Knightley). Joe Wright’s adaptation of Ian McEwan’s acclaimed novel is a rich drama with remarkable performances and stellar direction. Although not war movie, it is set during World War II which has a huge influence on the storyline and the characters. This is not a fast-paced film, it is rather a character study with a plot that slowly unravels allowing you to be immersed in it before you realize.

8. Duck Butter (2018)

On a sexiness scale of 1 to 10, ‘Duck Butter’ stands at a definitive 9. Naima is an aspiring actress to be and Sergio wants to be a big name in the world of music. As they meet at a club, they let go of all the insinuations associated with a relationship and decide to spend a day together, getting to know each other. They agree upon having sex once every hour for the next 24 hours and voila, you get to see a lot of steamy lesbian sex. Although ‘Duck Butter’ seemingly aspires to be like ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’, it doesn’t even come close, not even when compared with the sex scenes of the latter. Though ‘Duck Butter’ may seem as an exploratory, intriguing movie at the outset, it falls flat because of its predictability. Still, it is pretty high on the “sexy” meter.

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7. The Reader (2008)

One of Kate Winslet‘s boldest movies to date, ‘The Reader‘ is emotionally as impactful as it is (or could be termed as) sexy. The story is set across two timelines in between the 1950’s through the 1990’s Germany and is centred around a lawyer Michael Berg and a woman named Hanna with whom Berg had a physical relationship as a teenager in the 50’s. As the intensity soars between the teenager and Hanna who was in her late 30’s back then, Michael would often read to her (after their sex) and she would listen. As she’s prosecuted 30 years later for a crime she allegedly did not commit, Hanna hangs herself to death before her jail term ends. Tragic, heartbreaking yet sexy and sensuous, ‘The Reader’ is one of the most intriguing and consuming movies on this list.

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6. Love (2015)

There is only a hairline of difference between ‘Love’ and pornography – the difference being, ‘Love’ has a story, however weak or unyielding it might be. ‘Love’ is the narrative of Murphy, a student who is married to Omi, a girl he met during a threesome a couple of years ago. The said threesome was between him, Omi, and Electra, his then-girlfriend for two years. Because Murphy also lusted for Omi back then, he had a secretive affair with Omi behind Electra’s back which led to Omi’s pregnancy. A classic case of double-timing and the showcase of the ill effects of lust among others, ‘Love’ is the portrayal of everything else other than true love. Watch it if you’ve been longing for porn for a while.

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5. Below Her Mouth (2016)

If ‘Love’ was made focusing on lesbian sex, the result perhaps would’ve been ‘Below Her Mouth‘. Obviously, there’s no guilt or pregnancy angle here, but ‘Below Her Mouth’ would’ve cut it close. However, there’s not much of a story that’s put in place for ‘Below Her Mouth’. Two women, Jasmine and Dallas, are in Toronto where they meet up and start a sensual, love affair that involves role-playing, extensive usage of sex toys, masturbation and fantasizing. Most of the movie comprises of these inventive and steamy sex scenes which would get you going. Need I say more?

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4. Sex and Lucia (2001)

As the title suggests, Lucia is the lesser person than sex in this sleazy, sensual movie. Having a timeline that alternates between the past and the present, Lucia is a waitress, who, after a bad breakup with her boyfriend, moves to Balearic islands her ex-boyfriend used to talk about, to have some time for herself. Lorenzo, her ex-boyfriend was also a writer six years ago, has written a novel whose characters had a deep and everlasting impact on Lucia’s life and everyone on the island surrounding them. ‘Sex and Lucia’ has often been regarded as one of the sexiest, steamiest movies out there with references to unsimulated sex, frontal nudity and scenes of masturbation. Having that said, with an intriguing story, ‘Sex and Lucia’ does make a beautiful package.

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3. Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)

‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ is without question one of the best films on the list. It is quite simply one of the most emotionally charging cinematic experiences I’ve ever had. The film tells the story of two teenage boys who take a road trip with a married woman to countryside Mexico, a trip they shall remember for a lifetime. Besides the sexiness, there is a whole lot of sadness and pain behind what’s obvious in the film. Alfonso Cuaron captures Mexico in all its pain and eccentricities and turns the film into a more profound, melancholic exploration of flailing human relationships and self-discovery. Plus, do watch out for the crude sex scenes.

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2. Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

Blue Is The Warmest Colour’ is a coming-of-age tale of Adele, an introverted high-school girl who is between relationships and her world turns upside down (in a good way) when she meets a blue-haired girl named Emma, who is also a painter. From her high-school days as a student to a teacher, Adele and Emma’s bond as if they’ve been meant for each other and are practically inseparable. The shocker comes with their long, seemingly unsimulated and extremely arousing sex scenes which certify the fiery bond of passion they share, despite the societal taboos. As emotional as the end is, it would make you forget all the sultriness you just witnessed. Emotionally and visually splendid, ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ is also one of the sexiest movies on this list.

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1. Nymphomaniac (2013)

And now to the undisputed numero uno of sexy movies with ample sexual intimacies, torture and BDSM, ‘Nymphomaniac’ is above and beyond the mere sex, as opposed to the perceived notion. The story revolves around Joe, a self-proclaimed Nymphomaniac from her younger years to her mid-age, where she describes her many physical relationships with men and the limits that she has crossed to satiate her sexual urges. The movie takes a self-realization path for Joe from being a nymphomaniac to a person who has lost her sexual urges, owing to the repeated, multiple physical turmoils she has put her body through. Tragic and devastating, and at the same time, arousing and extremely sensual, ‘Nymphomaniac’ is a movie not to be missed at any costs.

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