12 TV Shows You Must Watch if You Love ‘Once Upon A Time’

February 14, 2018
7 min read

6. Witches of East End

A tale that follows the Beauchamp family, based loosely on the novel of the same name by Melissa De La Cruz. This family tale of the next generation witches and how they balance their magical powers with their social lives is a joy to watch. However having spanned for a mere two seasons, this show will get over quickly but will get you in the mood for more shows about witches and their magical powers.

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5. Charmed

Remember what I told you about getting in the mood for more shows about witches and their magical powers? Well here is one of the best shows that deal with that. One of the highest rated debuts of all time that received a cult following on The WB, this story follows three sisters who discover that they are the strongest witches ever known and are destined to protect humanity against evil forces. A thoroughly engrossing show that explores supernatural as well as very humane angles like sibling bonds, this will definitely help you get rid of Once Upon A Time hangovers.

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4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers is chosen by fate to fight mysterious forces and Buffy’s life revolves around her job while also trying to balance a normal life which makes her strikingly like Sam Winchester. Hailed as one of the greatest television shows of all time and has received strong critical and public acclaim, does this show really sound like one you could afford to miss? A girl trying to balance her powers and her social life is much like the social condition in Once Upon A Time that has to deal with the existence of the folklore characters and balance their own lives.

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3. Beauty and The Beast

Vincent Keller is a presumed dead soldier living a life of peace until Catherine Chandler, an NYPD detective, stumbles across him. Through subsequent interactions, she uncovers the creature that Keller actually is and her own dark past makes sense as Keller emerges as the savior figure that saved her life after she attempted to kill herself after her mother’s murder. A show that takes on a similar approach just like Once Upon A Time insofar as creatures existing seemingly normal life amongst humans is concerned, the tale itself is well crafted and definitely deserves a wider appreciation base.

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2. Sleepy Hollow

Loosely based on Washington Irving’s story, this show follows the exploits of Ichabod Crane as he strives to ensure order in his supernatural world. The existence of a supernatural world so close to human society, that is, Washington  DC, is bound to resonate with Once Upon A Time fans. Besides, this show is thoroughly engrossing with references to tribulations, Purgatory, the horsemen and other supernatural elements, all of which make up for a seat-gripping experience.

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1. Grimm

This show follows the tale of a Portland detective Nick Burkhardt who finds out that he is actually a descendant of a long line of defenders who are tasked with maintaining the balance between humanity and the supernatural creatures. The perfect balance between the supernatural and the human world is a theme that is strikingly similar to Once Upon A Time where the world of fantasy interacts with a very human society. This condition of interaction is the basis of both these excellent shows.

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