12 TV Shows You Must Watch if You Love ‘Stranger Things’

When Netflix premiered Stranger Things, it generated a new wave of excitement and brought out nostalgia, especially for those who grew up in the 80’s. Inspired by the works of Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and many others, this series revolves around mysterious disappearance of Will Byers and the efforts of his family and friends to find him. Reading this, you may think it’s just another crime show but it’s not. It has something extraordinary (or maybe supernatural is the word), a ghost like monster. Stranger Things has now started production for its third season, we’ll have the release date soon, meanwhile here’s the list of shows similar to Stranger Things that are our recommendations. You can watch some of these TV shows like Stranger Things on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime.

12. Twin Peaks

One of the many cult shows, Twin Peaks is masterminded by David Lynch. The story revolves around the mysterious town named “Twin Peaks where FBI agent Dale Cooper investigates the murder of a High school student, Laura Palmer. This crime drama is praised for its surreal elements. Since its release, it has influenced many future TV Shows. It returned to television screens after twenty-five years for a limited run of 18 episodes in 2018.

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11. Westworld

It adapts its plot from 1973 film of the same name. Set in a futuristic theme park where wealthy people can exploit humanoid robots known as “hosts.” Things take a dramatic turn, when these hosts develop their own consciousness. It comes from none other than Master of Science fiction, Jonathan Nolan who is known for Person of Interest and Interstellar. The unexpected plot twists are something to watch out for.

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10. Sense8

A group of strangers suddenly realize that they are mentally linked together. Now they must fight an evil organization whose intent is to destroy them. It brings together renowned filmmakers and actors. The show is created by Wachowskis of The Matrix trilogy and J. Michael Straczynski who is known for Changeling and Babylon 5.

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9. The Prisoner (1967)

A retired FBI agent gets kidnapped and wakes up in a beautiful yet strange village. It is praised for its surrealistic setting and allegorical themes. It has just 18 episodes. The season finale will blow your mind. The creator of the show, Patrick Mcgoohan plays the protagonist himself. It influenced many science fiction shows thereby making it a part of popular cultural. It received Prometheus Hall of Fame Award in 2002. Don’t watch the 2009 remake, It’s horrible.

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8. Wayward Pines

Ethan Burke is trapped in Wayward Pines, a small town in Idaho, while investigating the disappearance of two agents. Soon, he realizes that there’s more to this town than it meets the eye. Honestly speaking you have to sit through first few episodes to figure out what the show is all about. Like Stranger Things, It creates a lot of suspense, so much so, that after a particular point, it becomes annoying. The viewers will enjoy the first season. The second season is dragged (a way too much). It is based on “The Wayward Pines” Trilogy, a novel series written by Blake Crouch.

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7. Hemlock Grove

It is based on the book of the same name by Brian McGreevy. Hemlock Grove is a fictional town in Pennsylvania where Roman Godfrey and Peter Rumancek investigate brutal murders while having a dark secrets of their own. It stars Swedish actor Bill Skarsgard (of the “It” fame) as Roman Godfrey and Famke Janssen (of the X men series) as Olivia Godfrey.

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6. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a critically and commercially acclaimed anthology series that shows the dark side of technology. It creates an ominous atmosphere which gives very similar vibe to Stranger Things. Satirical undertones are a highlight of the shows. The basic crux of this series is dependence of human beings on technology. Here, every episode is different from another so you can start from any episode.

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5. Lost

A group of people get stranded in an island. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard this before. While we are habitual of nonlinear narrative in films, it is not so common among TV Shows. Over the years, it has gained a cult status as a result of which, references to Lost have been used in popular culture. It is a slow-paced show with great character development. It has time-travel, afterlife and ghosts. Michael Emerson as Ben Linus has won the hearts of the audience, also a Golden Globe nomination.

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4. Outcast

Outcast is based on the comics of the same name by Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead fame. He also happens to be the creator of this show. It revolves around Kyle Barnes who is troubled due demonic possession. When he seeks to find answers along with his accomplice Reverend Anderson, he search leads to shocking revelations of the past. It stars Patrick Fugit of the Gone Girl fame in the lead role. In recent times, this is one of the “good” TV shows in the horror genre.

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3. Slasher

This is not good as the other shows on this list. It revolves around Sarah Bennet , who returns to Waterbury where her parents were murdered by a killer named Executioner to find that not much has changed. A new series of murder has begun and as the plot progresses, Sarah realizes that killer could among the people around her.

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2. American Horror Story

Stranger Things does have elements of horror but American Horror Story does it better. It is an anthology series in which each season is a miniseries in itself. Some of events in the series are said to be inspired by real incidents. It has received many accolades including Emmy awards, Screen Actor Guild awards, GLAAD, Satellite Awards and a People’s Choice Awards. It won these awards not once but multiple times.

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1. The OA

Prairie Johnson returns home after seven years of mysterious disappearance, but the catch is that at the time of her disappearance she was blind and now she can see. Over the course of the series, we learn how she has developed her sight. Brit Marling, the creator of the show plays the lead role. There are a lot of similarities between The OA and Stranger Things and both have been compared by the critics for the same reason.

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