12 Best Spider Movies You Must See

When we talk about spider movies, the discussion is generally focused on ‘Spiderman’. But no matter how much we love Spidey, he is more of a man than a spider. He may have webs shooting out of his wrists, but he is not the eight-legged creature that we try to stay away from. People with arachnophobia won’t run away from ‘Spiderman’! So, isn’t there any other spider movie that presents a perspective other than that of a superhero? If you’re looking for such a film, here we are. Following is the list top spider movies you must watch, in case you want something different:


12. The Spider and the Fly (1931)

This short film is different because it doesn’t portray a giant spider ravaging a city. It is a cartoon film that tells the story of a spider who wants to trap the flies. So, he plays his web like a harp and captures one of the flies. The other flies work out ways to rescue their friend.


11. Itsy Bitsy Spider (1992)

Jim Carey stars in this ‘Terminator’-ish film that tells the story of a spider named Itsy, who befriends Leslie, a city girl who takes piano lessons. When the piano instructor discovers the presence of Itsy in her house, she is frightened and calls an exterminator to kill her. While Itsy runs for its life, the exterminator adapts his killing methods.


10. Son of Godzilla (1967)

Before you start judging(!), this movie came when CGI was still being perfected. Also, it has a cult status in a certain section of filmgoers. So, worth a try? As the name suggests, the film is centered on a baby Godzilla that hatches out when a radioactive weather balloon explodes. A chain of events leads to the awakening of a giant spider. A fight between the Godzilla and the Spider ensues.


9. Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

This horror comedy is set in a small mining town of Prosperity. A truck carrying toxic waste meets an accident when the driver swerves the truck to save a rabbit crossing the street! Incidentally, one of the barrels crashes into a reservoir. A spider farmer catches crickets from that reservoir and feeds it to his collection of exotic spiders. The toxins from the reservoir are, thus, transferred to the spiders and they become enormously large. In addition to this, they gain an appetite that is not limited to animals. Also, the film has Scarlett Johansson!


8. Buddy’s Bug Hunt (1935)

Buddy is a young bug-catcher. He goes around everyday catching bugs with his net and studying them under a microscope. One day, he catches a spider and puts it under the microscope. He uses ether to hold the spider down for proper examination. As he pours more and more ether, his mind begins to hover. He loses consciousness and starts dreaming. In the dream, the spider breaks free and releases all other bugs in Buddy’s bug house and then they all hold Buddy guilty of terrorizing them in the name of his experiment. As he dreams on, Buddy realizes it might not have been a dream, after all!


7. Billy and Mandy: Wrath of the Spider Queen (2007)

One day, in school, everyone notices that the spiders have become commonplace. This coincides with the disappearing of the students. Billy finds out that a Spider Queen has amassed a large army of spiders, and with the help of the Dark Elves, is conspiring to take over the world. As the past connections of Grim come to light, Billy and Mandy have to make undesirable alliances to stop the Spider Queen.

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