16 Most Sexually Graphic Movies on Hulu Right Now

January 7, 2019
15 min read

What are the best vulgar, and borderline disturbingly hottest movies on Hulu right now? Is porn available on Hulu? Two questions that we often get from our readers. The answer to second question is no. But worry not! We have thoroughly scanned Hulu to put together the list of dirtiest and steamiest movies on Hulu.

Now, let’s be clear on a few things. These movies are not porn. Not even close. Coming to the present list, yes, you are at the right place if you are looking forward to watching steamy Hulu movies which would give you ample hints of sexiness without taking away the meat. These movies are sexy neither because they have adult content or they have plenty of erotic scenes and nudity, but they can be termed as sexy due to the “intended” sultriness associated with them.

With this list, we bring to you the dirtiest movies on Hulu, movies which boast of minimal to moderate nude scenes — given the fact that most of the scenes in these movies are implied, if not explicit.

There are movies on Hulu which are borderline porn (with a TV-MA or R-rating of course) but all we’ve done is to bring them together. Not only these are the most sensuous, erotic and sultriest movies on Hulu, they also showcase ample nudity to satiate one’s horniest desires. Because Hulu has only so many movies with a lot of nudity, we’ve brought to you the best which are a must watch for those who seek to douse those deep dark urges. So, if you had the question – which are the most sexually graphic movies on Hulu, you might get your answer here.

16. Kaboom (2010)

The plot of this movie kinda weird. The movie is filled with nudity and sex thus taking a spot on this list. It was awarded Queer Palm for its contribution towards the LGBT community. The movie basically deals with a group of college students. One of the main characters in the movie is Smith. Smith keeps his sexual preference hidden or rather ‘undeclared’. He is a film student and has been having strange dreams recently. Things become stranger when he starts seeing people from his dreams in his real life. Smith’s dream is recurring and seems to get weirder as the movie progresses. I know I have mentioned that Smith liked to keep his sexual preference undeclared, but when you watch the movie it will be clear that he is mostly gay. As more characters from the dream start appearing one by one things start getting complicated and there might be a danger of the world being destroyed.

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15. Lucky Bastard (2014)

This is an erotic take on the found footage horror genre. Well, the movie is kinda trash if you look at it in a serious way. Personally, I thought the movie is great if you just want to watch a movie with a certain structure and filled with sex scenes which is what the movie is made for. If you want serious plots and world-class performances, then maybe skip onto the next one. Anyway, the plot of ‘Lucky Bastard’ is simple. Mike is the owner of a porn website named Lucky Bastard. His concept is that a lucky fan is chosen randomly and he gets to have sex with the sexy pornstar named Ashley Saint (this is the one part of the movie that I want to be real). Ashley doesn’t like the idea as she thinks that this is unprofessional and might be dangerous and given how the film ended she was a freaking Sherlock Holmes at deduction. After some persuasion and cash, she agrees and they invite a fan named Dave. But things go wrong on the set and Dave goes on a killing spree.

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14. Crank 2: High Voltage (2009)

‘Crank 2’,  like its predecessor, has fairly-tale comic book feel to it — there are split screens, uproarious in your face music, macho acting, tilted camera angles — all of which give a cool feel to the film. The action scenes are sufficiently enjoyable yet perhaps could have been something more. There are many jump cuts, and a few car pursuits yet nothing that you haven’t seen in films. Though, the climax is really crazy that Statham fans will certainly enjoy. There’s a lot of savagery here and some gut including moments, some violent gunfire wounds including somebody getting their fingers shot off and somebody’s hand stalls out in a sewing machine and gets cut up. Then, there are also outlandish sex scenes that are going to blow your mind. Phew!

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13. Original Sin (2001)

Perhaps one of the few handfuls of movies where Angelina Jolie did a substantial show of skin, ‘Original Sin’ never got famous for its storyline, but only for its hot sex scenes and nudity. The movie follows the story of Julia, an American girl who along with Walter a.k.a. Billy, her lover, marries and plans to con Luis, a Cuban. All goes according to plan except when Luis falls for Julia, they get married and it leads to inhibitions of both Luis and Julia to let go of each other. While the story has been termed as utterly illogical and laughable by many critics, ‘Original Sin’ has some scenes of crude sex and nudity which would get you going.

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12. Perfect Sense (2011)

‘The Perfect Sense’ might not be regarded among the best sci-fi movies ever made, but it has such a deeply moving storyline that is impossible to look beyond. On top of that, the film has some really steamy scenes between two hot stars. The film depicts the relationship between a scientist and a chef who fall in love with each other whilst a deadly disease, which deprives human beings of sensory perceptions, spreads across the world. Though the film’s cloying sentimentality may put some viewers off, it’s a film that has heart, and makes a genuine attempt to capture the frailties of human relationships. Ewan and Ewa’s tenderly delicious, moving performances further elevate the experience of the film.

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11. Beach Rats (2017)

Up next is another homosexual-themed movie. The shows how social pressure and self-denial can cause a person’s downfall. Frankie is the main character in ‘Beach Rats’. He is living a somewhat problematic life. His father is seriously ill and is on his deathbed. His mother is constantly pressurizing him into getting into a relationship with a girl. He is kinda confused about himself. As much as he would like to have a girlfriend and lead a ‘normal’ life, at his core Frankie is different. He likes to have casual encounters with men on beaches and just have sex with them. He also starts indulging himself in having sex with older men so that there would be a lesser chance of them knowing any of his friends. Being frustrated Frankie starts relying on drugs to find solace and a downward spiral begins which consumes his life. Even though we see a lot of sex in the movie ‘Bleach Rats’ tries to show an important and real issue plaguing our society.

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10. Kiss Me (2011)

Also released under the title ‘With Every Heartbeat’ in some locales, ‘Kiss Me’ is the narrative of Mia, who has recently been engaged to her boyfriend Tim, and Frida, the daughter of Mia’s newfound stepmother Elizabeth, a.k.a. Mia’s half-sister. On a weekend getaway, Mia and Frida are forced to share a room where they have some intimate moments and begin to have intense, amorous feelings for each other. With their own lives and families to take care of, the dilemma of Mia and Frida to separate from each other and live dull, mundane lives is unsettling. As a viewer, you can feel the internal battles faced by Mia and Frida which essentially are a triumph for the film as a whole. The sexiness associated with the movie is a mere add-on.

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9. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1989)

Antonio Banderas in this next film named ‘Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!’. The movie is great both plot-wise and concept wise. I liked the films satirical approach to seduction. Antonio plays the role of Ricky who used to live in a residential psychiatric hospital. He is deemed to be cured and is released. But now he is penniless and orphaned. He has only one dream. He wishes to find Marina Osorio who was a former pornstar and with whom Ricky has had a sexual encounter with while he had escaped the asylum. Ricky wants to find her because he loves her and wants to live his remaining life with her. He finds out Marina’s location and kidnaps her from her set. Marina is then taken to her apartment by Ricky who stole the keys. Ricky then ties her up and forces her to fall in love with him. Will he be able to use violence to woo her?

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8. Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

This is probably one of the best-rated (by rated I mean critics and viewer’s rating and not age rating) movies on this list and for very good reasons. The movie has a wonderful plot and some of the best performances. It is a movie that will take you to your youth when you felt the same things as the characters in the movie felt. Adele is the protagonist of the movie. She is in those periods of her youth where she has just started to understand her sexuality and as lots more to discover. She has sexual encounters with men but is deeply unsatisfied. When her advances on another girl are rejected she feels lost. Then Adele meets a strange blue-haired older girl named Emma. Emma is not accepted by Adele’s friends and when Adele becomes Emma’s friends her former friends start boycotting her. With Emma, Adele finds something she had yearned for as their relationship transcends friendship and enters into the arduous regions. But life is cruel and might test their love in ways that they don’t know.

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7. Secret Things (2002)

‘Secret Things’ is a sexy movie with two female leads. The theme isn’t something new but still kinda entertaining to watch. Nathalie and Sandrine are two women who are struggling with their lives. Nathalie is a street-smart person who works as a stripper while Sandrine is naive and works as a barmaid. The former helps Sandrine explore her sexuality and become more open about it. After they become broke and lose their jobs they decide to climb to the top of the executive ladder. They discover that their sex appeal can get them into the corporate sector and they can use it to rise to the top. They get comfortable positions in a bank and start exploiting influential people and then they meet Christophe. Christophe can be considered their rival since he is a master of manipulation himself and knows all the tricks in the books that the girls use. Getting past him will be really tough but the girls need to. Will they survive this twisted game of sex and deceit.

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6. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)

If you want to see some vintage movie filled with sex, drugs and lots of fun then go for ‘Beyond the Valley of the Dolls’. Man! This movie has some of the most beautiful and voluptuous actresses. You will instantly fall for the hot Cynthia Meyers. The performance of the cast is really great too. All in all, it is a gateway to the erotic 70s. The main protagonists of the movie are Kelly McNamara portrayed by Dolly Read), Petronella “Pet” Danforth played by Marcia McBroom, and Casey Anderson played by Cynthia Myers. The girls are a part of an all-female rock band named The Kelly Affair. The trio decides to move to LA to claim Kelly’s inheritance which is being held by her aunt. the group also wants to make it big in the popular city. They start making it big and meet some of the popular people in Hollywood who love parties. The girls soon delve into drugs and partying. Will it lead them to doom? Or will they realize this just in time?

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5. Secretary (2002)

Look, I will admit I have never looked at Maggie Gyllenhaal in a such a way as this movie made me do. I mean, she is a good actress and has given some great performances but when I watched this movie, I was like damn! She is hot. How could I have missed that angle? Anyways, let’s move on from my pervy life and talk about the plot. Maggie plays the role of Lee Holloway a girl who was admitted to a mental hospital for self-mutilation. SHe is out now and does secretarial training to find a job. She does manage to get a nice job but her boss, Edward played by James Spader, is kinda different. He has a submissive sexual fetish. Lee wanting some excitement in her life does what her boss tells her to do and is now into a love triangle including her boyfriend and her boss.

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4. Eyes Wide Shut (2002)

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman star in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, an erotic thriller directed by Stanley Kubrick. Alice played by Nicole is the wife of William Harford played by Cruise. Alice admits to William that she has had sexual fantasies about other men. This enrages William who decides to spend the entire night hooking up. But well it isn’t easy and William has very little success in achieving his dream. His friend Nick tells him of strange parties where men dress up in costumes and the girls attending the party are quite beautiful and young. William finds himself a good enough costume and heads to the party. He is recognized by someone who asks him to leave as it is dangerous to be there. Well, William should have heard his wellwisher as it turns out that the warning was quite well placed.

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3. Last Tango in Paris (1972)

Well, Brando is famous for portraying the character of Don Corleone but his performance in ‘Last Tango in Paris’ is phenomenal too. He plays the role of a grieving husband Paul whose wife has committed suicide. He currently roams around in Paris looking for an apartment. One day he meets a beautiful woman named Jeanne. Both of their lust instantly connect and spend the day having passionate sex. It should have been a one-time affair but after Paul leases the apartment the duo engages in a number of sexual encounters with one rule, they won’t reveal each other’s names. Paul soon finds that he is falling for the woman but hasn’t still come to terms with the death of his wife. Jeanne is also having conflicting feelings as she is soon going to be married to her fiance Tom who is a filmmaker.

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2. Young and Beautiful (2013):

Isabelle is a beautiful French teenager who is spending her holidays with her family in Paris. There she meets a German teenager named Felix with whom she connects and loses her virginity. Isabelle returns from that trip completely changed. She starts working as a prostitute under the name Lea and enjoys having sexual encounters with older men. She doesn’t have any feelings for her client and also doesn’t care much about the money. But Isabelle soon starts getting attracted to one of her clients named George and has multiple encounters with him. One day while having sex George has a heart attack and he dies. Isabelle flees the scene but the police are soon onto her.

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1. Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

We conclude the list with the Spanish movie ‘Y Tu Mamá También’. I haven’t seen many non-English films and in case of romance, I generally steer clear. But somehow I ended up watching this film. It is a nice movie and can be clubbed into a sexy film genre due to various sex scenes that take place. Tenoch and Julio live in Mexico city. They are alone in their vacation owing to the fact that their girlfriends and gone somewhere else to spend their vacations. In a wedding party, they meet Tenoch’s cousin Jano’s wife Luisa. The duo develops a liking for her and to impress her they say that they are going to a beautiful beach (which don’t actually exist) and ask her to join them. Luisa first denies but after finding out her husband’s infidelity she takes them up on their offer. But how are the boys supposed to find a beach now? The journey teaches the trio a lot and after the vacation, they change a lot.

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