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When Does Street Outlaws: Memphis Season 3 Start on Discovery?

Updated September 21, 2019
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‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’ is a sister show of ‘Street Outlaws’, produced by Pilgrim Studios and telecast by the Discovery Channel. ‘Street Outlaws’ is an American reality series on street racing that made its entry into television on June 10, 2013, on the Discovery Channel.

As the name suggests, both the original show and the spin-off focus on street racers going about their work on some of the craziest and meanest streets. Unlike its predecessor, ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’ focuses on particularly the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, and on JJ Da Boss and his team of wild and adventurous racers rearing to go for racing in some of the most bizarre and challenging locations in Memphis. Together, the racers have almost a decade-long racing experience. The series revolves around “Team Memphis”, which is known not only for their dedication and love for racing but also for the honesty and discipline they show while racing.

The spin-off show is any racing enthusiast’s dream as the viewers get to see high-octane, power-packed racing by the experts. The first season of the series had a tremendous response that made Discovery Channel renew the series for a second edition. Now, the question is whether the show will make a return for a third season.

Street Outlaws: Memphis Cast: Who’s in it?

‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’ features JJ Da Boss as himself as heads his racing team and takes them on high-octane racing adventures. His team, meanwhile, comprise mostly family members and his friends. The show features JJ’s wife Tricia, popularly known by her racing name, “Midget”, in a major role, and their son Doughboy. Another important personality in JJ’s team is his cousin, Precious, who is also popularly known by her rather swanky name, “Queen of the Streets”.

These four main people aside, the show also features a host of JJ and his family’s friends, that add a flavor of drama to it, apart from its racing action.

Street Outlaws: Memphis Plot: What is it about?

As mentioned earlier, ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’ is all about Team Memphis and their exploits as they go about some mad racing in some of seriously wild and challenging locations. Team Memphis is known for their passion, love, and dedication towards racing and is widely held in high regard for their honesty and their respect for the rules of racing. Despite participating in many life-threatening races, Team Memphis goes about beating their competition without resorting to any wrongful or crooked means. Their belief in defeating their opponents in an honest and respectful way add to their reputations as great racers, and understandably, Team Memphis also enjoys significant respect among viewers.

Season 1 of the show, which made its way to viewers’ screens on January 2018, gradually introduced the viewers to JJ Da Boss, Tricia, Doughboy, and Precious, while also treating viewers to some adrenaline-charged racing. The show immediately found appreciation among viewers, especially from racing enthusiasts.

After Discovery Channel renewed the show, ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’ made a return with Season 2 in October 2018. The second season picked up from where Season 1 had left off, and again put Team Memphis and its bold members under the spotlight. However, not everything went as planned in the run-up to the release of Season 2.

‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’ in September 2018, came under the spotlight after a racer couple, Chad and Genny Larkin, who had been invited for the show’s filming, sued the Discovery Channel alleging that they had been assaulted during filming. According to the lawsuit, the Larkins alleged that JJ Da Boss (or, Jonathan Day) along with his friend Bounty Hunter, had brutally assaulted Chad, to the point that the racer thought that JJ Da Boss and Bounty Hunter were attempting to kill him. Genny, too, alleged that she had sustained injuries during the onslaught.

Understandably, when Season 2 was aired a month later, it was done so under the shadow of this untoward and shocking incident. With questions of a Season 3 in the air now, it would not be inappropriate to assume that the incident could have a bearing on the show’s future.

Street Outlaws: Memphis Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’ season 2 premiered on October 16, 2018. Despite the controversies as a result of the alleged assault incident and lawsuit, Discovery decided to renew the show for another season. ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’ season 3 is all set to release on September 30, 2019. Don’t forget to mark your calendars if you are a fan of the show. 

Street Outlaws: Memphis Trailer:

While the Discovery Channel hasn’t released trailers for ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis’, you can find all the previous episodes here.

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