Strike the Blood Season 3: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Strike the Blood is a Japanese anime series adapted by manga a series by Gakuto artist and manga artist Tate. New seasons are supposed to arrive every year in the country. The translation of these Japanese series is scheduled later.  The first season was serialized by Silver Link Studio on 4th October 2015. If you are looking for a show which contains supernatural elements and has the action genre, then this is it! If you loved the first two seasons, then you will surely love season three as well, which is expected to air soon. Read on to find out the details.

Hideyo Yamanto directs the first part of this whole series which is written by Hiroyuki Yoshino. The first part of this series has only two episodes of 23 minutes. Assumed Sounds gave music to the first series. The second season of this series was also directed and written by the same director and writer. The second season has almost eight episodes with a run time of 30 minutes each episode. Each episode has a wonderful storyline with strong mesmerizing characters. The audience has loved every single episode of the strike the blood. The reviews and the ratings are also great.

Strike the Blood Plot:

The series focuses on a vampire named Kojou Akatsuki who doesn’t like to show his powers. He studies in a vampire academy. According to the facts, the Fourth Primogenitor is said to be the world’s powerful vampire that only existed among the legends. One day, the Government and Lion King suspects that a phantom vampire has appeared in Japan who could possibly be the Fourth Primogenitor. They send their Sword Shaman to Attack the vampire and safeguard Japan. They choose Himegari Yukina who is the strongest anti-primogenitor. She arrives in the Itogami City to find the suspect. She always carries her Sword Shaman wherever she goes. She is sent to this academy to keep tabs on the suspect named Kojou Akatsuki. The school is located in the Demon District in Itogami City which is man-made where monsters and other creatures walk freely. Kojou befriends Yukina their allies to defeat monsters. Some of his friends have an attraction towards Kojou which drives his lust for them. After making his team, they go on many adventures to protect the Itogami City from evil alchemists, demons, supernatural creatures as well as man-made angels.

In the second season, the series continues with many new arcs. Kojou’s story gets revealed such as the relation of the Fourth Progenitor with his sister. He also realizes that in order to gain new powers, he needs to drink the blood of at least one human girl. Yukina comes forward to help him and offers him to drink her blood. Monsters from every corner of earth show up in the city of Itogami for destruction. The history of the Lion King Organization also gets discovered. In the third season, the story covers the Holy War story arc. Many more backstories of other characters get revealed. Season 3 covers up to Volume 17 from the light novel series.

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Strike the Blood Characters:

Kojou Akatsuki: He is the main protagonist as well as the 4th Progenitor in this series. He gets aroused easily which can only be satisfied by drinking his own blood. He is a vampire who has powers like reflexes and strength. He unintentionally annoys Yukina Himeragi. In future, he will get married to Yukina Himeragi and Asagi Aiba.

Yukina Himeragi: She is a Sword Shaman fighter who works under Lion King Organization. She is sent to spy on the 4th Progenitor, and she can assassinate him if he becomes a threat. She follows Kojou Akatsuki and thus, becomes very close to him. When she was a kid, her family her sold to Lion King Organization. She gets upset when Kojou mentions that it sucks to be with her. She starts to develop deep feelings for Kojou Akatsuki. She has offered her blood to him many times.

Asagi Aiba: She is a classmate of Kojou. Her nickname is Cyber Empress, and even she has a crush on Kojou.

Sayaka Kirasaka:  Sayaka is also one of the important characters in this series. She is basically a war dancer who is also great in assassination high profile peoples.  Sayaka is also the former partner of the Lion King and Yukina’s. She has a kind of crush on Yukina, and due to this, she disliked every man in the room. The voice over for this character is given by Ikumi Hayama. Sayaka shares a kind relationship with other characters.

Natsuki Minamiya: Natusuki is a pretty school girl who also claims about her young age. According to her, she is around 26 years old. She is an English teacher with good looks. She is also one of the most prominent characters in the series. She is also known as “The Witch of the Void. The reason due to which she is given the title of Witch is because she also guards one of the most dangerous supernatural criminals of the world. The body of these criminals is sealed very deep. Natusuki actually created an illusion to prevent those prisoners from escaping.

Motoki Yaze: Just like Natsuki Minamiya Motoki is also a member of Lion-King organization. The voice over of this character is done by Ryota Osaka. He has two classmates including Kojou and Asagi’s. Asagi is also a childhood friend of Motoki Yaze. Like other characters, he also has power. He can play with sound waves. Motoki can manipulate sound waves, but in order to increase or enhance its strength, he takes certain drugs.

Nagisa Akatsuki: She is a wonderful character. She is also the only character in the whole series who really don’t know anything about supernatural activities. She just keeps herself away from such things to protect her. The voice over for this girl character is done by Rina Hidaka. She is a character having a certain fear.

Strike the Blood Season 3 Release Date:

The audience can breathe a relief because Strike the Blood Season 3 has already been confirmed by Production Studio. According to sources, much like the second instalment of the series, the third season will also be returning in the same format, i.e. it will have a series of OVA episodes. It will adapt Volume 17. The announcement was made on March 10, 2018, at the Dengeki Bunko 25th Anniversary and New Work Unveiling Stage event at Dengeki Game Festival 2018.  Silver Link and Connect will be working together along with director Hideyo Yamamoto who will be assisted by Hiroyuki Yoshino for penning the screenplays and Keiichi Sano for the designing the anime characters. It looks like Strike the Blood is coming to douse you in some good old-fashioned supernatural action soon. How soon, we know not but we hope it will be sometime in 2019. Stay tuned to find out more about it.

Strike the Blood English Dubbing:

All the episodes of Strike the Blood are published by Yen Press. You can watch and stream all the episodes on Crunchyroll, and other credible sites.

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