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When Does Summer Camp Island Season 2 Premiere?

June 16, 2020
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‘Summer Camp Island’ is a wacky, whimsical animated series, created by Julia Pott, that originally premiered on Cartoon Network in 2018. It follows the multiple adventures of Oscar and Hedgehog in the titular island, which is a magical place, inhabited by several mythical creatures. As the duo explores this mysterious abode, they also discover new secrets about themselves. After a 40-episode first-season run, the show was renewed for its second edition. Here’s when ‘Summer Camp Island’ season 2 will make its much-awaited premiere.

Summer Camp Island Season 2 Release Date:

‘Summer Camp Island’ season 1 released on July 7, 2018, with the first half of 20 episodes, as a 48-hour marathon, on Cartoon Network. At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, creator Julia Pott announced that the series had been renewed for a second season — but the show has changed platforms. ‘Summer Camp Island’ season 2 will premiere on June 18, 2020, on HBO Max.

Summer Camp Island Season 2 Cast

In season 2, Asher Bishop voices Oscar Peltzer, a young anthropomorphic elephant whose best buddy is Hedgehog (voiced by Oona Laurence). Julia Pott is the voiceover actress for Susie McCallister, an anthropomorphic cat, a witch, and the lead camp counselor. Charlyne Yi voices Alice Fefferman, another anthropomorphic elephant, who is also a witch and a camp counselor. Nikki Castillo voices Betsy Spellman, an anthropomorphic horse, a witch, and the third camp counselor. Ramone Hamilton voices Max, an anthropomorphic bat.

Summer Camp Island Season 2 Plot: What Can it be About?

‘Summer Camp Island’ is based on the critically acclaimed short, which was screened at Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and SXSW. The story revolves around two BFFs, Oscar and Hedgehog, who go for summer camping and discover that the island which houses the camp is magical. Rather than making potholders, they are surprised to learn that they need to be making friends with monsters and yetis. Even the counselors are witches and the cabins had been built by aliens. Horses transform into unicorns, monsters literally live under the bed, and a talking shark occupies the swimming pool. And the moon talks! As Oscar and Hedgehog pass their summer vacation, they have close encounters with many of these mystical creatures. In this journey, they also discover their own knack for magic.

Season 2, just like its predecessor, will continue to follow the magical adventures of Oscar and Hedgehog. Susie, the head witch, maintains her classic grumpy demeanor in the next season as well while the campers engage in knitting sessions with monsters, study magic, and enter a story inside a book. As the official press release states, even this time, magic is everywhere in Summer Camp Island!

Summer Camp Island Trailer:

You can watch the official trailer for the second season below:

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