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Summer House Season 4: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

March 19, 2019
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‘Summer House’ is an American reality television series that first launched on 13th January 2017 and airs on Bravo cable network. Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, and Sean Clifford are the executive producers of the show along with Noah Samton, Matt Odgers, and Scott Teti. Each episode of the show runs for 42 minutes. The production companies handling the series are Left Hook Media and True Entertainment.

‘Summer House’ crossed over from another reality show that is aired on Bravo, namely ‘Vanderpump Rules‘. The tenth episode of the fifth season of this show was titled ‘Summer House Rules’ and introduced audiences to the house that would see a lot of dramas and emotion unfurling in the seasons to come.

Summer House Cast: Who is in it?

‘Summer House’ has boasted of a fixed cast of Kyle Cooke, Lindsay Hubbard, and Carl Radke. Amanda Batula and Danielle Olivera have also joined their ranks. We fully expect all these familiar and loved faces to be present in the upcoming seasons as well. Although some members like Lauren Wirkus and Stephen McGee have recently departed ‘Summer House’, there is a very good chance that these fan favorites too might return in the subsequent seasons.

Summer House Plot: What is it about?

‘Summer House’ follows a bunch of privileged men and women between their late twenties to early thirties who spend their weekends and summer having some fun. You can expect lots of drama, screaming, parties, drunken people, sex and more from the ‘Summer House’. There are some golden rules to stay in the summer house. One of them is “no couples allowed”. On the show, the participants talk about each of their lives whether it be their relationship, their family, flings, exes, their career, and business goals. Everybody tries to enjoy and take some time out to hang out with one another after going through some major life changes.

‘Summar House’ is inherently about a group of friends, specifically wealthy New Yorkers, who share a “summer house”. Over seasons, the actual location of the house has changed due to difficulties. While the initial season was filmed in Montauk, the local town authorities did not want a ‘Jersey Shore‘ reputation to befall them due to this show and ‘Summer House’ was denied permission for subsequent seasons. The show then shifted base to a 6,500 square foot new location called ‘Water Mill House’ in New York, which is situated on Deerfield Road with eight bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms. However, it is not truly the house that matters, but the inhabitants. Sure, having a luxurious and spread out setup gives everyone their required space and keeps things interesting as events in the house unfurl.

However, what is truly a test in this show is how people manage to set aside their differences and stow away any personal hesitations to ensure a peaceful and harmonious co-existence. This is naturally more difficult for the people in ‘Summer House’ because firstly they are young, and their age often makes them susceptible to bouts of rage and rash decisions. More importantly, they are all extremely wealthy. There is a common stereotype that wealthy New Yorkers tend to be extremely entitled and while we do not endorse any stereotypes whatsoever, the people in ‘Summer House’ often find that their egos might be too big to fit in the luxurious residence.

What keeps audiences hooked to ‘Summer House’ stems from the basic pleasure of voyeurism or watching people go about their daily lives, unaware of the viewer’s presence. Of course, the participants in ‘Summer House’ know they are being watched, but since it over a long period of time, they go ahead and do what they want anyway. Naturally, emotions and passions are at an all-time high as these people try to let off steam. While they usually attempt to maintain co-habitable environments, often all it takes is a mistaken remark or a misinterpreted action for the residents to be at each other’s throats. We will not even go into the additional dynamic of when the members begin to date each other. Things become all the more complicated and living in such close quarters, viewers can actually observe how every minuscule action has a consequence in the overall co-existence of the residents in ‘Summer House’.

While this is the psychological side of the show, ‘Summer House’ has its moments of unadulterated fun as well. After all, these are rich, young New Yorkers who are trying to unwind, so viewers get to see a lot of partying, people falling easily for each other, or just simply hooking up since they live in such close quarters every day, it is a mere inevitability. ‘Summer House’ offers a close look at how strangers might behave in controlled environments and audiences continue to be amazed at the way certain members react to situations that they have to face.

The upcoming season of ‘Summer House’ is likely to continue along the same lines where we get to see our favorite members return to this luxurious setting and once again try to live with each other without much incident. However, we all know and secretly hope for major drama, twists, turns and emotional roller coasters, so we remain on the edge of our seats as the members try to unwind in close proximity to each other with the possibility of snapping at any given point of time.

Summer House Season 4 Release Date: When is it coming?

‘Summer House’ season 3 released on March 4, 2019. As far as ‘Summer House’ Season 4 goes, we do not have an official release date yet, but looking at the pattern of release of Season 1, Season 2 as well as Season 3, one might hazard an educated guess that ‘Summer House’ season 4 will release in 2020.

Since Season 1 and 2, both aired in January, but Season 3 aired in March, it remains difficult to pinpoint the time Season 4 might air. Nonetheless, it will be sometime in 2020 and we will keep you updated about the exact details.

Summer House Trailer:

‘Summer House’ Season 4 does not have an official trailer yet. While we promise to keep you in the loop if you keep checking back with us, here is a trailer of Season 3 of ‘Summer House’ so you know what to expect from the upcoming season.

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