‘Summer House’: Where’s the Party At?

February 4, 2020
4 min read

Nobody lets their hair down to party like there’s no tomorrow the way reality show contestants do. Hence, it is no surprise that there are so many reality shows out there that mainly focus on a group of people partying it up. Bravo’s ‘Summer House’ is one such reality show that nails the privileged, youth-centric party premise.

Right up the alley of numerous MTV and VH1 shows, ‘Summer House’ chronicles the experiences of a group of friends in Montauk, New York who come together every weekend during the summers to live their best lives.

They work hard during the weekday, but bring the roof down with a wild weekend of partying during the weekends. They live as roommates and several of them are frequently seen bonding beyond platonic boundaries throughout the show. Many of them hook-up, get into committed relationships, break up, patch back up again and more! There is cheating, love triangles, commitment issues and everything else that you could ask for from relationship drama.

Plus, the contestants are also seen having major disagreements that quickly turn into popcorn worthy fights. They do live together and disagreements are only natural: someone gets bothered by another making too much noise at night while others face problems gelling with their co-contestants. The show is ‘Big Brother’ for party-loving youngsters, intent on celebrating more intensely than the last time, every time.

Summer House Filming Locations

Many of you might be wondering where ‘Summer House’ is filmed. The show is almost entirely filmed in the house that the contestants stay in as this is where they spend most of their time. This is where the contestants face most of the drama. Many of you might be wondering where this party pad is. Is it actually in Montauk? Continue reading for the answers!

Water Mill, New York

For two years in a row, for the second and third season of ‘Summer House,’ the house where the contestants stay and party is located in Water Mill, New York. To be precise, it is located on 1451 Deerfield Road. Water Mill is located in the town of Southampton in New York.

The 6500 square feet house is ideal for the cast to live in as it has plenty of space for accommodating and being the house party location for the group of friends. However, while the large house should offer the contestants some privacy, they have been facing flak for the possibility of their partying ways causing nuisance in the neighborhood.

The show had been denied filming permits for the second season at 90 Napeague Harbor Road. This was where the first season of the series had been filmed. Now, history seems to be repeating itself with complaints about the location for the third season.

To clear the air, the Deerfield Road neighborhood residents informed local sources of how they had not been given ample prior notice before the filming. They had randomly woken up to find filming notices in their neighborhood which was bothersome since none of the owners of the neighboring properties had been informed. Many of them who had only recently moved in hadn’t even been informed at the time of purchasing their property about a raunchy reality television series being filmed in the vicinity.

To make matters worse, at least three families who recently purchased properties in the area have young kids. Hence, they are concerned that their little ones might end up witnessing the contestants partying hard, or worse, hooking up. Their concerns are legitimate since the families wouldn’t want their kids to be exposed to such negative influences.

Well, the cast and crew of ‘Summer House’ do have 52 acres of land surrounding the house to be discrete. There is also a heated pool, an entertainment center in the basement and a total of eight and a half bedrooms!