Superstore Season 5: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

I started watching ‘Superstore’ regularly when it was airing on Comedy Central. It is a light comedy/drama series or ‘dramedy’, as the cool kids say, which ensures lots of fun for the viewers. I personally liked the concept of the series and it was good to see America Ferrera in a lead role since ‘Ugly Betty’. The performance of the other casts are great too and the way all the characters are handled and evolved as the show goes on is what makes it an enticing watch. I am excited what ‘Superstore’ season 5 has in store for us.

Superstore Season 4 Cast: Who is in it?

The casts of ‘Superstore’ are a lovely bunch of people who portray some really funny characters. Hopefully, there won’t be many changes there. Like its previous seasons, even in season 5, America Ferrera will continue in the role of Amy. Ben Feldman will remain in the role of Jonah. Colton Dunn and Nico Santos will reprise their role of Garett and Mateo. We will also see Nicole Bloom play the role of Cheyenne. Mark McKinney and Lauren Ash will return in the role of the manager of the store Glenn and the assistant manager Dina. There might be some guest stars too as is often common with any comedy series, though there hasn’t been any news about that. Besides, season 5 hasn’t been confirmed yet. So, this is only speculation.

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Superstore Season 4 Plot: What is it about?

There haven’t been confirmations about the basic plot around which the upcoming season will revolve around. Obviously, it will be set in the Cloud 9 store and deal with the workers there but any detailed plotline is yet to be announced. With that said, we can be sure that season 5 will have to answer for a lot of things which they left hanging in the previous season. We find out the Amy is pregnant with the seed of her ex in season 3. Even after this, she decides to smooch Jonah. The fourth season premiere revealed that Jonah (Ben Feldman) and Amy (America Ferrera) were dating. This kinda frustrates her ex but not much changes between them.

Tired of the sexist remarks that have been doing the rounds behind her back, she decides to address them all at once. “Everybody’s already talking about the sex, and they’re doing it behind their back,” said Spitzer. “Nobody’s really talking to her about whether or not they’re dating, so to her it doesn’t feel like something she has to address.”

“The way that they interact with each other isn’t going to change that much,” Spitzer confirmed. “She still finds him aggravating and calls him out on stuff, and he’s still going to make fun of her. I also think there’s more to play in that. There are ups and downs in relationships, and it won’t feel like the tension between them is all wrapped up just because they’re dating.”

We also see some elaborations about the surrogacy of Dina in season 4. All we can do is stay tuned for more drama to unfold in season 5.

Superstore Season 5 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Superstore’ season 4 premiered on NBC on October 4, 2018. The ratings for season 4 are slightly down as compared to season 3 but despite that, it seems quite likely that Superstore will be renewed for its fifth season. Keep an eye out on us to find out!

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  • I am loving Superstore so much that I have re watched the last 4 seasons all over again and I have never done this with any sitcom.
    I am waiting on the edge of seat for when Season 5 will be released.
    Any idea when this will be?

    Natalie – Australia