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Swamp People Season 11: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News

April 21, 2019
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‘Swamp People’ is an American reality television series that airs on the History Channel. The series first premiered on August 22, 2010. Thomas Peyton, Kevin Hughes, Nicholas Bunker, Fred Greenlee, Bryan Miller, Graham Wiggins, Ari Cheren, Pete Destefano are the producers of the show. The show is developed and created by Dolores Gavin. Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana served as the initial filming location and Original Media is the production company handling the show. Pat Duke acts as the narrator of the show.

The series has gained popularity among fans and has led to spin-offs including ‘Outback Hunters’, which also airs on History Channel and deals with the crocodile hunters who can be found in the Top End of the Northern Territory of Australia. Another spin-off titled ‘Swamp Mysteries With Troy Landry’ also airs on the same channel, where Troy Landry tries to capture creatures causing a problem locally, across the Southern United States, with a little help from the locals.

The decision on part of the History channel to expand the franchise and include the spin-offs proves just how popular the original show is on the network. The show’s popularity does not just extend to spin-offs; it has also expanded to games that are tied in with the series. ‘Choot’Em Angry Swamp’ or ‘Angry Swamp’ is an arcade-style game featuring Troy Landry from the original show. ‘Swamp People’ also known as ‘The Swamp People Game’ is another addition. It is a hunting simulation game. The vastness of the franchise is a testament to its loyal fan base.

Swamp People Cast: Who is in it?

The main cast of ‘Swamp People’ includes Troy Landry, Junior Edwards, R.J. Molinere, and Liz Cavalier, Pat Duke (narrator), Bruce Mitchell, Ron Methvin, Glenn Guist, Jay Paul Molinere, Willie Edwards, Jacob Landry, Joe Lafont, Tommy Chauvin, Chase Landry, Jeromy Pruitt, David la dart and many others. Over the seasons the cast members have changed as the environment is highly risky.

Hopefully, in the upcoming season, we will see all these characters return, along with a bunch of fresh new characters who are bound to make things more exciting.

Swamp People Plot: What is it about?

‘Swamp People’ follows the day-to-day activities of gator hunters who hunt American alligators for a living and live in the swamps of Atchafalaya River Basin. The series showcases the wild swamplands of the southern part of Louisiana, which is part of America’s last frontiers. This place has a history which goes back to the 17th century.

The hunting season begins in Louisiana in September on the first Wednesday and lasts for a month. During this time, lots of alligator hunters follow a 300 years old tradition and earn most of their yearly income despite the high risk based on their experience and within strict rules and regulations of wildlife. A certain number of tags are issued to each hunter that must be attached to their kills. When a hunter runs out of tags, his part for the season is over, and they can’t hunt down more alligators for the rest of the season. This 30 days window provides the hunters with opportunities to kill alligators and earn a big chunk of their annual income. The main goal of alligator hunters is to run out of tags before the season ends. Most of the hunters harvest other species during the rest of the year such as turtles, raccoons, crabs, shrimp, crawfish, fish and more. These species provide the hunters with a more permanent way of holding down full-time jobs in such industries and to augment their incomes.

Each season of ‘Swamp People’ features various teams consisting of individuals doing dangerous and unorthodox jobs such as alligator hunting. The show follows these people who are a part of this unusual industry. Other aspects of the sporting and social life of hunters are also featured on the show such as hunting other animals, fishing, and so on. The location of filming has expanded during the last few seasons onto swamplands of Texas and other parts of Louisiana.

What stands out in the show is how the alligator hunters fight to live a traditional way of life in a world that is rapidly modernizing and leaving them behind. The show focuses not just on their professional lives, but also the personal side of living in the high-risk environment, which includes a lot of socialization among the hunters. The reason ‘Swamp People’ has captured the hearts and minds of the audience is because of the danger involved in the show and its portrayal of a life from which the viewers are very far removed. Thus the unpredictability of wild animals, the process of capturing and killing them brings a constant sense of intensity to the show that keeps the audiences hooked. The lives of these people are ruled in the same way as ours, there are ups and downs, disappointments and successes. However, they genuinely seem to enjoy their jobs, and there is no other reason one would risk their lives every day to do something if they did not love it. This resonates with the viewers, and when the gator hunters taste victory, we can taste the victory right there with them, despite being protected by the safety of our screens.

Hopefully, the series will continue in a similar manner in the upcoming season and we will get to see more adventures, more excitement, as the gator hunters not only go up against one of nature’s most ferocious creatures but manages to get the best of them, and survive, also making money in the process.

Swamp People Season 11 Release Date: When will it Premiere?

‘Swamp People’ Season 10 premiered on January 31, 2019. As of now, there is no news from the History channel about the show getting renewed or canceled. However, considering the expansive franchise the show has created, there is really no reason for History to kill the proverbial golden goose. Thus another season will be greenlit in all likelihood, and ‘Swamp People’ Season 11 will most likely air sometime in January or February 2020.

Swamp People Trailer:

While we wait for an update on season 11, check out this clip from season 10 trailer to refresh your memories.

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  • Why did they quit selling complete season DVDs for Swamp People? They did not sell DVDs for season 8, 9 and probably not for 10.