Sword Art Online Season 3: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Sword Art Online is a Japanese anime series which focuses on the protagonist named Kirito who plays in VR MMORPG adventures. It is a popular series, licensed by Yen Press. The announcement of the air date of season 3 was met with great enthusiasm, especially after the appreciation and the many accolades it had garnered from its first two seasons.

Sword Art Online Plot:

In the year 2022, a role-playing game called Sword Art Online (SOA) is created and released by Akihiko Kayaba. The player can control the game with a NerveGear. One day, 6,10,000 players sign up for this role-playing game for the first time, but they are unable to log out later. Kayaba announces that, if players want to be free then they have to clear all the 100 floors of Aincrad. The story follows around a player called Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya. With the help of this previous closed beta and Virtual Reality experience, he can save other beta testers. He later befriends a girl called Asuna Yuuki and starts dating her in the game. As the levels progress, they both get married inside the game. One day, they find out the secret ID of Akihiko Kayaba and discover that he is secretly playing this game. They plan to destroy him in the game in order to free themselves and the other players.

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Later on, Kirito goes to the hospital to check on Asuna and meets his father, Shouzou Yuuki. Her father later gets a marriage proposal for Asuna by none other than his associate called Nobuyuki Sugou. This angers Kirito. A few months later, one of the SAO players informs Kirito that a player similar to Asuna was seen on “The World Tree” in other cyberspace named as Alfheim Online. He later learns that the ALO game is a trap set by Sugou for other players to control their minds and perform experiments on them. Kirito saves the 300 SAO players and crushes Sugao’s plan. Before dying, Kayaba uploads The Seed on the internet which is a program that develops a virtual world. Kirito later participates in a gunfight in the games and learns the truth behind the strange deaths of the players. He catches the two suspects, but the third one named Johnny Black escapes. After getting recruited for Soul Translator (STL) created by UnderWorld, Kirito experiments the game by entering the VR. He later realizes that the time in UW is a thousand time faster than in the real world. Inside the VR, Black paralyzes him by using suxamethonium chloride, but MOD rescues him and restores his mind in STL.

In the third season, Kirito (Kazuto) is still inside the UW (UnderWorld). He is also working as a beta tester for the FullDive technology with a company named as Raft. He goes on a quest with his new friends called as Alice and Eugeo. They ensure that the UW appears more realistic and better than their previous versions.

Sword Art Online Characters:

Kirito: He is the main protagonist of this series. He is one the 1000 beta testers of SOA. He befriends Asuna and later marries her in the game. He has black hair and black piercing eyes. Born as Narusaka Kazuto, Kirito became the member of the Moonlit Black Cats after helping them to securely escape out from a dangerous dungeon. At some point in the game, he became known as the Black swordsman because he always wore black clothes. Kirito is no too polite with many and is sometimes too straightforward. This is because he stays away from socializing as he feels a computer is his better friend. He talks very rudely with Lisbeth and Sinon and enjoys angering people or involving himself in a duel. He becomes quite overconfident at times and thinks he can single-handedly manage everything he comes across.

He is otherwise a quite calm and collected character who seldom shows signs of annoyance. When Kayaba Akihiko appears in SAO and finds that it has turned into a death game, Kirito shows little worry about this new fact of the game and quickly composes himself while others get too panicky. Kirito can also be accessed as a kind person who is sometimes misunderstood because of his bold character. This is evident from the incident when the general population opinion towards beta testers in SAO tries to abandon them, while Kirito refuses to do so with any player especially after the demise of the Moonlit Black Cats. He acts as a comforting companion for the ones who are scared or dejected such as for Silica after she loses Pina.

Asuna: She is the main protagonist as well as the main heroine of this series. She gets many proposals in the game due to her beauty, but she chooses Kirito. She is called “the Flash” is the game due to her fast skills. She has dark brown eyes and brown hair.

Yuuki Asuna also known as Asuna is the daughter of the former CEO of RECT Inc and was one of the 10000 players trapped in the game Sword Art Online. Here she was the sub-leader of the Knights Of The Blood, and she got such a name because of her outstanding skills with the rapier. With long orange-brown chestnut hair, Asuna is extremely beautiful whose original avatar was the Fairy Queen. She never worried about dying in the game before meeting Kirito. This encounter with Kirito changed her life completely, and she developed a new outlook towards life. She admires Kirito a lot and uses him as her lifeline. Asuna is a very generous lady with a helpful attitude towards all. She can never abandon anyone in trouble. She plays the game quite seriously and is determined to finish the game before Kirito tells her to enjoy SAO.  She is a bit on the arrogant side and gets into a fight with people who challenge her authority or her immense abilities. She also got into a fight with Kirito after an argument about handling Field Boss. She is bold to act on her own and likes taking matters into her own authority from time to time.

Akihiko Kayaba: He is the creator and the director of the Sword Online Game and Nerve Gear. He is also called Heathcliff. After losing the duel with Kirito, he commits suicide by downloading his own consciousness.

He is the only player in the Sword Art Online whose avatar did not match his real-world appearance. He has appeared in his true form in very few occasions throughout the series. He is a person with a lot of calmness, is extremely polite, and has a cool head. He is very skilful and talented but was never found having an arrogance about this quality of his. Akihiko is also believed to be an extremely sincere and thoughtful person which is clear from the incident when he tells Kirito of his dream about building a floating castle for the basis of creating sword Art Online. But Akihiko had absolutely no empathy for human life and greatly disrespected it. He was completely submerged by the wonders of the virtual world. He had no repentance when he accidentally strikes Asuna that later caused her death. He chooses to fulfil his dream of making a death game even at the cost of thousands of human lives. He too like Kirito had a great fascination for computers but the main difference between the two was Akihiko had no feelings for the human race but Kirito was equally empathetic towards human beings.  Despite these negative qualities, Akihiko maintained a level of honour and fairness and never interrupted with any player’s successful advancement to the beatable game of Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online Season 3 Release Date:

The third season of Sword Art Online or Sword Art Online: Alicization aired on October 7, 2018. The story of SAO season 3 used light novels three to four in its making. Thirteen episodes were released as part of season 3.

Sword Art Online English Dubbing:

If you are an Otaku lover, then do not miss to watch this show in English dub on sites like Crunchyroll. This is defiitely going to be a treat for fans who prefer English audio over others.

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