Tacoma FD Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, News

‘Tacoma FD’ is a story about the employees of a fire department in a city which is the wettest in America. Comedy shows regarding one’s workplace was first made famous by Ricky Gervais when he came out with the original version of ‘The Office‘ (2001-2003). Since then, this format has become widely popular, with shows like ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, ’30 Rock’, and others. The newest series in this format which is coming to our screens is ‘Tacoma FD’. This time, we shall see a comedy based on the personal and professional lives of the workers at a fire station.  Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme are the series creators who have also worked as executive producers and also play two lead characters of the show.

Heffernan and Lemme had earlier made the cult comedy movie called ‘Super Troopers’ (2001). It is believed that the series follows the same style of humor as we have seen in the movie whose sequel came out in 2018. The two writers/actors are part of the comedy team called Broken Lizard’ and have earlier worked on many projects together. Silverscreen Pictures and 3Arts Entertainment will serve as producers for the series whose first season will comprise of ten episodes in total. Regarding the nature of the comedy and the show’s resemblance to ‘Super Troopers’, Lemme said, “We kind of walked it backward: What do people really want out of us? How can we get on the air? We’re like, they want just more ‘Super Troopers’ — and by ‘people,’ I mean the networks.”

Tacoma FD Cast: Who is in it?

Hefferman plays the role of Chief Terry McConky in the series while Lemme’s character is called Captain Eddie Penisi. Marcus Henderson, who became a talking point after acting in Jordan Peele’s movie ‘Get Out‘ (2018), has been cast in the role of Granville “Granny” Smith. Granny has been to Afghanistan and has enough experience to deal with emergencies. He is an exemplary firefighter and a paramedic. Eugene Cordero, of ‘Kong: Skull Island‘ (2017) fame has also been selected to play the part of Andy Parrish, who though good at his job, is facing a great personal trauma owing to the fact that he is getting prematurely bald. Kirby Bliss Blanton had initially been selected for the part of Lucy O’Malley. But new reports have surfaced saying that she has been removed from the role and Hassie Harrison has been cast in her place. The character of Lucy is that of a young woman who is still a rookie. She has been assigned the fire station where her father used to once work. Lucy will be fighting fires as well as against the stereotypes women are categorized into regarding what they can or cannot do. Gabriel Hogan’s character is called Ike Crystal. Ike is a handsome guy, who, besides firefighting, is also an exotic dancer.

Tacoma FD Plot: What is it about?

The series is mainly a sitcom, and thus there is no particular plot which shall govern the entire narrative. The creators have also insisted that though it might be a story about firefighters, they will be shooting only one major fire they have to put out in one season, as the objective of the show is for them to sit at the station and crack jokes. The personal lives of each of the characters, and their particular characteristics will also set the stage for more comedy, it can be assumed. There are sure to be some running gags which will become regular parts of the show.

Fans have to wait and see to figure out whether ‘Tacoma FD’ can become as popular as ‘Super Troopers’ because that is the kind of humor the makers are aiming for. Things are sure to get a bit complicated when they have to participate in rescue missions as Tacoma is the wettest city in the United States. There is also a hint of problems between the firefighters and the local policemen. When the firefighters don’t have much work to do, they keep themselves entertained by entering into friendly competitions between themselves. As firefighters and policemen have first-response duties, a competition between the two might pop up as both try to do their jobs.

What we should remember is that when ‘Super Troopers’ first released, it did not manage either to become a major hit or a critical darling. The movie boasts of a mere 35% rating on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. However, the film later went on to become a cult favorite. Will the new series also have a similar reaction or will it be met with acclaim from the critics and audiences from the very beginning? Only time will tell.

Tacoma FD Season 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The new comedy series is set to premiere on March 28 on trueTV. Each episode will run for thirty minutes and there will be a total of ten such episodes in the first season.

Tacoma FD Season 1 Trailer:

Have a look at the trailer of the show right here:

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