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Updated September 9, 2018
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Real Name: Taylor Schilling

Occupation: American actress

Date of Birth: July 27, 1984

How Old is Taylor Schilling: 34 years

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

How Tall is Taylor Schilling: 5 feet 8 inches

Weight: 55 kg

Nationality: American

Family: Robert J. Schilling (Father); Patricia Schilling (Mother): Sam Schilling (Brother).

Boyfriend: Carrie Brownstein (2015 – 2016).


Taylor Schilling Facts:

Taylor Schilling dreamed about acting since her childhood days. However, it was in 2007 when she made her first movie appearance and that was in Dark Matter. She has also portrayed a role in the romantic movie, The Lucky One.

She was chosen to play Nurse Veronica Callahan in the drama Mercy.

She has also been honored with the Satellite Awards once in her life. Actually, she has been nominated for this award twice but she has owned this award once and that was in 2013 for Best Actress in a Series.

Hollywood Film Awards is one of the prestigious awards in Hollywood. She has been nominated for this award once in her life and that was in 2012 and that was for portraying her role in the movie, Argo. She won this award for Ensemble of the Year.

Taylor Schilling is one of the great actresses from the United States. She is popular in the United States for portraying her role in the television series, Orange Is the New Black. She won several prestigious awards for her role in this television series.


Taylor Schilling Quotes:

“I try to come at fitness and nutrition from a perspective of gentleness and what will make me feel good afterwards. I try to stay out of the mindset of needing to fix myself. I do whatever seems fun to me.”

“I didn’t spend a lot of time with prison guards, but my father was an assistant district attorney for a long time so I was always hearing stories about prisoners and prison guards.”

“Honestly, all the sweets and bad stuff on set don’t really call to me because I’m working so much. I’ve trained myself to stay away from sugar.”

“I’ve had very serious relationships with lots of people, and I’m a very expansive human. There’s no part of me that can be put under a label. I really don’t fit into a box — that’s too reductive … I’ve had a lot of love, and I don’t have any qualms about where it comes from.”

“My guilty pleasure is I like to watch a lot of HGTV. I really like watching design shows about houses, like extreme homes. Like buying a bridge and turning it into a house or something like that. I really am interested in home design or something like that… architecture.”

“Massages are my favorite. Sometimes just getting myself outside for a walk if I’m really busy can be an indulgence. I love taking naps. I love to stay up too late with close friends. I believe in everything in moderation. I take what I like and leave what I don’t.”


Taylor Schilling Filmography:

Family (2018/III)

The Titan (2018)

The Public (2018)

Orange Is the New Black (2013-18)

Take Me (2017)

The Philosophy of Phil (2017)

Drunk History (2016)

The Overnight (2015)

Stay (2013/I)

Argo (2012)

The Lucky One (2012)

Inconvenient Interviews with Risa (2011)

Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011)

Mercy (2009-2010)

Dark Matter (2007)


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