The American: Canceled or Renewed?

The Americans is a spy killer and period-drama based TV series that was created by Joe Weisberg. It was hosted by the television network FX. The show is set in the time of the cold war, i.e. in the 1980’s. The show premiered on the 30th of January back in 2013.

Joe who was the creator and executive producer of the show happens to be a former CIA agent. He takes on a complicated topic and does something bold, i.e. he asks his viewers and fans to root for the bad guys. During the cold war era, tensions were on the rise and a show like this which featured Soviet KGB agents would never have been aired. But now, many years later the situation has completed changed and hence airing a show like this to portray the time during the Iron Curtain was seen as acceptable.

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The Americans Plot: What is about?

The Americans is a very interesting historical based TV drama series. It is primarily focused on Philip and Elizabeth Jennings. To an ordinary citizen, they were an unassuming married couple whose occupation was to run a travel agency where they were from, .e. in the suburbs of Washington. But in reality, the Jennings who have stayed under the radar for years are Soviet spies who were given the training to give the impression and to pose at actual Americans. They have two children, Henry and Paige who have no knowledge of this.

Strangely enough, they have a new neighbour who is an FBI agent, who starts to get a bit suspicious. The series thrives on whether they will, or they won’t get caught and if or if not their real identities will get revealed. They start having few close calls. Even their daughter Paige starts wondering about a few things. Consumed by the fear of getting caught, Philip also suggests making some sort of deal with the FBI, but his wife is quite appalled by that idea. Of the two, she is more tightly wound.

The Americas Cast: Who is in it?

The Jennings had the main role of the TV series. They comprise of Philip Jennings played by Matthew Rhys, Elizabeth Jennings played by Keri Rusell, Henry Jennings played by Keidrich Sellati and Paige Jennings played by Holly Taylor. They form the central characters in the show. Noah Emmerich who plays Stan Beeman also has an important role to play as he is the new neighbour to the Jennings, who also happens to be an FBI agent. Other notable roles are that of Costa Ronin who plays Oleg Burov and that of Lev Born who plays the role of Arkady Zotov.

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The Americans Season 6 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

The Americans was renewed for the 6th and last time. Season 6 premiered on the 28th of March 2018. Like all great shows, this show too came to an end. It is difficult to bid farewell to a show that has had a great run, but The Americans, are going out on their terms. Unlike some shows, it wasn’t cancelled due to poor ratings nor did it overstay its welcome.

Six seasons is an impressive run for any show and enough time to give the creator time to tell the story that it was set out to do in the first place. The end date was announced a couple of years prior and did not come as a sudden surprise which gave enough notice and time to prepare. All’s well that ends well, right?

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