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The Aquarium Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

June 19, 2019
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‘The Aquarium’ is an Animal Planet show that gives viewers a peek inside the largest aquarium in the whole world — the Georgia Aquarium, which is home to thousands of aquatic life forms. The Georgia Aquarium is a major contributor not just in the USA, but globally, to the conservation of aquatic animals. Regarding the show, Animal Planet’s Global President Susanna Dinnage said, “The Georgia Aquarium is home to an incredible array of animals and aquatic creatures and is also dedicated to many global conservation initiatives. We are delighted to be partnering with the team at the aquarium to bring viewers up-close to a wide range of unusual and very special animals in this all-access series.”

Just as the channel is thrilled to be able to work closely with Georgia Aquarium, the establishment’s authorities are also excited to get such a big platform to showcase the important job that they do. Regarding the association with Animal Planet, the director of communications at Georgia Aquarium, Jessica Fontana, said, “For years, Animal Planet has been bringing their audiences closer to some of the globe’s most interesting animals and fostering a connection to our natural world – which is exactly what Georgia Aquarium aims to do every day. Animal Planet is the perfect home for this new, aquarium-focused series because we share the same mission to inspire and educate about not just aquatic animals, but the environments they inhabit. We are so proud to be a part of this series and cannot wait to show all of the hard work and dedication that go not only into caring for thousands of animals but also the animals in the ocean that desperately need our help.”

Left/Right is the production company that is making the show. They belong to the Red Arrow Studios. The co-producers are Copper Pot Pictures. The executive producers of the show are Banks Tarver, Ken Druckerman, Anneka Jones, and Michael LaHaie. Left/Right’s co-executive producer is Jessie Findlay. David LaMattina and Chad Walker perform a similar role for Copper Pot Pictures, while Animal Planet’s co-executive producer is Lisa Lucas.

The Aquarium Cast: Who is in it?

The most important cast member on ‘The Aquarium’ is the Georgia Aquarium itself. The institution is among the biggest aquatic life conservation centers in the world and is also the largest aquarium in the entire Western Hemisphere. It stores around 10 million gallons of water for the numerous aquatic creatures that are kept under the institution’s care. The institution conducts research and educational programs across the globe, along with carrying out preservation

Moreover, all the animals shown in the series are also important members of the cast. The aquarium hosts rescued California sea lions, endangered species like African penguins, southern sea otters, manta rays, and others. We see sea turtles exploring the area assigned to them and also Rose, Floyd, and Cerberus, three harbor seals being shifted to the aquarium. In another instance, we are made witness to two creatures, a sea lion named Hunter and a harbor seal named Toby sharing a room together.

The Aquarium Plot: What is it about?

‘The Aquarium’ documents in entirety the conservation work done by the Georgia Aquarium. The authorities of the Georgia Aquarium not only work for the thousands of aquatic animals in their care but also all across the world. In the very first episode of Season 1, we see some of the workers of Georgia Aquarium go to South Africa for the rehabilitation program of some African penguins and then they release these creatures back into the wild. Another instance that we see of the great care taken by the staffers of the institution is when an Asian small-clawed otter called Pinkie who’s suffering from constant nose-bleeding is treated at length by specialists. We are also shown the day-to-day existence of other special guests of the facility like piranhas, archerfish, jellyfish, and others.

This docu-series, with complete access into the inner workings of the aquarium, focuses on the lives of sea creatures and the intense work, research, and training that the staffers do for the betterment of aquatic life all over the world. Notably, the 10 million gallons of water in the aquarium is filtered every hour, and there is both freshwater and saltwater as per the natural habitats of the animals in question. Moreover, this water is passed on through piping as long as 70 miles.

The Aquarium Season 2 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘The Aquarium’ season 1 released on May 19, 2019. ‘The Aquarium’ is an important series that showcases how one of the biggest aquariums in the world is taking major steps towards the conservation of aquatic life. Viewers who are interested in sea creatures and animal conservation can learn and understand a lot from the experts showcased in this series.

It cannot be said for certain whether Animal Planet is planning on bringing out a season 2 focusing on aquatic life conservation. However, if the audience loves season 1, they can definitely come up with another season. However, no such news is available as of yet. We shall update this section as soon as we come to know about ‘The Aquarium’ season 2 release date.

The Aquarium Trailer:

Unfortunately, Animal Planet has not released a trailer for the series.

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