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Will The Breaks Return For Season 2?

September 15, 2019
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Seith Mann, a well-known TV director (known for Five Deep Breaths, Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, etc.), decided to write and direct a hip-hop drama film, for television in 2016. The result was a film titled The Breaks which is inspired by journalist Dan Charnas’ best-selling book “The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop.” The film premiered on VH1 on January 4, 2016. Following the success of the film, and fans’ demand for more, VH1 picked up The Breaks to become a full-fledged TV series, on February 16, 2016. The series initially premiered on February 20, 2017, on VH1, and ran for eight episodes each spanning around 42 minutes. The last episode, titled “N.T.” aired on April 10, 2017. The original movie tells the story of three friends who are united by their collective interest in the world of hip-hop music; they work hard to make names in the music industry. The series of the same name continues exploring the guys’ joy in the ‘golden age of rap music’.

After its first season ended and BET acquired a set of new series, it felt it no longer needed to continue with The Break and pulled the plug on its second season despite having renewed it earlier. As of date, even though the character arcs of its protagonists were not concluded effectively, The Breaks stands cancelled. Read ahead to find out if its first season warrants a watch.

The Breaks Plot: What’s it about?

As we mentioned earlier, The Breaks is based on Dan Charnas’ best-selling book, which is considered one of the most inclusive accounts of the history and business of the hip-hop culture. It is seemingly a continuation of the 2016 TV film of the same name, written and directed by Mann. As per VH1, “Nikki, a recent college graduate who lands a dream job working with the legendary Barry Fouray, and her best friend and producer DeeVee, who works with rapper Ahm”.

Basically, it tells the story of three friends, drawn together by their shared passion for hip-hop, who work hard to make names among the stars of the hip-hop industry. It is set against the nineties hip-hop boom and chronicles the rap culture, in a manner that can only be termed authentic. The TV series follows on the main characters of the film, picking on their joy and sufferings, but take the stakes higher. But why is The Breaks any different from other movies/series that explores the same genre? It should be because this iteration is purely an original piece of the story and not some boring biopic of a well-established music tycoon. The way the story is narrated along with the use of the beautifully crafted soundtrack portraying the nineties hip-hop culture is indeed brilliant and adds to the texture and ambience of The Breaks.

The Breaks Cast: Who’s in it?

The Breaks follows three friends who aspire to carve a niche in the hip-hop music industry. Nikki is played by Afton Williamson, best known for the role of Officer Talia Bishop, in ABC’s The Rookie. Actor and singer-songwriter, Tristan Paul Mack Wilds plays DeeVee; he is best known for his appearance as Michael Lee in the HBO crime drama series, The Wire. The Avon Barksdale (‘drug kingpin’ in The Wire) actor, Sherwin David “Wood” Harris plays the character of Barry Fouray. The show also stars rapper T.I., Antoine Harris, David Call, Evan Handler and Melonie Diaz. the actors sure deliver a captivating performance in portraying the nineties rap-scape. If the show were to continue into another season, the lead casts would no doubt be cast to reprise their roles given their memorable performances. However, no such thing is bound to happen since the series was pulled off from the network’s slate.

The Breaks Season 2 Release Date: Canceled or Renewed?

The Breaks season 1 premiered on February 20, 2017, on VH1. On April 27, 2017, the series was renewed for a second season by BET. However, on November 20, 2017, BET announced that the renewal was scrapped and the series was cancelled. The Hollywood Reporter announced, “But with BET’s recent pickups, the cabler no longer had a need for The Breaks.” It is sad indeed, for the fans who waited earnestly for a follow-up. However, we still hope that the audience’s demands for bringing the series back manage to create a dent on Viacom’s policies. Or let’s just agree and accept it was wonderful while it lasted. Fans can catch the first season on VH1.

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