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The Contender Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News

September 22, 2018
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For quite a few of you, The Contender must be a show you are acquainted with. Initially released in 2005, this reality TV series ran till 2009. It then seemed to hit a dead-end, which was quite sad and fans started to lose hope. But almost a decade later, it was announced to make a comeback.

It was Epix, the premium cable network that decided to revive this show. If 10 years is what it took to revive TV shows, there is hope for a lot of your favourite shows who have been gone for too long.

The main creative head behind this TV series is Mark Burnett. The Contender is a unique reality boxing show. Each season shows a group of boxers who will compete among themselves in a  knockout competition. To give a brief into the past seasons, the first three were hosted by Sugar Ray Leonard. Sylvester Stallone co-hosted the first season with Leonard. In the fourth season, Leonard left and was replaced by Tony Danza. The fifth season was presented by Andre “Son of God” Ward. It is claimed that retired boxer Ward will host the new season. Freddie Roach and Naazim Richardson are said to be the ones who will oversee the upcoming season.

The Contender Season 5 Cast: Who is in it?

This season, some of the 16 contenders who will participate are Ievgen Khytrov, Eric Walker, John Thompson, Malcolm McAllister, Brandon Adams and more. The famous trainers Freddie Roach and Naazim Richardson are to join the contender team this time around.

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The Contender Season 5 Plot: What is it about?

The Contender is all about boxers and their lives; on the ring and even off the ring. The basic premise of the show is that there are two teams i.e East and West and they are put against each other. Every week one fighter gets eliminated. This show won’t be much different from the previous shows. Creator Mark Burnett decided to stick with the same format in the renewed show too. Jeff Wald who is the creator of the show told ESPN that this season the focus will be on the middleweight division. This season will be shot in Los Angeles.

In the course of the season, they show us how all the contenders stay together, fight together and even practice together. Each week one contender gets knocked off till two are left who fight for the prestigious title of “The Contender” along with an astonishing six-figure purse. It was said that in the past season the episodes were quite edited and cut down but in this season they will show all the five rounds that are scheduled in its entirety without cutting out, shortening or editing of any of the episodes.

This will definitely increase the positive review and feedback from the fans, as die-hard boxing fans would undoubtedly like to see the match as a whole and not an edited version. Burnett said, “Boxing belongs on premium pay television, and there is no better home for “The Contender” than Epix”. He continues to say, “ We will tell stories of fighters, the families and their difficult journeys in the emotionally compelling Contender style so that viewers get to vicariously ‘walk a mile’ in the boxers’ shoes”. The Contender is also a big platform for boxers to launch their career and display their talent.

The Contender Season 6 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The Contender made a come back on the 24th of August, 2018 after its last season which was released back in 2009. The season contains 12 adrenaline-fuelled episodes. Epix is the fourth network the show has associated with during its run of five seasons. As we move on to speculating a season 6 in the series, we can’t but wonder if the show will be renewed and if it does, will it continue with Epix or shift to another network. Watch this section for your questions to be answered.

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The Contender Season 5 Trailer

Unfortunately, there is no trailer for the upcoming season. Once we have details, we will be sure to update you.