The Dead Files Season 11: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News

The realm of the paranormal has a very polarized audience reception – you are either drawn strongly towards the elusive charm of the mystic, the unknown, or you experience revulsion towards all things occult. Whatever the case may be, the nearly decade-long run of The Dead Files (180 episodes aired so far) has made it a yearly, sometimes biannual, staple for Travel Channel, wielding 10 seasons up its belt. It has withstood quite a competitive showreel to take up primetime slots not once, but twice in 2018 alone. The series documents episode-long investigations by the show’s duo of protagonists, who scavenge and analyze spots of paranormal activity to recover the truth of the mysteries.

The Dead Files Season 10 Cast: Who’s in it?

With a new and 11th season of the show, the iconic duo, Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi, will definitely return as the leads. Amy’s career as a psychic medium and healer follows a long history of both on-air cast and psychic consultancy of various Discovery and Travel Channel Projects. Most notably, she had starred on the 2002 documentary A Haunting in Georgia before becoming a staple for the Dead Files ensemble. Steve’s reputation in the world of paranormal investigations also lives up to his psychic partner’s gifts, as the detective has already been involved in many similar cases after his retirement. He also has a sliver of a career as a mainstream actor in the comedy skit Stake Out: My Dad’s Rolex (2011) and Ed Norton-star Pride and Glory (2008).

The Dead Files Season 10 Plot: What is it about?

In his time, Officer Steve DiSchiavi has been a famed key NYPD detective for the homicide department. After his long-standing career with 21 years of service, Steve is drawn towards the paranormal – to quench the irresistible urge to probe an area of mystery unexplored or otherwise outright dismissed by the state and other detectives. The Dead Files sees Steve team up with the psychic Amy Allan to scrounge up clues in hotbeds of paranormal movements that cause a nuisance to the local people or homeowners. The investigations often reveal quite an intriguing past associated with almost all of these cases.

This mystery thriller nature of the show is an overtone seen since the very first pilot episode in The Dead Files Season 1 (air date: September 23, 2011), where Steve and Amy investigate a 40-year old case in a nondescript barn in the middle of a farmhouse in Erinville, New York.  So even though the show is mostly based on the paranormal activities that it attempts to assess and rationalize, it also hinges on mysterious atmospheres. Its structural conception really satiates a thriller’s requirements, so the show even attracts an audience which is not very much into the paranormal side of things. The venues mostly include haunted private residences, businesses, and less-frequented community buildings, but the special investigation episode that kicked off Season 2 took place in one of America’s most iconic penitentiaries – Alcatraz Island.

The Dead Files Season 11 Release Date: When will it premiere?

There has not been much in way of these special investigations for a couple of seasons, but the odds are high that we may see another such exciting case to reel us in right away on a projected new season. Since there have already been two seasons in 2018, it is unlikely for another season to occur anytime soon. We may hope for a 2019 release, which is all but certain following the yearly release schedule and the prolific nature of the show. Even though there are good chances that there will be a 11th season in 2019, we are yet to get official confirmation on the show’s renewal from Travel Channel’s PR feed. As of now, Season 11 release date is still TBA.

The Dead Files Season 11 Trailer

Any trailer or promo video for The Dead Files Season 11 has not been released yet. Here is a sneak peek into the show.

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