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The Final Table Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Host, Update

May 9, 2019
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The Final Table is a reality TV series that features a cooking competition held between 12 pairs of artistic chefs hailing from all around the world. The series, directed by Russell Norman and produced by Adam Cooper, Amanda Dobkowitz, and Kit Karzen, among others, premiered on November 20, 2018, on Netflix. The Final Table has won the Directors Guild of America Award in the category of Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Reality Programs. The splendid direction from Russell Norman makes the show stand out from the roster of other cooking shows. Though, the show also received some criticism for not having any contestant from an African country. In any case, if you are a fan of MasterChef, this show is for you.

The Final Table Cast: Who’s in it?

The series ‘The Final Table’ features 24 best chefs from around the world as contestants with three judges for each episode, guest judges, and a host. Andrew Knowlton serves as the Host in The Final Table. He is known for his works in Adventures for the Cure: The Doc (2008), Iron Chef America Countdown (2012), and Bon Appetit 24 Hours In (2015).

Season 1 had the following pairs:

  1. Aaron Bludorn from the United States and Graham Campbell from the United Kingdom
  2. Timothy Hollingsworth from the United States and Darren MacLean from Canada
  3. Ronald Hsu from the United States and Shin Takagi from Japan
  4. Ash Heeger from South Africa and Alex Haupt from the Netherlands
  5. Mark Best from Australia and Shane Osborn from Australia
  6. Amninder Sandhu from India and Monique Fiso from New Zealand
  7. Angel Vazquez from Mexico and James Knappett from the United Kingdom
  8. Johnny Spero from the United States and Jessica Lorigio from the United States
  9. Collin Brown from Jamaica and Colibri Jimenez from Mexico
  10. Rafa Gil from Brazil and Esdras Ochoa from Mexico
  11. Rodrigo Pacheco from Ecuador and Charles Michel from France and Colombia
  12. Benjamin Bensoussan from France and Manuel Berganza from Spain

Each episode consists of First Round Judges and a Final Plate Judge who evaluate the national dish presented and the one prepared using an assigned ingredient.

The Final Table Plot: What is it about?

The Final Table is an exciting reality TV cooking show that follows its usual competition format. Here, we have 12 pairs of chefs from various nations desperately trying to impress the judges by cooking delicious dishes from across the world and presenting them perfection. Of the 24 chefs who participate, each is paired with another chef based on whoever they are comfortable with, someone from their personal lives or a someone they have worked with previously during their careers prior to the event.

The first episode is titled Mexico, where the paired contestants have to prepare a Mexican dish to compete against each other. In the same way, all the other episodes are named after a particular country, signifying the genre of the dish they are to be preparing, which includes Spain, UK, Brazil, India, USA, Italy, Japan, and France. The final episode is titled ‘The Finale’, where the finalists perform solo to entice all the nine judges with their creative signature dishes to win the show.

In Spain, the First Round Judges included Julio Cesar Chavez, Martha Higareda, Mariana Camacho in Mexico and the Final Plate Judge was Enrique Olver. The second in Spain had its First Round Judges as Ana Polvorosa, Miguel Bose, Borja Beneyto and the Final Plate Judge was AndoniAduriz. The third in the United Kingdom had its First Round Judges as Cat Deeley, Gary Lineker, Jay Rayner and the Final Plate Judge was Clare Smyth. In Brazil, the first Round Judges were Alessandra Ambrosio, Bebel Gilberto, Josimar Melo and the Final Plate Judge: Helena Rizzo. In India, the First Round Judges were Hasan Minhaj, R. Madhavan, Rashmi Uday Singh and the Final Plate Judge was Vineet Bhatia. In the USA, it was Dax Shepherd, Colin Hanks, Sam Sifton and Grant Achatz. In Italy, it was Andrea Petrini, Alessandro Del Piero, Eleonora Cozzella and Carlo Cracco. In Japan, the First Round Judges were Hikari Mori, Yuji Ayabe, Akiko Katayama and the Final Plate Judge was Yoshihiro Narisawa. In France, it was Francois-Regis, Gaudry, Esterelle Payany and Anne-Sophie Pic

In the first round, the cooking is judged by three members, a food critic, and two culturally significant residents of the episode’s titled country. The contestants who lie in the bottom three zone have to again compete in the second round called ‘The Final Plate Challenge’, by preparing a dish, the ingredient of which, is chosen by a renowned guest chef. The ingredient is set to be relevant to the country’s culture.

The Final Table Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The Final Table season 1 premiered on November 20, 2018, with all the ten episodes of 53 – 59 minutes, released on the same day on Netflix. Though cooking shows are not new to us, The Final Table with its intriguing premise and incredible direction has put a new twists in the genre, giving it potential for continuity. However, the news for the renewal of season two is yet unclear.

Timothy Hollingsworth, the winner of the first season, shares his views on the changes that he wishes to make for season two in an interview: “I think it would make it more challenging to pick a wider mix of countries. I think it would be good to let chefs get creative with dishes instead of having them recreate something specific. Or at least specify whether chefs should get totally creative, or stick to the exact traditional recipe of dishes, which I don’t think is as interesting.”

Our best guess is that the show will get renewed and The Final Table season 2 will release sometime in November 2019. We will update this section as soon as we hear more.

The Final Table Trailer

Watch all the episodes of The Final Table season 1 and the irresistible trailer for the same on Netflix.

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