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The Flash Season 6: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Spoilers, Update

Updated September 7, 2019
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‘The Flash’ is an American superhero television show that airs on The CW Television Network. Created by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns, the show is based on the DC Comics character Flash/Barry Allen, and is a spin-off of the hugely popular show, ‘Arrow’. The show traces the origin story of Flash, and follows the superhero’s adventures afterwards.

A relatively old show, Season 1 of ‘The Flash’ first made its way to viewers’ screens on October 7, 2014, and the pilot became the most-watched premiere in the history of The CW, after ‘The Vampire Diaries’ in 2009. Season 1 was also received favorably by critics and viewers, prompting the network to renew the show. Season 2, subsequently, made its debut on October 6, 2015 and, a year later, Season 3 followed with a debut on October 4, 2016. ‘The Flash’ returned again with Season 4 on October 10, 2017, and was followed by Season 5 on October 9, 2018. Mid-way through Season 5, on January 31, 2019, The CW renewed the show for a sixth season, and fans and critics can hardly wait for it. Here’s everything we know of Season 6 so far.

The Flash Cast: Who’s in it?

The show revolves around the titular character, his close friends and colleagues, and the villains he battles.

Grant Gustin plays the role of Barry Allen, a crime scene investigator who gains superpowers and becomes the Flash. Candice Patton, meanwhile, plays the role of journalist Iris West, who later marries Allen.

Apart from the two central characters, Danielle Panabaker plays the role of Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, Carlos Valdes plays brilliant mechanical engineer Cisco Ramon/Vibe, Tom Cavanagh plays S.T.A.R. Labs’ particle accelerator inventor Harrison Wells. Additionally, Jesse L. Martin plays police officer and Iris’ father, Joe West.

Other important cast members who made appearances in recent seasons include Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West/Kid Flash, Neil Sandilands as Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker, Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man, Danielle Nicolet as Cecile Norton, Jessica Parker as Nora West-Allen/XS, and Chris Klein as Orlin Dwyer/Cicada.

In Season 6, we expect most of the aforementioned cast members to make a comeback and reprise their roles.

The Flash Plot: What is it about?

The show begins with Barry witnessing the supernatural murder of his mother, and following the murder, he is taken in by Joe West’s family. Growing up with a cop, Barry grows into a brilliant yet socially awkward crime scene investigator for the Central City Police Department. However, Barry’s life is upended when a particle accelerator in the city malfunctions during a thunderstorm, charging the lightning with radiation. During this mishap, Barry gets struck by lightning. When Barry wakes up from a coma later, he finds that he can travel at immense speeds, and he vows to use his powers to defend Central City from evil. From there on out, Barry embraces his alter-ego as the Flash, and apart from fighting crime, starts pursuing his mother’s murderer.

As the show progresses, the Flash emerges as a hero and protector of Central City, but Flash’s abilities are put to the test when he has to battle another speedster, Zoom, who arrives at Central City from a parallel universe. After a long-drawn battle to beat Zoom, Flash succeeds, and then he goes back in time to prevent his mother from being murdered. Barry’s meddling with time then creates several new problems, and though Barry is able to restore the present timeline to an extent, he also has to contend with a new superpowered threat called Savitar. Things get even more complicated with the arrival of Iris’ long-lost brother Wally West, who starts to develop superpowers and suits up as Kid Flash.

Later in the show, Barry is forced to leave Central City for reasons we are not revealing (we’re trying not to give you spoilers), leaving Vibe and Kid Flash to defend Central City. However, Vibe and Kid Flash are easily defeated when a new superpowered foe arrives and demands a battle against Flash. At this point of time, Barry returns and takes on the new threat, The Thinker, who has the fastest mind on Earth. After foiling The Thinker’s evil schemes, Flash again has to face a new threat called the Cicada, who emerges after the arrival of Barry and Iris’ superpowered daughter from the future.

As for Season 6, we don’t really know what the showrunners have in mind, but it is likely that the events of Season 6 will involve Nora West-Allen and some other new superpowered threat.

In terms of reception, ‘The Flash’ is a critically acclaimed show and enjoys a brilliant overall score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Viewers, too, appear to have loved the show, and it has an overall rating of 7.9/10 on IMDb, after almost 280,000 votes.

The Flash Season 6 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘The Flash’ season 6 is all set to premiere on October 8, 2019, and ended its run on May 14, 2019. Interestingly, during the renewal announcement, The CW revealed that the current showrunner Todd Helbing will be replaced by Eric Wallace for Season 6. Commenting on the same, executive producer Greg Berlanti told The Hollywood Reporter, “Eric Wallace has proven his own exceptional talent and voice since season four, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to watch how he shapes the future of Team Flash and the many thrilling adventures that [lie] ahead for our characters and dedicated fans.”

The Flash Trailer:

While we await confirmation of the release date of ‘The Flash’ season 6, here is the trailer for Season 5 to give you a glimpse into the superhero show and the story thus far.

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