The Great Holiday Baking Show Season 5: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Hosts, News

It is no arcane knowledge that all of us, without exception, allow ourselves at least some indulgence into the delights of taste – the charm of delish food is ever-present, all-pervasive. Naturally, the cuisine is also a huge part of any culture and the remembrance of its roots. Convention from the ancient times in making certain dishes to celebrate certain occasions, a way of honouring the tradition of a family by imbibing an age-old recipe that was passed down from generation to generation, and so on and so forth – you know the drill.

However, there is almost a very different, more intense tint of the craze around confections in particular: after all, who does not at last want to help themselves to some apple pie once in a while even if it is cheating against the diet? Pies, cake, and pastry are also catapulted into prominence in the holiday seasons (again, conventions and tradition), and perhaps this is also the reason why it is also recognized the perfect time to get baking shows on the air.

If you have ever had the first-hand account of the baking reality show world, however, you will be quick to admit that it is quite different from the calm and composed ASMR-worthy daily cooking shows – instead of a chill dig into a new experimental recipe, baking reality game shows are fast-paced races to whipping up the quickest and most delish cakes and pies, remaining true to the fiercely competitive spirit that reality game shows in general permeate. The Great American Baking Show in particular, however, is a show that prioritizes high sophistication and vigorous scrutiny in its ranking process to elect the truly best baker to their rightful throne. The show is till date the best U.S. rendition of the ‘The Great British Bake-off’ formula, and despite the controversies that could have potentially terminated its run, it is still strong, and we will likely find a fifth season of the show going on air around the 2019 holiday season.

The Great Holiday Baking Show Cast: Who’s in it?

Baking reality shows are often a school of reality shows that can turn the usual dynamics and screen presence hierarchy of a reality show around in a case-by-case basis depending on whether the judges or the hosts have more fan following or are more charismatic. Because the candidates have their job cut out for them, the hosts in this show are only minimally intrusive, if at all, and it is, therefore, the contestants who truly take the cake metaphorically and literally.

However, as the contestants vary from season to season, the judges and hosts as the familiar faces for the sake of continuity. The show has changed and casts new people into both roles for quite a while now – and Emma Bunton (also known as Baby Spice) was the new addition as the host, while Sherry Yard replaced the judges’ sit as Johnny Iuzzini had to make his abrupt exit during season 3. Emma Bunton might get busy with Spice Girls tour this year, but this does not necessarily mean that she will fail to retain her host seat – as a matter of fact, it is very likely that both the duet of judges – Paul Hollywood and Sherry Yard, and the hosts, Anthony Adams and Emma Bunton, will be returning to their respective roles in the fifth season.

The Great Holiday Baking Show Plot: What is it about?

The show largely follows the patent structure of The Great British Bake-off Show, where each contestant has to go through a set of three tests – a signature challenge, a technical challenge, and a showstopper challenge – and come out on top in order to qualify to the next episode until a sole winner stands.

The Great Holiday Baking Show Season 5 Release date: When will it premiere?

Season 4 of The Great Holiday Baking Show premiered on December 4, 2018. As far as the next season goes, we don’t have an official announcement yet. Though considering the popularity of the show, the show is expected to be renewed by ABC . All the last four seasons came out in December, so our best guess is that if the show does get renewed, The Great American Baking Show Season 5 can release sometime in December 2019. We will update this section as soon as we hear more.

The Great Holiday Baking Show Trailer

The show had notoriously once surprised fans with a zero-hour promo (i.e. the season 2 teaser, which dropped a staggering two weeks before the actual show went on air), and considering the usual December release date, we will probably not be hearing of or seeing any trailer or teaser for quite a while in all likelihood. While this may be unfortunate that we have to suffer such a long gap without any content, almost a year of wait for a show that will be over within the breath of two weeks also presents a great opportunity to catch up with how the show has been going or how the judges and hosts have switched seats over the years in case you missed a couple of seasons. If you have not watched The Great American Baking show before and want a primer, here is a sneak peek into the show from the third season finale, which originally aired near the end of 2017.

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