The Hunt for Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News

When a political satire series is being launched about the most colorful, controversial and powerful man in the world, it is needless to say that people will sit up and take notice. The comedian Tom Arnold, who is best known for his role in “True Lies,” is set to make his television debut with a bang on, who else? but Donald Trump with his plethora of tapes, depicting Trump in a very poor light. The show will be aired by Viceland Media as part of an eight-episode series. This series is expected to be a watershed moment and would bring insight into the murky lives of the mighty and powerful. This show has the potential to catapult the Viceland media to the higher echelons of the television industry.

The Hunt for Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold Cast: Who’s in it?

The Hunt for the Trump Tapes will be starring Tom Arnold as the host, Maurice Tillmon and Ryan Wicks, who will be essaying the role of themselves in this crackers series. The writing/script is handled by John Platt. The production is handled by Peter Alexander, Tom Arnold, Liz Fine and others, and the editing is carried out by Peter Curtis, Ron Hill and others. The executive producers of the series will be Jonathan Karsh and Nomi Ernest Leiden.

Journalist comedians and stars who have had acquaintances with Donald Trump make appearances at various episodes throughout the series such as Judd Apatow, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penn Jillette, Rosie O’Donnell, The New York’s Jane Mayer, Felix Sater and Anthony Scaramucci. It would be highly interesting to see the encounters that they had, with the man in the hot seat. We will also be given insights about the meeting that took place between Tom Arnold and Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The Hunt for Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold Plot: What is it about?

This series encapsulates how influential and powerful people are brought down by their own past misdeeds, once they are thrust upon to the highest office and the most responsible positions. Tom Arnold had been off late active on Twitter, and he is now setting out to carry the same into real-time shows, with the help of a lot of sources, personalities and whistleblowers who were directly or indirectly involved with President Trump during various points of time. Most importantly Tom Arnold intends to bring the real Trump to the forefront of the public spotlight and believes that every American and everybody in the world should be shown and heard about it. He has even claimed to continue this media trial until Trump is forced to relinquish the presidency. People are eager to know the truth behind the Pee Tapes and various other rumours.

he Hunt for Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

The show will be premiered as an eight-part series, starting from September 18, at 10:30 P.M. EST. Two episodes of half an hour each will be shown on the premiere date. The show would be unravelling the dubious deeds of President Trump, which had been in the public glare, especially after his presidential election. Tom Arnold and Vice-Land Media have also launched a secured website ( exclusively for whistleblowers, citizen journalists and anyone else who has any information regarding Trump, with them. All the data collected would be thoroughly verified and scrutinized before putting it into public space. According to sources, a lot of buzz is going around with the collection of evidence, and Tom Arnold has even quoted that “big things are happening.” There is no doubt that the show will live up to the hype that it has already created in the media.

The Hunt for Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold Trailer:

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