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When Will Match Game Season 5 Premiere on ABC?

Updated December 15, 2019
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‘Match Game’ is an American television panel game show that airs on ABC. The series has been revived from a long tradition of such shows and premiered for the first time again on June 26, 2016. Notably, ABC also aired the 1990s version of the show which actually made its first-ever premiere on television on NBC in 1962. The show has been revived several times since then. It features contestants trying to come up with answers to fill-in-the-blank questions, with the objective of matching the answers given by celebrity panelists. It has been a very popular game show since its creation and has grown in popularity with every revival.

The recent ABC revival has Alec Baldwin acting as the host and he is also on board as the executive producer of the show. Those who have caught earlier versions of ‘Match Game’ might be interested to know that this is the first time since the 1960s that the taping of the show has returned to New York. As for the popularity of the show itself, suffice to say that it has almost become a longstanding tradition on television and has frequently been bestowed the honor of being one of the greatest game shows on earth.

‘Match Game’ has spanned four successful seasons to date. Now the next question is, will there be a ‘Match Game’ season 5? Let’s find out.

Who’s the host of Match Game?

The constant cast member of ‘Match Game’ is Alec Baldwin, who has been the host of the show from the first season of this revival. As the format of the show dictates that contestants have to give answers that match those of celebrity panelists, there are different celebrities that appear on the show as well.

However, these celebrities change over episodes and the lineup of celebrity guests has included the likes of Laverne Cox, David Arquette, James Van Der Beek, Amy Sedaris, Jenifer Lewis, Anthony Anderson, Christina Ricci, ICE-T, Kenan Thompson, Niecy Nash, Joel McHale, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Jane Krakowski, Tituss Burgess, and more.

In the upcoming season, we are sure Baldwin will return as host, but we do hope to see more celebrities as part of the cast because they make up a major portion of the show’s attraction as audiences tune in due to the star power of these celebrities.

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What’s Match Game about?

The format of ‘Match Game’ follows that of the 1973-79 version. The basic objective of the game is for the contestants to match as many celebrities as possible. At the start of each round the contestants, who are usually two in number, are given the choice of two questions. Once a contestant chooses the question, the other contestant automatically has to tackle the unchosen question.

The host, then, reads out a statement with a blank at or near the end. The panel of six celebrities writes their answers down on slips of paper, after which the contestants reveal their answers. The celebrities then reveal theirs, and if the answers match, the contestants get points. This stage of the game is played in two rounds and the contestant whose answers match the most with those of the celebrities wins and can play something called the Super Match. This section consists of the Audience Match and the Head to Head Match segments.

In the Audience Match section, a two to four-word fill in the blank sentence is presented to the contestant. The contestant has to consult with three celebrity panelists or can go about it on their own. The basic objective here is to select the phrase which has the likelihood of being most repeated by the audience in a poll conducted by the show.

At this stage, all outcomes result in cash prizes, even if the contestant’s choice does not match the audience’s answer at all. In the Head to Head Match, the contestant who won any amount in the previous section stands to make five times that amount. They only have to match another fill in the blank response with a celebrity panel, except this time, they get to choose the said panel. The contestant’s answer has to match the panel’s answer exactly. Although slight deviations like singular and plural are allowed, synonyms are not. Upon matching answers, the contestant can win the big prize money. The potential top prize for the competition is $25,000, which is a tidy sum to win.

What stands out about this show is the fun involved in every stage. The viewers naturally feel like they are a part of the crowd, especially when a talented host like Alec Baldwin is left in charge of the affairs. Moreover, there is winning in every round, and the contestants are always making money on the show, in one way or another.

There is a feeling among the participants and the viewers that everyone is going home happy. This resonates a lot and makes the show a resounding success by drawing more viewers each day. Moreover, ‘Match Game’ does not have a target demography for its audience and thus can reel in a much larger crowd due to the universal appeal of the content of the show. Lastly, the presence of the celebrity panelists clinches the deal, since everyone knows how much society responds to stardom and how the celebrity culture attracts us so much that we often watch or do things just because of the presence of certain celebrities. There is certainly no shortage of celebrities on the show, as each episode has a different panel.

Hopefully, in the upcoming season, ‘Match Game’ will continue to entertain us in a similar fashion as Baldwin keeps things interesting as the host, while the celebrities and contestants draw our attention with their answers.

Match Game Season 5 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Match Game’ Season 4 premiered on January 9, 2019, on ABC. It wrapped up with its 14th episode on August 14, 2019.

Now, as far as season 5 is concerned, here’s the good news. ABC has already renewed the show for a fifth installment. Although the channel has not announced a release schedule yet, our best guess is that ‘Match Game’ season 6 will most likely release sometime in January 2020 — since all the previous seasons of the revived show has premiered in January from its launch in 2016.

Match Game Trailer:

ABC has not released a trailer for season 5 yet. But you can check out the clip below to see the light-hearted nature of the show, with banter and jokes among the contestants, celebrities, and Baldwin himself.

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