The Toys That Made Us Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, and News

The Toys That Made Us is a television documentary series that originated in the United States. It’s created by Brian Volk-Weiss. The series first premiered on the streaming network – Netflix on 22 December 2017. Robin M. Henry, Brian Volk-Weiss, Benjamin J. Frost, Anne Carkeet, and Cisco Kenson are the executive producers, co-producers, and producers of the show jointly. The Nacelle Company is the production company that handles the show with Netflix as its distributor.

The Toys That Made Us Season 3 Cast: Who’s in it?

The cast of the show includes Donal Ian Black as narrator, Mark Bellomo, David Vonner, Jordan Bryce as JackRyan, Margo Dane as Ruth Handler and others.

The Toys That Made Us Season 3 Plot: What is it about?

The series transports the viewers back to their childhood by featuring some of the best toy lines of the history. Season one of the series featured G.I. Joe, He-Man/ Masters of the Universe, and Star Wars. Season two showcased Hello Kitty, LEGO, Transformers, and Star Trek. The upcoming season 3 of the show is going to feature Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wrestling, My Little Pony and Power Rangers in their series.

The show doesn’t make the viewers feel negative nostalgia because it has a lack of sentimentality for the toys showcased in the episodes. For instance, He-Man is visually beautiful wonderland full of memories, full of textures and lingering shots of colours that the viewers had forgotten were once there in their lives. The show doesn’t focus on these visual parts but rather shows the interviews with the people who were behind creating He-man. He-Man was nothing more than a day job to these people. They clustered together into an office around all the petty rivalries and annoyance of every office. With the help of a combination of carelessness, luck, and ingenuity, these people created the one and only toy of people’s childhood.

The show makes viewers learn that the He-Man cartoon was discovered in a moment of pure blind desperation by the employee of Mattel who realized that a certain sales meeting was going south. The show follows the stories of how mythology defined an era which was put together out of leftovers by a group of middle-aged men who were not very fond of each other. The show tells the audience how the main sausage was made.  The series takes a close look at the ills of capitalism. The viewers see toy companies hurling out substandard toys that don’t look like the original characters at all because they want to make as much money as possible before the competitors get wiser or the market abandons them for something newer. It shows the real business world and sentiments behind the whole toy industry which is merciless and forces you to question the worth of your childhood. For its season 3, the story behind the making of power rangers may be featured as the crew was seen heading to Bandai Co.

The Toys That Made Us Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The air date of The Toys That Made Us Season 3 is not yet announced by Netflix yet, but the streaming service has announced the renewal of the show for season 3 in 2019. The last episode of the previous season aired on 25th May 2018. Following which, on June 6, 2018, it was announced via a Facebook post that the series was returning.

“For those of you who asked if we’re making more…we’re back!!!” – TTTMU

The Toys That Made Us Season 3 Trailer

The official trailer has not yet come out for season 2. However, here you can have a look and decide if you would want to watch the upcoming season.

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