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The sensational five episodes series focuses on the Heroin crisis in the US. However, there’s more than what’s visible to this problem. In the series, Heineman is never partial to show just one side of the coin; he lets us witness all things relevant across the North American border. He takes the series to Latin America, where the role of Guerro and Mexico in the breeding of the system which is dependent on Opium. Heineman doesn’t take the tried and tested way of sharing the grief of the addicts & their families in the name of a documentary; instead, he dares to explore the unidentified facets of the trade.

The Trade Season 1 Plot: What it’s about?

The plot revolves around the dirty trade of opium in the US. It reveals how the gigantic city of Columbus in the Ohio state became the cradle and subsequently the “den” of Opium smuggling. The poor and miserable farmers of Latin America, they’ve opium as the only “saleable” option. How the indifferent attitude of their authorities, the political unrests and a fragile economy push them into opium farming forms the central plot of the series. The addicts are a more familiar face of any addiction but Heineman, shows them in a new light, involving their addiction, miserable families, willingness to commit crimes, adultery and their terrible fates.

The drug cartels form an interesting part of Heineman’s insight. Their ruthless competition eats up the small fishes. The gangs ceaselessly run into bloody gang wars, murders and women. The series shows how they ruin villages, farmers and control communities to establish their supremacy, the insecurity of being spied and thrown away. The most unsung heroes of this filthy web are the law enforcement officers of Ohio Police who are caught in between the buyers and sellers. Heineman prudently recreates their anticipation, intuitive planning and the unexpected scenario they witness. The officers in North America are hopelessly tied up in an unending web of oppression, torture, lust, greed, addiction, power and OPIUM.

The Trade Cast: Who is in it?

The cast comprises the known faces of wrestler siblings – Drew Gulakand Rory Gulak. The prime attraction of the cast is the “Sick Nick Mondo”. Matthew Heineman of Cartel Land fame once again dons the cap of the director of the new series. Heineman has defined his works as a documentary telecasted in a series and is the voice of the “silenced”.

The Trade Season 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The show premiered on February 2018 on Showtime in the US. Heineman, in his own words, is determined to put a face on opioid trade and has come out with flying colours in his second endeavour to give a voice and an identity to the silently silenced.

The Trade Trailer 


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