10 Things Bollywood Always Gets Wrong

Bollywood has its lows. The movies are often criticized to be unrealistic and unsubtle. Although there are several movies which get everything perfect, there are many which don’t. Often there might be many things that go wrong in a movie. But few of these occurrences are not isolated. There are few similar wrong perceptions and illogical aspects that many movies share. These are clichés that Bollywood has been unable to shake off since several decades. Audience are habituated to them, and film-makers think they’re necessary, but they actually aren’t. This article takes a look at 10 such things that Bollywood always gets wrong. Read on.


10. Doppelgangers

Two people are identical only if they’re twins and also, they need to be identical twins. But Bollywood has a different take on doppelgangers. We often tend to follow a universal hoax that there are seven random identical people in the world. But there is absolutely zero probability for two people to be so similar that they can be played by the same actor. In fact, identical twins too have many dissimilarities that we don’t go into. Remove or add facial hair, change the hairstyle, and that’s enough for Bollywood to pull off doppelgangers. The only exception perhaps is ‘Fan’.


9. Flirting

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Flirting is one of the most subtle arts. Millions of men across the globe struggle to find a perfect way to woo a girl. But Bollywood protagonists have it easy. Our perception of flirting is harassing. My father grew up watching such movies, I grew up watching such movies and probably, my grandfather did too. Although we’re slightly moving away from that, majority of men in India have the same mindset.


8. Festivals and Occasions

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Festivals and special occasions are times to celebrate, at least that’s what they’re meant to be. But realistically, the celebration is just a small part of a festival. It’s really difficult to have an organised and systematic festival. But no one said that to Bollywood. Bollywood festivals are always perfect. The women offer prayer almost symmetrically. Men’s dances are always synchronized (We’ll talk more about this later). The entire neighborhood is in peace and harmony, which may have happened a long while ago, but definitely not now.


7. Dating

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Finding the right girl or boy is not shopping in a mall. That’s where dating helps. Normally, the guy and the girl start dating casually, before they gradually progress onto something serious. But Bollywood taught us otherwise. The moment a guy sees a girl and has a crush on her, subconsciously he already made her his soul mate. His friends start calling her “Bhabhi”, which means sister-in-law. So from then on, every move he makes is in order to marry her. It works vice versa. The girl, I’m sure, is definitely not into the idea of dating. The moment a guy approaches her, she starts scanning him for marriage material. And when they start dating, it means they’re already engaged, even if they’re just 20.


6. Comic Characters

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Humor should generally be etched with the situation of a scene. Sense of humor must be part of a character but that’s not the case with Bollywood. Comedy is forced into situations along with specially designed comic characters. These characters may or may not have any business with the story and they may have zero influence on anything significant with the screenplay. But they’re there just for the sake of “comedy”. And most of the comic sequences involving these characters have senseless and slapstick comedy, irrespective of the genre of the film.

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