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This Is Us Season 4: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

Updated September 13, 2019
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‘This Is Us’ is an American drama television series that airs on NBC. Created by Dan Fogelman, the show follows the lives and families of two parents and their three children in a non-linear fashion, exploring several timelines simultaneously.

A relatively new show, Season 1 of ‘This Is Us’, consisting of 18 episodes, premiered on September 20, 2016, and the response from television critics and viewers was so overwhelming that NBC renewed the show for two more seasons mid-way through Season 1. Subsequently, Season 2 of the show hit viewers’ screens on September 26, 2017, and was followed by Season 3, which premiered on September 25, 2018. Now, viewers and critics alike are eagerly hoping that NBC will renew the show again for a season 4. Here’s everything we know about it so far about the next season.

This Is Us Cast: Who is in it?

While the show follows the lives of the parents and children of the Pearson family, and the families of the Pearson children, the multiple timelines in the show mean that each character is often played by multiple actors in different stages of their lives.

The parents of the Pearson children, Jack and Rebecca Pearson, are played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, respectively.

Jack and Rebecca’s adopted son, Randall Pearson, is played by multiple actors. While Sterling K. Brown plays adult Randall, Lines Filch and Lonnie Chavis plays Randall through ages 16-17 and 9-12 respectively. As far as Randall’s own family is concerned, Susan Kelechi Watson plays his wife, Beth Pearson. Randall and Beth’s two biological daughters, Tess and Annie, are played by Eris Baker and Faithe Herman, respectively. Lyric Ross plays Deja, Randall and Beth’s adopted daughter.

Jack and Rebecca’s biological daughter, Kate Pearson, is also played by multiple actors, with Chrissy Metz playing adult Kate, and Hanna Zeile and Mackenzie Hancsicsak playing Kate through ages 16-17 and 9-12 respectively. Kate’s husband Toby Damon is played by Chris Sullivan.

Similarly, Jack and Rebecca’s biological son, Kevin Pearson, is also played by multiple actors. Justin Hartley plays the role of adult Kevin, while Logan Shroyer and Parker Bates plays Kevin through ages 16-17 and 9-12, respectively. Kevin’s childhood love and ex-wife Sophie is also played by multiple actresses. While Alexandra Breckenridge plays adult Sophie, Amanda Leighton and Sophia Coto play Sophie through ages 15-17 and 10, respectively. Further, Kevin’s new girlfriend Beth’s cousin Zoe Baker is played by Melanie Liburd.

Additionally, Jon Huertas plays Miguel Rivas, Jack’s best friend and Rebecca’s current husband. Lastly, Ron Cephas Jones and Jermel Nakia play adult and young William “Shakespeare” Hill, respectively, who is Randall’s biological father.

All the main cast members are expected to return for season 4.

This Is Us Plot: What is it about?

As is evident, ‘This Is Us’ is a family drama that revolves around the original Pearson family, and the families of the Pearson children.

The show takes place in the present and follows siblings Randall, Kate, and Kevin, who live in New Jersey, Los Angeles, and New York City, respectively. At the start of the show, we come to know that Kate and Kevin are the two survivors of a triplet pregnancy, and are born six weeks earlier that expected. With the third child in the triplet pregnancy being stillborn, Jack and Rebecca, who are white, decide to adopt Randall, an African-American child who is born on the same day and abandoned by his biological father. Later, Jack dies when his children are 17 years old.

Although ‘This Is Us’ is set in the present, the show often resorts to the use of flashbacks to show us the lives of the Pearson family. These flashbacks don’t follow any particular pattern, and they sometimes focus on Jack and Rebecca’s lives prior to birth of the children. Other times, flashbacks focus on the upbringing of the three siblings in their childhood and adolescence, and these flashbacks are generally set in Pittsburgh, where the children were brought up.

While that’s the general premise of the show, each season deals with events surrounding one particular mystery. For instance, the first two seasons of ‘This Is Us’, through flashbacks and present-day storytelling, dealt with the how the Pearsons coped with Jack’s death and the mystery surrounding Jack’s cause of death. In a similar fashion, the third season focused on the identity of a mysterious person, referred only to as “her”, who Randall and his daughter Tess encounter in one of the timelines.

Of course, while each season has a central focal point, they also focus on the changing relationships between the characters in the show, and the complexity of human emotions. This is perhaps where ‘This Is Us’ shines the most – its well-drawn characters, brilliant writing, and poignant story is brought to life by extremely powerful performances from the cast, so much so that it can even move the most stoic person to tears.

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that ‘This Is Us’ became a hit the moment it released, and enjoys considerable critical acclaim. The show enjoys a brilliant overall Rotten Tomatoes score of 92%, with each season have scores above 90%. On IMDb, ‘This Is Us’ has a whopping overall rating of 8.7/10, after nearly 75,000 votes. Further, in the two short years that have passed since ‘This Is Us’ first started airing, the show has already won one Golden Globe Award and two Primetime Emmy Awards. It has also been nominated for dozens of other awards, and has even gone on to win some of them.

This Is Us Season 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘This Is Us’ season 3 premiered on September 25, 2018, and ended its run on April 2, 2019. As far as next season is concerned we have great news for fans. On May 12, 2019, NBC announced the renewal for not one but next three seasons. Honestly, we are not at all surprised. 

Season 1 of ‘This Is Us’ enjoyed a whopping average viewership of 14.70 million, and Season 2 raised the bar even higher, with an average viewership of 17.43 million. Season 3 continued the upward trend. On top of that, back in 2017 show’s creator Dan Fogelman had told Entertainment Weekly that he already had four seasons of the show planned. The good news is that ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 is all set to release on September 24, 2019. Time to get excited.

This Is Us Trailer:

Here’s the trailer for This is Us Season 4 to get excited. 

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