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Tigtone Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

July 7, 2019
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Swashbuckling heroes, a la Conan the Barbarian, quests, sagas, larger than life enemies to defeat – that is the stuff of legends. Or not, in the case of Tigtone. What you get instead is an adult-oriented American animated series – yes, that’s right, it’s a “cartoon” – playing on Adult Swim which falls in the adult-oriented programming block. Tigtone is the classic anti saga, or maybe twisted saga, happily parodying all the standard clichés and familiar heroic tropes from ancient sagas, tales of mighty heroes and medieval fantasy. Throw in the occasional steampunk reference, and you have a fun, even if weird, series perfect for the grown-ups to enjoy a laugh off of.

Tigtone is based on the original characters from the first independent short film in the series, called The Begun of Tigtone, which Andrew Koehler, Benjamin Martian, and Zack Wallenfang created as an introduction to the character and a way of funding a longer saga. It released on YouTube way back in 2014 and employed crowdfunding in its creation. The same year saw the release of a series of twelve shorts known as “Tigtone’s Journal”, where they kept each episode under a minute. In 2018, the Tigtone pilot aired on Adult Swim and was finally accepted as a full series by the end of the year. Fans have had a long wait, starting with hearing about it in 2011 and 2014 via the Kickstarter launched to make it happen, to January 2019 when it finally did. The eventual TV series is created by Andrew Koehler and Benjamin Martian and produced by their own company, Babyhemyth Productions in association with Titmouse, Inc. and Williams Street.

Tigtone Cast: Who’s in it?

Tigtone, the main protagonist, is voiced by Nils Frykdahl as an adult, Cree Summer as a child. Helpy, Tigtone’s companion, is voiced by Debi Derryberry. King Queen, the two-headed ruler of Propecia, is voiced by Bill Corbett and Lucy Davis. Prince Lavender, the man-child son of King Queen, is voiced by Jeffrey Combs. Command-Or Mathis, the put-upon attendant of King Queen is voiced by Trace Beaulieu. Barteener is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams.

Tigtone Plot: What is it about?

Tigtone is an intense adventurer with a thirst for quests, especially if they come with over-dramatic dialogue opportunities. In the sort-of-macabre, medieval kingdom of Propecia, obsessed with sagas, ruled by a two-headed King Queen, Tigtone exists surrounded by character mashups like Prince Lavender and King Queen’s attendant called Command-Or Mathis. His trusty sidekick, Helpy, who possesses the ability to regenerate himself, accompanies Tigtone regularly on over-the-top tasks and strange assignments all over Propecia which, more often than not, lead to much slaughtering of enemies as a byproduct.

The YouTube original “The Begun of Tigtone”, introduced this skewed and surreal fantasy tale that to the audience, where gorgeous 2D facial recognition based art combined with an over-the-top quest obsessed hero to create a bizarre and hilarious world. The new series follows the quirky misadventures of the hero Tigtone, the sociopathic – albeit hilarious – adventurer whose only two desires are to write braggy tales in his journal and go on quests that he wins by any unscrupulous and crazy methods, and extreme violence. He usually teams up with someone, and often just leaves those partners – used, abused, and ground into the dust – just so our hero can finish the quest and get back to bragging in his journal. His bizarre quests range from something mundane like discovering where the bland chicken dinners came from in the royal banquet, all the way to helping vile villains destroy the beauty and ugly-fy their kingdom again. The only common factor across quests is that they are all violent, bloody, unpredictable, hilarious, and crazy.

Tigtone fits perfectly into Adult Swim’s brand of weirdness. It combines clever animation technology with gorgeous yet grotesque art, almost making one feel as if a renaissance painting, with worms under its skin, has come alive to carve a swathe across the fantasy landscape in service of the Quest. Unusually for series of this sort, Tigtone is not mocking the actual fantasy genre of literature, which has given the world some amazing books. Instead, it chooses to specifically mock and poke fun at the “fantasy based” video games which seem to take everything over the top. The show has any number of references to side-quests, and zones, and includes a soundtrack heavy on video game noises playing at various surprising moments.

Tigtone Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Tigtone Season 1 premiered on Adult Swim on January 13, 2019. As far as the next season goes, we have good news for the fans. On July 6, 2019,  Adult Swim announced the show has been renewed for a second season. Even though no release date was announced, our best guess is Tigtone Season 2 could come out sometime in January, 2020 if everything goes well. We will update this section as soon as we have the official confirmation.

Tigtone Trailer

Tigtone is over top medieval adventures and D&D adventure movie and video game combined and taken a fantastically ridiculous level. On a scale of one to ten, Tigtone would easily skate over eleven! Here is a teaser trailer for you to watch. The series is also available on Amazon’s Prime Video.

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