Trinity Seven Season 2: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Famous for romance and comedy, Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians is a Japanese manga series written by Kenji Saitō. If you are looking for a fantasy series then look no more. It is also a parody series which will keep you entertained until the end. It has an interesting storyline and the largely seven sins namely Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, Envy, Wrath and Sloth are depicted by the seven girls who in a way head the Biblia Academy where the protagonist of the series, Arata Kasuga goes in a bid to control his sins so that he can return to his world. Trinity Seven is an excellent addition to the fantasy genre, enthralling viewers with its many tales and turns. It also has well-designed characters who are crucial to the plot. Read on to explore the series further.

Trinity Seven Plot:

The story is about a normal kid called Arata Kasuga who lives a normal life with his cousin Hijiri Kasuga and a friend in a small town. One day, the town gets destroyed during the Black Sun which is caused by the Collapse Phenomenon. Many people disappear from the town. He loses his sister in the destruction, but before disappearing, Hijiri hangs a grimoire around Arata’s neck and requests him to protect Kasuga. Arata loses his family and friends and mourns for them. He wishes for the old normal life again. The grimoire which was tied to his neck artificially reconstructs his normal life. He forgets about the disappearance of his sister as well as the destruction of the city.

A magician named Lilith Asami is sent to interrogate the ruins of the city and finds a powerful magical spell. She meets Arata and gives him two options: To give her the book or die. He takes the third option instead which is to go to the magic academy. She makes him remember the real events which occurred in the city and breaks the spell. All the memories of Arata come back, but grimoire tells him that Hijiri is still alive. To bring Hijiri back, he decides to join the Royal Biblia Academy and become a mage. This academy is a secret magic school for mages who learn magic to investigate magical problems in the world. After enrolling, he meets the Trinity Seven who are powerful mages that ranks top in their fields. Lilith is one of them and they all promise to help him to become a powerful mage. One of the members of Trinity Seven, Arin, looks very similar to his cousin Hijiri, but her personality is completely different. He forms new allies and prevents the destruction of his hometown. So, it is not exactly a love story but the friendship and love between cousins who were always together and she took care of him.

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Trinity Seven Characters:

Arata Kasuga: He is the Demon Lord of the Superbia archive and the main protagonist of the series. His thema is Impel which means control. After meeting Lilith Asami, he enrols into Royal Biblia Academy and aspires to become of the mage and bring her sister Hijiri back. He is calm and always speaks in a perverted way with others. He is also called as the Demon Lord Candidate.

Hijiri Kasuga: She is disguised as Arata’s cousin and disappears in the Collapse Phenomenon which was created by Arata. She revives as Iscariot to destroy Trinity Seven and the world. She is also called the Fallen Saint. Although Arata becomes his enemy, she still has a sisterly love for him. Her thema is Runia which means destruction and her magus is Ira which means anger. In a way, she has all the answers to the mystery.

Lilith Asami: She always carries a pistol with her and she is the magus of lust (Luxuria). She is the first member of Trinity Seven to befriend Arata Kasuga. Her thema is Abie which means life.

Arin Kannazuki: Her magus is anger and her appearance is quite similar to Hijiri Kasuga. She is the partner of Demon Lord. She later becomes the closest friend of Arata Kasuga and also claims to be his wife. Her thema is Runia.

Her personality makes her a difficult person to deal and interact with.

Master Biblia: He is the headmaster of the Academy and has a character of a pervert but he is a genius in magic. He is also shown to losing battles purposely.

Lieselotte “Liese” Sherlock: Arata and Liese start off as enemies but go get along well later. She is shown to be one of the strongest members of the group.

Levi Kazama: Depicted as a fighter, she is the protector and trained in combat and the others go to her when in trouble.

IIias Fragment: She is able to create an entirely new dimension on her own which is quite a power. Her character is shown to be intelligent.

Lugh:  This character played a major role in the destruction of the city. She has the status of ‘God of Light’and she possesses three treasures. She is able to move in the speed of light.

Yui Kurata: This character has trouble controlling her power. One of her magic powers is that she can put all in the Academy to sleep.

Astil Manuscript: Also known as Sora, she was supposed to keep up the illusion for Arata after the mysterious Collapse Phenomenon destroyed the city. Her character was shown to not know how things including her own magic worked.

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Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date:

Trinity Seven Season 2 was believed to be released in 2015 but due to the lack of content, they couldn’t renew it. Earlier, it had been said season 2 of this series would have 24 episodes. The official announcement regarding the renewal and confirmation of its air date did not show up for a long time, however. Three years hence its rumoured release in 2015, it was later confirmed that season 2 would begin airing from April 11, 2019, and would have 10 episodes. Though, if you are a fan, you should certainly check out the OVA: Trinity Seven: Nanatsu no Taizai to Nana Madoushi. It is aimed to placate fans until the next season arrives.

On February 25, 2017, a film adaptation, Trinity Seven the Movie: The Eternal Library and the Alchemist Girl premiered. After the success of the Trinity Seven 1 movie, it was confirmed around July 2018 that a second movie based on Trinity Seven series was indeed in production. It has been set an air date of March 29, 2019. So fans look out. Its only a matter of time before you see your favourite characters again.

Trinity Seven English Dubbed:

Find dubbed episodes of Trinity Seven in English in high quality on Crunchyroll. Few of the cast who lent their voice for the series include Cameron Bautsch as Arata Kasuga, Kira Vincent- Davis as Hiiri Kasuga and Kregg Dailey as Headmaster. There are several other names on the list who have helped the English dubbing of Trinity Seven to be as plausible as possible. Watch it yourself and see.

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