10 Upcoming Benedict Cumberbatch Movies We Are Excited About

Benedict Cumberbatch needs no introduction. This Academy-Award-nominated British actor started his career with short movies and side performances around the 2000s. It was not long before he got mainstream roles and made his name sparkle in the tinsel town. Other than being quite famous among the girls for his regal looks, he has a charming personality and versatility in his acting style. Be it Sherlock, Dr. Strange, or Khan; there is not a dearth of iconic roles that this man has done.

Having watched his blockbuster movies during these past years, at this point, the question that might be circling your mind is what is the next Benedict Cumberbatch movie? Well, you are at the right place. Here’s the list of upcoming Benedict Cumberbatch films scheduled to release in 2018 and 2019. We can only hope that the latest new Benedict Cumberbatch movie could be as good as some of his recent ones.

10. How To Stop Time (Rumored)

Benedict playing a man who has been alive for years and is essentially beyond time. Excited yet? Benedict’s production company SunnyMarch and Studiocanal have reportedly acquired the rights to Matt Haig’s 2017 book, which tells the story of a man Tom Hazard (interesting choice of last name) who has been alive for centuries. Due to a rare condition, he can’t die or age, and through the years has seen many of his loved ones die around him. Benedict is rumored to be playing the lead role of Tom Hazard in this fantasy thriller.

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9. Rio (Rumored)

Two giants of Hollywood, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jake Gyllenhaal, in the same movie. I think I’ve got goosebumps. Rio is the story of a financial reporter who goes to Rio de Janeiro to visit a wealthy friend of his, only to get sucked up in an evil plot to fake his friend’s death. Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing the wealthy friend of Gyllenhaal, the financial reporter. It has been reported that Luca Guadagnino will be directing the movie, and the screenplay will be written by Steven Knight. I don’t have to stress the fact that having these two titans of acting side by side will be a treat to watch.

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8. Magik (Announced, Undated)

One of the many animated movies Benedict Cumberbatch will star in the coming years. An author Lewis Clark (Benedict Cumberbatch) accidentally stumbles upon a World of Magic, after his two children go missing. In an attempt to save his children and his world as he knows it, Lewis ventures out on a quest to stop the evil that is behind this master plan. In his pursuit is helping a troll called Jacob, who is from the Magic World. Set in London during Blitz, this one is sure to be another medal for Benedict as a voice actor.

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7. Now You See Me 3 (Rumored)

The ‘Now You See Me’ franchise starring Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo needs little introduction. With its crazy suspense ridden plot and matching magic tricks, the first installment had taken Hollywood by a storm and managed to quadruple its investment. The second installment came in last year with similar success, and the prince of magic Daniel Radcliffe added to the star cast. In an effort to up the ante, this time it is rumored that the makers are considering Benedict Cumberbatch as the formidable villain who’ll stand against the Four Horsemen this time. The movie doesn’t have a set plot or release date until now, but we hope that it gets that soon. And with that, the audience gets an official announcement of Benedict being in the movie.

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6. Gypsy Boy (Undated)

Based on the real-life story of Mikey Walsh -a British writer and LGBT activist-, Gypsy Boy is a tale of resilience and courage. Born into a dying breed of Roman Gypsies, Mikey Walsh was brought up to be a bare-knuckle boxer. He had been given a golden pair of gloves to wear around his neck when he was just a child. But when his family came to know that Mikey is gay, he was ousted and shunned by the community. The movie tells his story and how he came back into the society with his words. Benedict will be playing Mikey Walsh’s father in the movie. In a press statement, Cumberbatch mentioned that he was immediately drawn to such a profound and challenging character.

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5. How Grinch Stole The Christmas (2018)

The citizens of Whoville beware. Trying to walk in the hefty boots of Jim Carrey, this time Benedict Cumberbatch is here as the Grumpy Grinch. Based on Dr. Seuss’ children story of the same name, ‘How Grinch Stole the Christmas’ tells the story of a cave-dwelling Green furred creature. Grinch is a bitter person who lives alone with his dog Max and resents any and every happiness that comes his way. Vowing to destroy and take away the Christmas festivities he plans to take away all the presents away. Will our beloved Benedict be successful in taking away the best time of the year?

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4. The Jungle Book (2018)

Under the able direction of Andy Serkis, the Warner Brothers’ version of Jungle Book is set to come out in 2018. After the humongous global and domestic success of Disney’s The Jungle Book (2017), fans are now patiently waiting for WB’s version of Rudyard’s Kipling’s children story. In line with the trend of DC movie renditions, the new Jungle Book is rumored to be a dark retelling of the original tale. In this high-stakes film, Benedict Cumberbatch has been selected to be the voice of Shere Khan. Being an important pinpoint of Mowgli’s story, Benedict’s role will be quite central to the plot. Serkis commented in an interview that Benedict’s performance as Shere Khan is full of rage and intensity. All of us know how good a voice actor he can be. We only hope that Benedict can portray the same passion he has done for his various other roles.

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3. Rogue Male (Undated)

Benedict Cumberbatch has been confirmed to star in the cinematic adaptation of Geoffrey Household’s novel Rogue Male. A suspense-thriller, Rogue Male tells the story of a British sportsman and hunter who plans on bringing a dictator in his cross-hairs. Not intending to actually pull the trigger, he just aims to see if he can get close enough to get a clear shot of the leader of a ruthless regime. However, while doing that he is apprehended by the guards of that dictator and then tortured. He escapes from their custody only to find out that his life has been destroyed by the secret agents who’re searching for him. He vows to take revenge and not miss his shot the next time. Benedict mentioned in an interview with Hollywood Reporter that he is excited both to be playing such a challenging role and producing the movie at the same time.

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2. Dr Strange 2 (Announced, Undated)

This one is quite obvious. After the tremendous success of Dr. Strange, the fans are desperately waiting to see Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Stephen Strange again. After Benedict’s cameo in Thor: Ragnarok, he is set to appear in Avengers: Infinity War next year. However, Scott Derrickson has parallelly confirmed that other than these mainstream Marvel movies, Cumberbatch will also appear in a sequel to Dr. Strange. He mentioned in an interview that the first installment of Dr. Strange was just the tip of the iceberg. There is much to the life of the Sorcerer Supreme that is left unearthed. No doubt with the rich content available in the comics, there are endless possibilities and plotlines that Scott can utilize.

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1. The Man In The Rockefeller Suit (Announced, Undated)

Based on Mark Seal’s book of the same name, this movie is based on the life of a Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter. Christian was a German immigrant who in the 1970s came to the United States. Under dire need of money or maybe to pass his time, he started fooling people under assumed identities. It was not long before Christian became a famous conman who went by the name of Clark Rockefeller. He would introduce himself as the member of the renowned Rockefeller family, the oil industry tycoons. After fooling them, he would dupe people into giving him money. However, when the conman’s past caught up with him, he turned to unprecedented ways to protect his daughter’s custody. We’ll see Benedict playing the role of this famous conman, and judging by his performance in Sherlock I think he’ll do one hell of a job.

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